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Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

I’m going to put all this together without inflicting fear, as we all know fear sells, and that is most certainly not my intention. Also duly noted, the end of 2019 going into your 2020, it is an election year. Things tend to turn topsy-turvy during an election year. People and businesses are unsure who will be the duly elected president of the USA. So businesses normally pullback during an election year nothing new. Uncertainty creates fear. And with that said the planets that are now in play and going into 2020  will be a time of uncertainty, which again creates fear and/or, a standstill for the USA until we see which way this ball is going to bounce. I will not be completing each horoscope for the month of November, i feel there are plenty of websites that offer that. I will be moving on to the December USA horoscope related to the Solar Eclipse coming in on December 26th, 2019.  With that said, I will proceed to predict what I see coming in for the month of November 2019. Read on October 2019 USA Horoscope

Remember while Mercury is retro to heed to the following:  Have you read what is happening at the repo window?

October 31st ~ Mercury Retrograde

this gives you a window to review and evaluate your successes and any possible failures and make adjustments in these areas. Do not be surprised if you find something you have lost, or old friends suddenly reappear again. With Mercury retrograde it does have a downside, anything to do with communication and transportation can become a source of aggravation. This is not a time to buy anything new related to autos, computers, electronic devices. If you find you have to as life must go on make sure you get a good warranty. This is also not a favorable time to sign contracts if you find you are having to, make sure you get a second pair of eyes.

November 3rd ~ 10th~

1st ~ Venus makes a sign change into Sagittarius

This makes the USA take on broader risk related to money, it brings optimism! Venus is comfy in the sign of Jupiter (Jupiter rules Sagittarius )

3rd ~ Daylight Savings time will revert back to standard time gaining us an hour (Fall Back) which I really love!

4th ~ Mars, Pluto Square ~

Mars in the USA 10th H, Pluto in the 2nd H.

When we see Mars in the 10th house it is automatically noted that it is an evil position, more so when it is afflicted by a malefic planet. It denotes war, possible war. Trouble for the government, difficulties. Pluto, related to power, control, explosive force, coercion, actions carried out “underground”. Death, rebirth, reform, transformation, eliminating the outdated, the outworn, useless making way for new to come in. Saturn is also in play on the cusp of the 2nd house, & will cross over on November 9th, 2019. With Mars square Pluto, look for explosive temperaments, stock market declining, international affairs in disarray.

8th ~ Saturn sextile Neptune

This will be the last time Saturn sextile Neptune until the year 2031. Saturn is on the cusp of the second house and will cross over into the USA 2nd house where Saturn will stay for the next 2 1/2 3 years, on November 9, 2019. Also note, the cusp of the second house is Capricorn, Saturn rules Capricorn. Saturn is strong in the 2nd house & in the sign of Capricorn. STRONG!

In astrology, Saturn is known as a heavy planet which is also associated with our fears and our insecurities. Saturn is the ‘Taskmaster of the Planets’ and it is also known as ‘Old Father Time’, so it has a slow-moving and weighty energy to it.

Spiritual Design Astrology
by Bree

Saturn is a planet that astrologers have long associated with loss, disease, poverty and the hard knocks of life. When we see Saturn in a chart it is always about security and making sure that things are protected, including our natural resources, our possessions and even the land we stand on. But Saturn is also known for being a conventional planet, not a revolutionary like other planets such as Uranus. Instead, this planet is narrow-minded and, in a negative sense, can make us only look at things from our own perspective and not the perspective of others. In that sense, Saturn can also make us selfish and make us want to only look out for ourselves at the expense of other people.

Unlike other planets, Saturn is traditional and conservative. This planet rules customs and history. This planet is not an innovator and does not strive to be original or push us to try anything new. It is all about tradition and caution. This also pushes us to hoard our material wealth as this is seen by many of us as a way to attain security – which is what Saturn wants us to do. As a result, the fear that Saturn instills in us has a strong economic component to it. It means that people worry more with Saturn in the mix about things like poverty, disease, loss of jobs and even death.

Saturn is also often linked to government and things such as recessions, lack of public spending and natural disasters. This is also linked to global economics and anything that causes people to spend less or worry about global finances. That is why Saturn pushes us to make changes to our economic outlook so that we no longer fear all the trappings of poverty. To stop us from feeling afraid, Saturn warns us about things such as natural disasters and also puts things in place that can help to keep us safe such as disaster relief efforts and warning signals. Again, I would like to reiterate the fact that issues related to finances will be a slow-go, & there will be declines related to that, but cautiously, it is when Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius (think cold when a planet moves into a cold sign, Aquarius & Capricorn are cold signs) & moves to square Uranus in Taurus, that is when I’m seeing the breakdown more prevalent, more alarming, chaos like many of us have never withness in our lifetimes but only read on, not really thinking it’ll happen because the beginning is slow, so slow, Saturn is a slow-moving planet, but trust me picks up speed as it embraces the sign of Aquarius. Uranus rules Aquarius, & Saturn co-rules. Saturn will enter Aquarius March 2020,  giving us a taste of what’s to come, going back into Capricorn July 2nd, 2020, then moving back into Aquarius on December 17th, 2020, (that will be a VERY cold year trust me, more so than 2019/2020) The end of 2020 & the beginning of 2021 will be a year filled with chaos, so much more happenings then what we are witnessing today. It is a good idea to position yourself for what is coming, no fear intended just stating facts. Have you read what is happening at the repo window?

November 7th ~ 11th ~

11th ~ Happy Veterans Day! God bless our veterans!

12th ~ Full Moon in Taurus 

The full moon will be in the USA’s fifth house. This will be related to theaters, children, education, amusement, and speculation – betting.

The full moon in Taurus is 19° and represents earthy and steady. There will be a scarcity of crops, I’m also seeing the death of a Queen. I want to say this full moon will be one degree away from the third decanate, I’m seeing a lot of creeping, crawling, things, snakes as well, I’m going to say will parish greatly. We will hear of this.

12th ~ Mars Sextile Jupiter

This will bring a favorable outcome for the people, making the people of the USA happy….. court decisions, related to the President. Also, look for things related to churches, hospitals, charities to be fortunate.

November 18th ~ 24th ~

18th ~ Mars enters Scorpio ~

Mars is powerful in the sign of Scorpio, tremendous powerful desires and emotions. This gives relentless courage in carrying out intentions.  Also, an uncompromising fight to the end if defending a cause or of goal.

20th ~ Mercury Direct

communication & transportation is back on track.

22nd ~ Sun enters Sagittarius

24th ~ Venus, Jupiter Conjunct

But not so fast later that same day Mars is opposite Uranus ~ Yikes!

24th ~ Mars opposite Uranus 

Mars is in the USA 11th H, Uranus is in the USA 5th H.

Issues related to theaters, places of fun, there will be fires, explosions. Educational matters will suffer. Things related to speculation, risk-taking will suffer. The entertainment world will suffer. Weather will be violent, Mars in the sign of Scorpio will show no mercy. These are the energies at play, learn to work with the energies & in-kind the energies will work with you, it’s that simple.

Related to weather, I understand fully there is so much information on what the weather is going to do, websites like The Old Farmers Alamac & varies others, but think about this, if you want to know what the weather will be doing for say the next couple weeks to 6 months out in any given year/month, look at the signs the moon is in, look at the eclipses, understand the decanate the sign is in, you’d be amazed at your abilities to predict your own weather & what each season will bring. Try it, test it yourself, you will be amazed by your accuracy!  

November 25th ~ December 1st

25th ~ Venus enters Capricorn

Venus in the sign of Capricorn causes seriousness, cautiousness it intensifies one’s ambitions and one desire for status and prestige.

26th ~ New Moon Sagittarius

the New Moon will be in the USA 12th H, the 12 h, is the house of Hospital, assailants, reformatory, charitable institutions, criminal, crime, spies and secret enemies. i’m seeing much crime, I’m seeing issues with prisons, & hospitals.

27th ~ Neptune goes Direct

Spiritual Design Astrology
by Bree

28th ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

Mercury trine Neptune

This is fortunate for lectures, writings, things connected with mysticism and psychism.

In December Jupiter enters the sign of Capricorn, Capricorn holds down Jupiter’s enthusiasm for fun & expansion. Can you see where this is going once Jupiter enters the 2nd house of how the USA makes money, stock market, planets have strong influences in all areas of life, if, one learns to work with the energies, pull back when the energies are not so kind, proceed when they are, life for all would be so much easier, flowing so much kinder! Learn to work with the energies & in-kind the energies will work with you.

Many blessings, Bree

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