October 2018 Horoscope Predictions for the USA & My November Mid-Term Election Prediction!

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October 1st ~ 7th ~

2nd ~ Sun & Moon Square ~ & Pluto & Mercury square

Both the Sun & Mercury are in the USA 10th house throwing this square which makes this a tricky day for the USA!

 5th ~ Venus Retrograde! Not a good time to fall in love with someone new nor for anything related to cosmetic surgery! Also, Venus is not in her natural habitat in the sign of Scorpio! I’m seeing social relationships getting tense!

October 8th ~ 14th ~

8th ~ New Moon in Libra in the USA 10th house! Very positive for President! I’m seeing nominee Kavanaugh succeeding.

9th ~ Mercury goes into the sign of Scorpio. Making conversations run deep & complex!

10th ~ Mercury opposite Uranus I’m seeing complicated situations coming into play for the government. Education disputes. Accidents connected to the railroad, aviation. Update:   Plane disappears off South Carolina coast, FAA says

12th ~ Sun & Pluto square ~ I’m seeing power struggles with authority figures.

October 15th ~ 21st

15th ~ Mercury conjunct Venus in Scorpio, I’m seeing people digging deeper for answers to get to the bottom of situations related to money & relationships.

19th ~ Mercury trine Neptune & Square Mars ~ I’m seeing oil prices going up, communication becoming watered down, foggy, someone of importance related to writing/media, will pass. (Khashoggi Journalist)


October 22nd ~ 28th ~

23rd ~ Sun enters the sign of Scorpio & opposite Uranus. I’m seeing defeat of a bill related to education.

24th ~ Full Moon in Taurus in the USA 5th house!  Many times, as the Full Moon approaches much of the good or not so good has come into existence a week or so ahead of the Full Moon. I predict troubles related to education, entertainment, speculation. Also note, moon, sun, & Uranus are in fixed signs, making it harder, slower, more resistant to change. So, expect quite the shakeup in the 5th house of anything related to educations, amusement, theatres, children.

26th ~ Venus- Sun conjunct.

October 29th ~ 31st

29th~ Sun & Moon trine! Easy communications for all on this day!

31st ~ Happy Halloween! Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius, Mercury does not mix well with Sagittarius, minds at this time are so busy looking at the big enchilada, details are missed! Oops! Be careful!    

I want to make a prediction related to the USA midterm elections on November 6th, 2018, please do note I’m neither Republican nor Democrat, I’m an Independent. I’m only pointing out what I see nothing more. I believe in equal justice for all, I believe all people are special & truly deserve the best life has to offer. So please do not condemn me for what I’m about to predict, again, I’m seeing this & only reporting what I see.

I am seeing a total huge win for the Republican party. I will go into why I have seen this in my November newsletter. Again, I’m an Independent, please do not leave me nasty comments as they will not be published. I’m again only reporting on how I’m seeing the planets behaving, their energy, nothing more.

Be well everyone, & be kind to each other, it’s not a fight against each other we must prevail in, it’s a fight against TPTB.

Blessings, Bree

Also please note: When ordering a reading from me please email me @ bree@spiritualdesignastrology.com at times as this has just happened I was not notified from Paypal, I had a request for a reading, & it’s most certainly NOT my style to ignore anyone ever! I value my clients & am always here to help!


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