Partial Solar eclipse – 13th July 2018, Friday

The 2nd solar eclipse of 2018 will occur on 13th July 2018 from 01:48–04:13 UT. This is a partial solar eclipse which will be observed only in these countries- southeastern coast of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. The maximum eclipse will occur at 03:01:02 UT. As suggested by the sources, sun’s 35% diameter will be visible in Hobart, covered by the moon at 1:24 p.m local time.

During this eclipse, the sun will be in 20°41′ Cancer Sign, Refer to this table for the start time for the eclipse for different countries:

How does a Solar eclipse happen?

We know that planets are continuously moving the solar system. In transit when the Moon comes in between the Earth & the Sun in transit & makes a shadow on sun partially or fully causes eclipse. In a full eclipse it covers the sun entirely and the observer on earth is not able to see it for few minutes to a couple of hours. Whereas in partial eclipse, as the name says it partially covers the sun and the observer on earth can only see a ring or crescent of sun. This eclipse happening on 13th July 2018 is a partial solar eclipse.

Before we take you to major segments of this post, let us first tell you some interesting facts about this Solar eclipse:

  1. Solar eclipses happen on New Moon. These eclipses define the start of something new in your life. With this partial eclipse, results can be felt but a little restricted.
  2. It is happening on Friday the 13th, It is a supernatural day as per some psychics. The last Friday 13th eclipse happened in 1974 Dec but this time it’s also a supermoon.
  3. Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn, opposite to super moon & Sun.

What is a Supermoon?

Supermoon is basically the larger visibility of the Moon. It happens when the full moon is at its closest point to the earth (perigee) on the opposite side of the earth than the sun. The result is that when it is observed from the earth, it looks bigger and brighter than usual.

New moon in Cancer

This partial solar eclipse is happening in Cancer (Lord Moon). It is a watery zodiac which is also related to love & emotions. Moon is also a planet of decision-making abilities, thinking, planning, emotions so it will promote these qualities during this eclipse. People may suddenly feel that their decisions related to relationships have become more emotional and they will be able to share them freely with their partner. People who are trying to get into relationship will see that their feelings have grown more aggravated to their crush or an increased desire to be in a relationship. During the eclipse, they may feel confused & after the eclipse settles down, everything starts to make sense.

This eclipse also has the opposition of retrograde Pluto which can also create disturbances for some people. Any planet affecting this Zodiac (watery & emotional) or moon especially a retrograde one brings turbulence & increase in emotions. People getting influence from Pluto during this time will experience one thing in common ie. A disruptive time followed by a new beginning. This is indeed a great opportunity for them. They may also feel unsettled emotions so they should just let it be and focus on making new plans in life because ultimately, there is a new beginning around the corner.

How all signs are affected by this eclipse positively or adversely – Read it below to find out!

Results of the 13th Friday super moon eclipse

  1. Aries: It will bring some really good results for Aries people as they are going to start something new. The new moon is taking place in your 4th house of mother, happiness & home so you can definitely expect the increased love of your mother & happiness thereafter.


  1. Taurus: Due to this supermoon, you will be able to focus on what you have and will portray the strength to move ahead in life. The results will not be extraordinary but decently satisfying.


  1. Gemini: This can affect your Finance related issues. Be careful and do not make any new in life before taking a deep dive into your situation carefully. We can foresee a good improvement in your life so make the most of this situation!


  1. Cancer: New moon in your own sign is definitely an indication of new beginnings for you. Make plans and follow them, good results will follow.



  1. Leo: We know how monotonous life is and how frustrated it gets for you. With a retrograde Pluto in your 6th house and eclipse in your 12th, you may behave erratically and spoil relations. Be careful and keep patience as good things are on their way. Better make time for new skills in life with this aggression.


  1. Virgo: This retrograde Pluto in your 5th house of love, romance, studies will clear your mind about some people for whom you thought a little differently. Be aware and don’t be carried away by emotions as some situations can be disappointing in the coming days. Good news is that you will make new influential contacts which you will cherish for a longer duration in life


  1. Libra: This supermoon is in your 10th house Librans, you may get really good offers regarding a job or new position in your career. This opportunity will knock all of a sudden so make the most of it. You will be happy during this phase with this new beginning.


  1. Scorpio: Your planetary influences indicate that this is a time of great hard work and self-confidence. People adore you for the opportunities you create out of difficult situations. Extra little hard work results in extra benefits remember that Scorpio.


  1. Sagittarius: Money-related issues should be taken care of seriously during this phase as a little careless attitude can cost you a great deal. The sun in 8th house of hidden things & suddenness with retrograde Pluto in your 2nd house of money calls for a trouble that can arise due to money. Be careful.


  1. Capricorn: Some really good news is waiting for you probably, with this new moon in your 7th you can expect a good time in the coming months. The person or opportunity you were looking for was around you but you never realized it before. Eligible ones may get a partner soon and people will bad relationships can expect a soothing phase.


  1. Aquarius: Life may be a roller coaster ride with this retrograde Pluto in 12th & supermoon in 6th. You may feel that your efforts are going waste but always remember that learnings are also important in life. Success comes after learning so continues to do that hard work.


  1. Pisces: New moon in your 5th opens up many great opportunities for you in life as a result of your good deeds. You may like to enjoy life and spend the most of your time in leisure. You deserve this time Pisces after putting this great hard work earlier this year.



While the eclipse is working for the universe, work for yourself and make the best of this situation. Let there be peace, opportunities and new beginnings. A good luck to all

Blessins, Bree

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