November 2016 High-lights for the Month! All Sun Signs & Rising Signs this will fit you !!

High-lights for November 2016!

November 7th-13th It’s presidential election week in the U.S.

Mars is changing signs & going into Aquarius in the 2nd house (2nd house rules finances) of the U.S.  Birth-Chart, on November 8th/Or On the 9th, 2016, my Astrology wheel has it going into Aquarius the following day, November 9th! While still is Capricorn on November 8th!

Mars in the 2nd house means a detriment, putting one’s energy into work, has energy to gain material possessions, wealth, & industriousness. While spending may-be on a more impulsive side, desires may-be possessive. One’s Voice is often masculine. Also, one may-be forceful about values, but at the same time one is usually willing to work hard.

I have Mars in Capricorn on November 8th, 2016:  Mars in Capricorn is exalted giving persistence, perseverance, ambition, drive, practicality, efficiency, and the desire to achieve, take responsibility, organize, control, plan, and carry out actions. One may be conscientious, business-like, energetic, and willing to work hard for long-term and high goals in order to gain position, reputation or even fame.

Some others have Mars in Aquarius on November 8th, 2016. Mars in Aquarius gives mental energy, an active intellect that is scientific and humanistic, inventive, and independent. One usually wants to know and understand, will debate, and wishes to reform or change things by working with organizations or social movements. One likely will have many male associates, warm and impulsive friendships. Desire for freedom and innovation are strong motivations. I honestly will take my placement of Mars over others, it’s a wait & see thing now!

November 11th– Venus will go into the sign of Capricorn- Very pleasant day, get out & enjoy!

November 14th Full Moon in Taurus, super Moon! Time to wind down. Bring things in our life’s to a completion.

November 19th– Neptune will go direct. Neptune will help us to stop denying the obvious, which will help all of our dreams come true!

November 21st–  Time to be grateful for your harvest! Give “Thanks”

November 23rd Time for some serious conversations! Get in touch with “YOU”  

November 24th– Jupiter & Pluto square off– Tendency to… over-eat-over-do-squandering one’s hard earn gains-over-bearing-you will need a side of “Patience” to go with that turkey feast! J

November 29th New Moon in Sagittarius! May-be some very disreputable acts as the New Moon is squaring Neptune! Will hear of disreputable, or, immoral acts regarding people in high places in the news! Do not forget to write down your New Moon wishes! Very powerful!! Please see my How to make New Moon Wishes!

I want to wish each & everyone a “Safe & Happy” Thanksgivings!


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