Pieces-Tarot Reading December 2016, You Have to Change it up Pieces!

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Pieces-Tarot Reading December 2016, You Have to Change it up Pieces!

Seven of Wands Dec 1st~12th, 2016

The focus for the first two weeks in December Pisces, be on your finances, trips, I see many of you having pressure related to your work, your schedules, I see you juggling between that and your personal commitments. A lot of you are wanting a clear-cut direction you’re seeking a yes or no answer, your needing some kind of a commitment from somebody.

Romance~ many of you are thinking about love at this time possibly trying to figure out if you’re wanting to live with someone or marry at this time. That’s where I see you struggling you’re going back and forth, or the other person is going back and forth, you wanting it to work out which I see you having the feeling is just not going to, I see you wanting to ignore those feelings Pisces. I’m seeing that somebody is telling you that he or she loves you they are wanting to cement the relationship.

Your work area~ I see you handling things fairly easily, I see you completing things successfully….But, love is so much more important than your work at this time. It’s kind of like I see you wanting a marriage, some type of a serious commitment, but I see you struggling having a tug-of-war!

Temperance Dec~12th~24th, 2016

Pisces, your focus at this time is surrounding things that you thought you had completed. Money or business problems, perhaps old friends, lovers, this seems to be resurfacing for the sole purpose of testing you to make sure you are 100% sure that you made the right decision in those areas. I keep getting romance, I’m seeing you having unexpected calls, emails, some type of an encounter, with someone who wants to be with you. Pisces, I’m getting that if you trust that everything will work out, it will go exceptionally well. I’m just getting a lot of testing being done for you right now regarding your affairs, rather that surrounds business, love relationships, family, finances, being tested in every area at this time.

 A lot of you are feeling if you continue on the path that you are on right now and not receiving any relief, or gratification, you’re going to go insane! You’ve got such a strong desire to change things up at this time! The only issue is you do not clearly understand or know how to.

I’m seeing some issues surrounding money at this time also. It seems you’re not able to in list the results you wanted to see surrounding this area! I do see to some degree some satisfaction gained in this area but not what you wanted to see. I do see some of you having to confront someone in order to collect money that honestly should’ve been paid to you, I see you having to handle it very delicately. I see some news regarding your finances will come to you but it will not be what you hoped it would be.

I do see there will be a great improvement for many of you Pisces because you’re moving in a different direction you made a decision. I see what you are experiencing right now is a clash between old and new! There’s nothing to fear Pisces, you have to accept letting go of the old so the new can come in!

 Dec 24th~Dec 3st~2016

Eight of Wands

At this time, I see you are zoning in on new opportunities! Pisces, I see many of you have altered your course and ready to go out on your own! I see good fortune in business, sudden progress is being made for you Pisces at this time! I see many of you in a positive frame of mind I see you entertaining the idea of new love that is entered your life! Many of you Pisces, are going to have a sudden improvement in your financial areas! Many of you are going to get fantastic news concerning your finances around this time! I see many of you incorporating some new ideas that will open new doors for you! You’re moving back into the flow of life! I see many of you Pisces approaching your goal, but I still see many of you having issues surrounding romance, and your business. I have this to say to you Pisces, do not be fearful, I am seeing this as a clash between the old and the new. I see that many of you that are toying with the idea to let the old out & the new come in, eventually it will lead to success! It’s like the universe is telling you, you have to change, you have to make a change for the better, if you’re wanting the possibility of a successful outcome, rather that surrounds people, romance, your business affairs, your finances, you’ve got to make a decision to let the new come in, that means letting go of the old that is no longer working for you. This seems to be the flavor for the month of December Pieces.

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