November 2018, USA Predictions by Bree~ I’m predicting a landslide for the Republicans November 6th!

Remember, I’m reading the energies, so this has nothing to do with me, I am only reading the energies!

Also, start getting ready for the flu season everyone!!

1st ~ 11th

Jupiter trine Chiron ~

Time to heal old wounds! Everyone will benefit!!

4th ~ Daylight savings time ends!

6th ~ Sun trines Neptune, later in the day, Uranus moves back into Aries!

Venus is retrograde in the sign of Libra holding back her love & power in the USA 10th house. Venus rules Libra, but at this time Venus will not lend any needed support!

November 5th/6th,  Sun trine Neptune going into the Scorpio New Moon on November 7th!

This will bring good luck, success to the President, Government. Along with what I see below.

Uranus on November 6th, 2018, will slide back into Aries conjunct the 5th house cusp, sliding back into the USA 4th house, the 4th house on November 15th/16th, the 4th house is an Agular house, what happens in an Angular house will be felt more strongly, more powerful than if in a Succedent or Cadent house. Aries is a cardinal sign, Mars rules Aries. I do look for a whole lot of crazy issues going on so please be careful out there!!

November 8th, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, his home in the USA 12th house, anything connected with confinement, ie…prisons, hospitals, anything that confines one. I’m seeing new ideas that have been talked about moving forward in a positive way now! Also, religion will be highlighted as well as long distance travel, education, publishing, for the next year! Be careful of overreaching as Jupiter loves to expand good things as well as expand one’s problems! So, on a personal level as well as for the USA, keep within your boundaries, as when Jupiter goes into the sign of Capricorn (Saturn) in a years’ time you’re going to wish you would have!! So, will the USA!! Boundaries will be the buzzword!!

9th ~ Venus ~ Mars Trine ~

Venus is still retro, so holding back her power, Mars in the sign of Aquarius in the USA 3rd house.

I’m seeing on a partial level anyway, business & money matters will improve, along with improved trade at home as well as overseas!

November 12th ~ 18th ~

Mars goes into the sign of Pisces ~

Mars will be watered down in the sign of Pisces! So really no fireworks coming meaning that will get off the ground. But, do look for a more lightened spiritual & creative direction until the end of the year. January 1st, 2019, Mars will go into Aries….that’s when the not so fun stuff starts! Can you say: Ahhh!!!

16th ~ Venus goes direct BUT Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius take the next 3 weeks to go back over things you’ve done in the past couple months, maybe you need to revise some of the things that look good back then but doesn’t now! Anything communication, transportation, will be affected!!

November 19th ~ 25th ~

19th ~ Mars square Jupiter!! Remember Mars is in the sign of Pisces, Neptune rules Pisces. This will show some flexibility as far as anything bad happening! I’m seeing what was done in the dark coming to light related to crimes. (Mercury retro secrets revealed) also, we will be hearing of some kind of infectious diseases, an epidemic occurring. I & my family are strong believers in D-3 & Vitamin C, get the book “Vitamin D3 Miracle” by Jeff T. Bowles. On the vitamin C, look into Liposomal (non-GMO).

I’m also seeing disputes with religion & churches, as well as deaths of lawyers, & doctors. Look for this in the news.

November 22nd/23rd ~ November 22nd, Happy Thanksgiving 😊

Full Moon in the sign of Gemini! Please note all I’m about to write will happen a week to a week in a half before the Full Moon!! This Gemini full moon is 0 degrees in the USA 6th house! The 6th house is a Cadent house, & represents the public’s health & the basic conditions of the working class & servants. On the epidemic side I mentioned up above, since the full moon is in the sign of Gemini, Gemini rules lungs, nervous system, hands, figures, arms, shoulders, ribs. Again, we will hear of this epidemic before the full moon. I’m also seeing Navy, Army, Soldiers, Sailors, Battleships, something happening with them. The full moon is at 0 degrees, & is not making an aspect, 0 is a very critical degree, I am seeing the health of the people affected, this full moon is also opposite Jupiter the health of the nation will be affected. Seriously, please do look into healthy vitamins & please do share what you use to ward off anything flu, sickness, we all are in this together, so please share using the comment box below this post on my website:

24th ~ Neptune Direct

Sun ~ Jupiter conjunct~

Look for peace & prosperity at home as well as overseas! Anything that is confined will benefit ie, prisons, hospitals, anything that is confined, that does include if one is confined but in one’s mind as well as what I stated above.

November 26th ~ 30th

26th ~ Retro Mercury squares Mars in Pisces. Mars is watered down in Pisces.

Look for excitement in the public, angry miscommunications, (Mercury retro) activity in the courts, accidents in traveling, as well as illnesses or deaths from some nervous disease, (full moon in Gemini rules nervous system) insanity, also, criminal attacks. This again, will not be as bad as it sounds, Mars is in the sign of Pisces!

30th ~ Venus opposite Uranus

Venus now direct in the sign of Libra in the USA 10th house, Uranus in Aries retrograde in the USA 4th house, both angular houses! No love will be given for housing, crops, agriculture, money matters will decline…I’m seeing this related to stock market & housing will be the worse & I am seeing the energies of this coming in to play as early as November 23rd!

Going into the month of December we have at the beginning some warlike conflictions facing us! Stay tuned!

Please do share what natural remedies you use to stay healthy please scroll down & share!

Many blessings, Bree

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Many blessing everyone, Bree


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