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Please note this is Mundane Astrology, not personal horoscopes which differ greatly!

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On a side note, I want to share with you what I’m working on & hope to have out soon!

Neptune will be going into Aries in late 2024/2025,  Neptune went into Pisces which rules socialism, drugs, alcoholics. Delusion & confusion, living in an opioid world.  Neptune entered Pisces in 2012, leaving  2025, BUT the effects of Neptune entering Aries will be felt in late 2024! Neptune hides things if you see Neptune in your 6th house of health or on the cusp pay attention to what planets hit it, remember all of our natal planets stay dormant until another strong planet or eclipse or New or Full Moon wakes them up! Neptune is like a termite in the wood you never know what damage is done until the light is shined upon it, & many times that’s too late…remember Neptune is in its own sign Pisces, very strong!! Neptune in the sign of Aries brings New beginnings, energy, & yes at times war.

Neptune in Aries, Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini, Saturn in Aries~ IS the American Civil War & the American Revolution Coming in Again!

Please understand this is Mundane Astrology different from an individual horoscope, for what I state below doesn’t mean you are in the mix of it nor does it mean with the dates I reveal below point to another civil war or American Revolution.

Neptune will be moving into the sign of Aries on March 30th, 2025. Neptune takes 164 years to make a complete cycle around the zodiac. Neptune stays in a sign for about 13/14, years.

The last time Neptune went into the sign of Aries was from 1861 to 1875. There was an American Civil War. And Neptune was in the USA 4th house as it will be this time around in 2025 when Neptune slips into the sign of Aries.

Neptune rules socialism & with Neptune in its own sign of Pisces (as it is the time of this writing.) rings true with what few Americans are wanting today (Socialism). Neptune also rules drugs, alcohol, & delusion, confusion, substance abuse, as we are seeing in epic proportions today.  Aries rules new beginnings war, & energy.

“All hell’s gonna break loose!” in Georgia

Soon very soon Neptune will go into the sign of Aries on March 30th, 2025. (Neptune will go back into the sign of Pisces…… Back & forth & will stay in the sign of Aries on 1/26/2026.) But we will feel the flavor of Neptune in Aries as early November 2024 Presidental election!

The planet Neptune will go into the sign of Aries on March 30th, 2025. But again, the flavor will be felt in November 2024, as we also have a Solar Eclipse on October 2nd, 2024 in the USA 10th house in the sign of Libra, which in Mundane Astrology is one of the most important houses as it rules Government as well as the President, it’s an angular house.  We have a presidential election on November 5th, 2024. The last time Neptune was in the sign of Aries 1861 to 1875, we had the American Civil War.  When an Eclipse happens in the 10th  house great changes come politically. The Trade & credit of the USA will suffer & the forces of law & authority are weakened in some way, I’ll reveal more as I continue writing on this.

Saturn & Neptune conjunct every 36 years         


07/30/2025, we have Neptune in the sign of Aries & Saturn in the sign of Aries conjunct in the USA 4th house. (More on this soon.)

Also, note Pluto will go into the sign of Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023, back & forth from Capricorn to Aquarius & into Aquarius on January  24th, 2024. Pluto was last in the sign of Aquarius on January 27th, 1778. And what does Aquarius want more than anything…..freedom with a slice of conservatism, remember Saturn co-rules Aquarius! The start & end time of the American Revolution was 1775 – 1783. Pluto will be in the same house & sign (USA 2nd house) as it was during the American Revolution.

Uranus will go into the sign of Gemini July 7th, 2025 in the USA 6th house. The last time Uranus was in the sign of Gemini was on  April 8th, 1775, the start of the American Revolution. Also note, the North Node will slip into the sign of Pisces in January 2025, when the north node enters Pisces it’s a strong indication the USA will slip into a depression/recession as it always does when the Node goes into Pisces, think back to 2006/07, in 2008 North Node went into the sign of Aquarius signaling a deeper depression/recession! Always know what sign the North Node is in, it tells the business cycles as well as the state of the economy. 

It’ll be most interesting to see how all this will shake out, time passes so quickly it’ll be here before we know it!!

“(paid link)”,

On with the October 2021 USA/global horoscope: 

While October & November look hectic, I feel it will only be a precursor to what comes on January 17th, 2022 Full Moon, when the Full Moon (7th house) is in opposition to Pluto in the USA 2nd house.

The Moons always show what the theme will be every two weeks, rather it’s your own personal horoscope or MunDane Astrology. So for that reason, I”m only blogging on the New & Full Moons for October 2021.

Also note:       (Aries thru Pisces November 2021 Super New Moon Horoscopes up now!)

More than half of American’s do not trust the MSM news, their dog handlers ramping up Covid, while TPTB is behind the scenes working on something more sinister only to come down the pipe later. Always pay attention to what the MSM is beating into your heads day in & out, know something else is going on behind the scenes!

Get your news from Newsmax, or OANN, or The Epoch Times, they are straight down the middle telling the whole truth about what’s actually happening in the USA as well as around the world!  

October 6th New Moon 13° Libra Conjunct Mars USA 10th house, Ouincux Uranus in USA 5th house. Mercury retrograde.  November 2021 USA Horoscope up now

10th house in USA chart rules  ~~~

Government, President, Ruling Powers,  Aristocracy, The King, Royalty, Nobility & Society.

Libra in the 2nd decanate rules Sedition & famine, it foreshadows the death of a great king.

Libra’s rulership in Mundane Astrology rules over the countries ~

Austria, Japan, China, Indo-China, Borders of Caspian, Tibet, Upper Egypt, N. China, Savoy, Livonia, Burma, & Argentina, parts of India near China,

Towns & Cities Libra rules over are ~ 

Charleston, Frankfort, Antwerp, Fribourg, Gaeta, Placenza, Spires, Vienna, Lisbon, Nottingham, Johannesburg,  Copenhagen, Middleton, Leeds.

Noting this is a New Moon (Eclipse in this house would have been most devastating as it would point to defeat of the government) 

Trouble for the Government with many difficulties for them to contend with, danger of defeat. Disgrace to public officials, scandals in high places. Illness at times death. Loss of national honor & repute. 

I’m seeing quarrels, disputes, either here in USA or with other countries.

It’s a warlike feeling. The government or upper class feels the hostility as well as the opposition directed towards them. False steps, as well as hasty or ill-considered legislation. Freinds lost, enemies made. Unpopular changes & reforms. Autocratic use of power. Also, there will be party splits. Bill may fail or the people will be strongly against the Government. If there is a general election I see great changes taking place, also noting strikes or rioting.


Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

October 20th, 2021, Full Moon T-square Full Moon is the “Hunter Moon”

(My youngest grandson’s name is Hunter, I always make a huge deal of the Hunter Moon to him, it makes him feel special as if the Moon was intentionally named after him!)

Full Moon 27° Aries USA 4th house square Pluto USA 2nd house, square Mars & Sun

Full Moon is in the 3rd decanate of Aries ~ Grief & sadness to mortals, destruction of cattle, death of some great women

Aries rulership in Mundane Astrology rules over the countries ~ 

Japan, Syria, England, Germany, Denmark, Lesser Poland, Burgundy, Palestine. 

 Cities & Towns ~ Leicester, Oldham, Birmingham, Brunswick, Capua, Utrecht, Saragossa, Cracow, Blackburn, Florence, Naples, Verona, Padua, Marseilles. 

The 4th house is an angular house & rules over the land. Crops, Agriculture, Housing, Living conditions, Real Estate, Minerals, Mines, Mining royalties, etc…

It also rules over the Opposition party to the Government. 

I’m seeing bad weather, shortage of crops, a lot of trouble with anything agricultural matters. 

I would go on to say housing collapse BUT TPTB may pump this sector up with more money.  Which I’m all for, I’ve no vested interest in seeing a collapse of any sort!

    Speaking of money the 2nd house rules over the financial condition of the Nation, revenue, stock exchange, banks, national exchequer, trade & commerce. 

I’m seeing losses on the stock exchange, panics, bank failures, also an enormous expenditure (possibly related to anything military) & waste of public money. 

As a general rule, I only go out 3 orbs when completing any chart, but I have noted on some occasions full & new moons as well as Eclipses expanding as far out as 5° at times, with Mars in the USA 10th house if I was to go out 4° Mars is opposite the Full Moon in the USA 4th house. Noting this is a Full Moon not a Lunar E, nor a SE, so to a lesser degree, I’d say the following may happen again if it was to extend its reach. And with all that has been transpiring, I’d say this very well is a strong possibility of happening!

A martial spirit causing much unrest, foreign troubles, danger of war, or actual war. Very vexed questions will arise which will prove difficulty of any settlement. Disputes, quarrels, riots, outrages, murder, bloodshed, explosions, fires, accidents. Army or possibly the navy may be a source of trouble, possible deaths or disasters occur in connection with either. This will not be favorable to government nor the biden administration. 

With all that has & will transpire over the next couple months, it’d be a good idea to have all you need in place to ride it out in the safe comforts of your home.

Looking back, I believe we the people lost the war when we allowed the “Seat Belt Law” on January 1st, 1986. While I think its a good law, saves lives, it’s not my place, certainly not Governments place to tell the people what we must comply with because they themselves sitting around a table coming up with their Autocratic use of power to control the people with autocratic laws,  it’s both sides Republicans & Democrats higher-ups that decide to inflict their abuse of power upon the people. And we the people comply. So in reality it’s our own fault we let it get as far as it is today. Why not, they’ve not taken our big screens or cell phones away as of yet….maybe they are saving that for 2022!!

Best wishes, Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

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  1. ELIZA CLANCEY says:

    Very interesting post – as an astrologer myself I had already noted the Neptune cycle and American revolution and I really hope that Neptune in Aries will signal the end to this massive substance abuse as it’s impacted my family deeply through one family member seeming unable to kick the habit and breaking our family apart as a consequence. However, the warlike connotations for Neptune in Aries are worrying! Neptune seems a very insidious planet – on the surface seemingly harmless – in its positive aspect of producing art and music, compassion etc. it’s wonderful, but in it’s negative aspect it seems as destructive as Mars and Pluto can be!
    Almost worst, because as you say you can’t see it’s happening!

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