October Madness! Chaos! With a Few Bright Spots! :)

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October Madness! Chaos! With a Few Bright Spots!

October, what a fun time of the year! Crisp, cool, days ahead! With Pumpkin patches to explore, caramel apples to eat with the nutty crunch on them!  Harvest time & Halloween!

Ghosts, goblins, & Uranus on the war path! October will be even more…let’s just say out-going then September was! But, we do have some perfect launch dates ahead also, so not so doomy…read on!

Let’s talk Uranus first! The week of October 10th-16th, expect the unexpected! On the 15th, (on a Saturday), Uranus will be making its once-a-year opposition to the Sun in Libra. Uranus has a good side & a wicked side! This may affect you, it depends on where Uranus is making an aspect to in your natal chart, but its effects will-be felt in your outer world for sure! Polities, & in the economy, possibly also in science & technology as well! This year’s Sun-Uranus opposition is particularly interesting because it will-be occurring during the last few weeks of our US Presidential election & it just may throw a very unexpected curve ball into the works! With the Aries Full Moon on October 16th, this will indeed add more fuel to the Sun-Uranus fire! Everyone knows on a Full Moon is when emotions are running at an all-time high…more so then normal! And hidden things come to light, but do take note, this Full Moon is bigger, brighter Super-moon that is less than one degree from Uranus. This will in-deed cause chaos! We will have a link between the Sun-Uranus opposition and the Super Full Moon which will mean disturbances in the energy field and promises a sense of disruption. This would be a great time to keep aware of your surroundings, stay home, & try to avoid scheduling any important events this week!

There is a-lot more that will be going on in the Month of October which I will cover in all the Horoscopes that will be coming out shortly! But, I also wanted to mention we do have some fantastic launch opportunities as well this month!

Note: often the effects of planetary transits are felt before or after the actual day the transit occurs.

October 1 — Venus in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces —   Great time to launch date especially anything involving art, healing, and all things behind the scenes or in private.
October 4 — Sun in Libra Sextile Saturn in Sagittarius —  Help just may come during this time may-be from a person or place that is well-connected and established.

October 5 — Mars in Capricorn Square Jupiter in Libra —  Be careful during this one as it’s a really easy time to overextend or even possibly under-deliver.  Also, Blocks to expansion or hindrances to your freedom may manifest now.

October 5 — Venus in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn —  This is a nice counter-balance for the other aspect that occurs today.  Power, resources, and ambition unite now with great potentials.  Just be cautious in making promises too big to deliver.

 October 15 — Sun in Libra Opposing Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn —  Ego’s clash; battles of me vs. we struggle abound; surprise occurrences conflict with vitality and self-expression; power used unfairly.

October 16 — Super-Moon Full Moon at 23° of Aries —  The Super-Moon brings emotions in excess.  For some this will be stressful, and could involve an impending health focus, or very deep self-questioning, but others will be thrown into the limelight in very exciting ways.

October 19 — Mars in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn —  Mars and Pluto combining make most astrologers cringe.  These planets do not play will in the sand-box! Watch for all kinds of upsets, some which may-be political!

October 20 — Mercury in Libra Opposing Uranus in Aries —  This planetary connection can often bring nerve-jangling news or electric opposition to expression.

October 25 — Venus in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces —  Deception or other vagueness in business or love could cause some strife at this point.  Alternatively, a financial over extension or inability to commit could occur now.

October 26 — Venus in Sagittarius Sextile Jupiter in Libra —  This is a magical time when luck or expansion comes to the areas of love, beauty, and money.  Sextiles often involve a potential that you have to take an action to activate.

October 27 — Mercury in Scorpio Conjunct Sun in Scorpio —  This is a classic combo for discoveries and breakthroughs.  It is also classic energy of an obsessive-compulsive focus or person.  Jealousies could run high.  It is fantastic energy to get to the bottom of something mysterious.

October 28-29 — Mars in Capricorn Square Uranus in Aries —  The Mars and Uranus aspect can bring jolts and unwelcome surprises.  Guard your physical body, especially your head. Breathe!  Better star alignments are ahead!

October 29 — Venus in Sagittarius Conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius —  Reality checks in business and love.  Could also serve as positive momentum for stable and long-term ventures.

October 30 — New Moon at 8° of Scorpio Conjunct Mercury and Trine Neptune —  A magical New Moon blessed with extra sweetness.  Make your New Moon Wishes on the topics of:  intimacy, sex, power, collaborations, esoteric subjects, psychology, investigations, inheritances and other things Scorpio.

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