NOVEMBER 2021 USA/Global Horoscope Predictions Pluto’s Return

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

NOVEMBER 2021 USA/Global Horoscope Predictions Pluto’s Return

 I feel what is transpiring in the months of October thru December 2021 is only a precursor to what’s coming in  January/February 2022, which will be months to remember! The United States of America will have its Pluto return on February 19th, 2022! Pluto is the planet of the underworld, Pluto’s power is associated with transformation, death/rebirth, and upheaval. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn,  Pluto is associated with Mafia-type behavior. Capricorn rules business, large corporations, government, banking, the status quo.

When was the last time Pluto was conjunct natal Pluto in the USA 2nd house in the sign of Capricorn as it will be in the same house (2nd house) & in the sign of Capricorn on February 19th, 2022, it was July 4th, 1776, 245 years ago! Pluto’s return will bring forth everything hidden to the surface for all to see! When was the American Revolution……April 19, 1775 – September 3, 1783, Pluto was in the sign of Capricorn, in the USA 2nd house, as Pluto will be this time on February 19th, 2022.  Will the United States have a new beginning….or a final end? More on this coming soon.  (In case you missed October’s Horoscope Predictions)

 I’ve always stated it will get worse as we get into the years 2020, 2021, 2022, well into 2025, & possibly up to 2026. It’s the planet line up! The earth is re-birthing! So again as I’ve stated before look for extremely bad winters, like the kind my dad use to talk about back in his day, you know the story as I’m sure your dad told it to you as well…where they had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow & it wasn’t a short walk, he was talking miles,  with snow as high as the fences, cold & frigid as a “Well-Digger’s …(you know what) & without shoes, I mean come on….I bet my dad meant boots! Nonetheless, winters with the planets changing signs will become just like the days my dad told stories about! Climate change, we all will be wishing it was true!

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       Below is what I see coming in…… again, it will become more prevalent, intensifying more so as I do look for the year 2022 to be worse than 2021. 

TIP: January 18th, 2022, the North Node will go into the sign of Taurus, which points to a transition period or a normal point, meaning, from normal to below normal in business volume. (Always know what sign the North Node is in, it tells the state of economy!!)

I’m only blogging on the New & Full Moons (& Lunar Eclipse), as they tell the theme of what will transpire each month in the USA horoscope chart as well as your personal horoscope chart! I also talk a bit about the December 4th, 2021 Solar Eclipse

New Moon 4° Scorpio USA 11th house Opposite Uranus USA 5th H.

The 11th h, rules over House of Commons, Legislation, Parliament

The 5th h. Rules over ~ music halls, theatres, children, education, the birth rate, places of amusement, schools.

Scorpio in the 2nd Decanate ~ This signals some sort of mischief to a peace-loving king. 

Scorpio rules over Countries

N.Syria, Algeria, Queensland, Catalonia, Barbary, Bavaria, Cappadocia, Judes, Jutland, Morocco, Norway, Transvaal

Towns & cities ~ Washington DC, New Orleans, Milwaukee, Fez, Valentia, Frankfort on Oder, Dover, Liverpool, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Hull, St. Johns, Newfound-land, Halifax, Stockport, Newcastle, Glossop,

Whenever Uranus is involved it’s tricky to try & predict. Since the 5th house is involved it will have an effect on anything to do with schools, children, places of fun like Disney World, also, speculation.  I look for a lot of issues surrounding Covid virus to tighten, (or try to tighten) as well as other ridiculous mandates coming down from the autocratic biden administration, or rather they try to make come down.  I also look for something to do with MSM coming to light which those who thought MSM spoke the gospel will have a rude awaking! With that said, I do see the American people not going along just to get along this time around. (Always seek an alternative news source, MSM your TV will NOT show any of this) Example: New York To Declare State Of Emergency Due To Nurses Quitting, Getting Fired Over Vaccine Mandate, this is true, even in Iowa this is happening, (this is happening all over the globe) but the MSM spun this around, no surprise there, they are saying nursing shortage because of the pay grade, while I agree nurses need more pay as they are worth it & on the front line, that’s not what’s really going on! See the link I”ve posted above, this is very prevalent all over the globe! Our friends in Australia are fighting against this very issue today, sending prayers to them with love & healing light. 

MSM tries to spin the narrative again trying to make people think no one is against this mandate shot, except the conservative folks amongst us, that is so far from the truth! Government/biden administration will have sudden & unexpected problems related to some false step, such as a hasty or perhaps ill-considered legislation, (shot mandate is one ) difficulties arise. I’m seeing injudicious or unpopular changes & reforms, biden administration will once again  try & control the masses with autocratic use of power because they are losing this battle & they know it!  At this time I am seeing bills failing. More shortages to deal with, I’ve stated in my October newsletter to try and get your Christmas shopping completed as early as possible! Have all that you need to feel comfortable in your home, things will be even harder to get going forward, & I”m meaning more so than toilet paper! 

(Side note: (There is talk of the biden administration trying to make the Covid virus worse than it really is, with false numbers, having OSHA hide the truth from the American people see  ~   what’s different, the biden administration instructed OSHA to no longer mandate, no longer enforce employers (federal) to report any side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines, the mandate to report on all side effects was removed. Why was it removed? Wouldn’t we all want to know potential side effects?) Also, see, Can Governors Really Take Money From Schools Over Masks?

Do note: Even if you do not have children in public schools, always know who is on your school board & what they stand for, get out & vote it all begins at grass root levels!! This is similar to scientists who do not go along with the phony climate change propaganda, they will not receive grants if they speak against it! You have to follow the money, do your homework!

Also see: COVID-19 mRNA vaccination leading to CNS inflammation: a case series

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               November 4th~ 10th, 2021, Mars & Mercury in the sign of Scorpio conjunct square Saturn in the 2nd house ~ Lunar Full Moon November 19th, 2021 USA 6th h, square Jupiter 2nd h.  Mars opposite Uranus all coming in within 10 days of each other! 

With the above aspects, I’m seeing serious difficulties in national life. This will be unfortunate for the biden administration. Also, there is discontent amongst the people, as well as turbulent spirit directed toward those who hold high places. Government loses even more popularity or support, & thus acts autocratically. I’m also seeing something surrounding someone important high up passing or assassinated. There seems to be bad juju in connection with the army, navy, or could be police. Stock Market going down. I do realize they have the means to keep it going with more money pumped into it so I will not say a crash, but do understand changes are coming in the way we use money, Pluto return, I’m seeing blockchain currencies coming in doing away with the dollar soon, very soon. as well as something coming in related to voting… blockchain put in place which would forever stop voter fraud)! I’m seeing an increase of fraud happening, secret crimes, more news related to mental diseases come forth. Legislation is unpopular or hindered in some way. MSM is hindered in some way (Thank God.) With Pluto all will come to the surface that was hidden, you have to pay attention & research anything & everything the MSM tries to get you to believe! Do your homework!! Follow the money! 

With the Lunar Eclipse coming in, as well as an opposition coming in from Mars to Uranus ~  Lunar Full Moon 27° Taurus on November 19th, 2021. With Venus in Capricorn trine Uranus, the Saturn factor (Venus in Capi) will hold down Venus’s love with seriousness, & caution. Vesta conjunction the South Node, opposite the North Node. Lunar Full Moon square Jupiter. 

Do look for more chaos related to sudden & unexpected trouble for the biden administration. As well as for Government. I’m seeing false steps, charges of bad faith, broken promises. Hidden deep within TPTB secrets are being made public. Some kind of loss occurs related to government, majority may diminish, defeat will occur if a bye or general election was held. Again seeing some statement falling ill, possibly passes, could even be someone very high up in office. Look for a turbulent time, with explosions, suicides, murders, strikes, lawlessness. Stock Market crashing is a strong possibility but again, they may pump it up, which again is fine with me, I’ve no vested interest in seeing a collapse of any sort. The people of the USA are very angry, enough is enough & they will not be ignored any longer, their voices will be heard! I do see much chaos coming in more so than before, ramping up as we go into the year 2022. 

With the planets in play stay safe, look out for one another, help the elderly, stay in contact with your neighbors, surround yourself with comfort & like-minded people.

November 25th, 2021 ~ Thanksgiving Day! Although it may be a time of great chaos here in the USA, it’s up to us all to put our differences aside & see the bigger picture on this day which is the blessings of our families, giving thanks for all the comforts around you which God/universe has graciously blessed you with, remember “As above, so below”.  Make it a time for family gatherings, sharing stories, eating all the yummy food, thanking God/universe for bringing you all together once again. 

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

December 4th, 2021, Solar Eclipse 

This eclipse will be unusual as the path of the total eclipse will move from east to west across West Antarctica, while most eclipse paths move from west to east. This reversal is only possible in polar regions. Its path across Antarctica will cross near Berkner Island, traverse an arc over the continent, exit, and pass over Shepard Island. (Source Wikipedia)

You’ll have to travel a long way to Antarctica to see the total phase of this total solar eclipse. Parts of southern Africa, including locations in South Africa and Namibia, will see a partial solar eclipse if the weather permits. (Source~ Time and

Path of the Eclipse Shadow

Regions seeing, at least, a partial eclipse: South in Australia, South in Africa, South in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. (Source~ Time and

We have a Solar Eclipse coming on December 4th, 2021, 12° Sagittarius in the USA 1st house, the people’s house, very important house, it is an angular house! Also, relates to Public health, generals conditions of the country, generally the state of home affairs. 

Countries ruled by Sagittarius 

Australia, Arabia, Cap Finisterre, Felix, Dalmatia, Hungary, Moravia, Sclavonia, Spain, Tuscany, Provence in France, Madagascar.

Cities & Towns

Bradford, Avignon, Cologne, Buda, Narbonne, Rottenburg, Nottingham, Sheffield, Stuttgart, Sunderland, Taranto, Toledo, W. Bromwich.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, & relates to not only commencing sooner but lasting longer & a stop, go meaning is to be interrupted, stop then start up again. Sag Eclipses is in a  fire sign, which may point to the destruction of cattle & sheep. Much discontent & dissension among people. Exil or imprisonment or murder of some King or notable person, or great ruler. Also note, there will be movements of army, fighting, fires, fevers, pestilence, & scarcity of the fruits of the earth.

Eclipses in fire signs also point to producing sensational public events, as well as disturbances, disputes, murders & there are times of the danger of war & movements of army. Not leaving out excess of heat, & scarcity of rain, an increase of taxation, & expenditure of money. Do note, January & February 2022, will again be crazier than October thru December 2021, 

Also noting we have (Again) a square involving Saturn in the USA 2nd house, & Uranus in the USA 5th house, in the middle part of December 2021, this will be related to the stock market & house of speculation!! More on that soon!! I will say I do not look for the ending of 2021 to be a happy one for the American people. 

December 28th, 2021, Jupiter will go back into the sign of Pisces, Jupiter co-rules Pisces, & with Saturn in the sign of Aquarius will bring what I’ve stated at the beginning of my post-cold harsh winter with tons of ice & snow just like my dad was talking about back in his days. 

                                                                      Sagittarius is a fun sign, & it is December, Christmas time!  

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

  So why not say instead of all the gloom & doom…..This will be a time of parties & goodwill toward your fellow man! Deck those halls & sing Christmas carols! Decorate those Christmas trees & don’t forget the mistletoe! Make the holiday cookies & light the candies all while staying warm & happy inside your home with the fireplace glowing feeling the warmth & the candles lit with presents wrapped ever so neatly & oh so festive under your well-decorated Christmas tree! That’s truly how my December/Christmas will be, & I bet your’s too!! 

More on the December 4th, 2021 Solar Eclipse soon!  

Warm wishes, Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

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