New Moon on September 30th, 2016 in the sign of Libra! “Home Sweet Prosperous Home”

New Moon on September 30th, 2016 in the sign of Libra! “Home Sweet Prosperous Home”
Hello everyone! I hope your September is/was (depending on when this comes out) filled with all the hopes & dreams, wishes, you wanted! September, 2016, I know is/was, a bumpy ride for us all! I wanted to focus on a promising New Moon we have on September 30th, 2016, in the sign of Libra! This new Moon is in the sign of Libra! Magical times ahead! Libra rules: Codependency, Refinement, Sociability/diplomacy, Marriage, Negotiation skills, Harmony, & Healing! Also, in matters of getting your health back too healthy (for those of us whose health maybe an issue) Libra rules: Adrenal glands, & Buttocks, Diabetes (sugar imbalance) & the Kidneys! And this New Moon is one to make those wishes on! After all, we were cheated out of our New Moon Solar Eclipse on September 1st!
I wanted to let everyone know the set of rules for the New Moon wishes!
1. You will need to write down you New Moon wishes (your list) eight hours following the exact time of the New Moon, when your able!
2. This really is an absolute must: Write you New Moon wishes by hand each month! (gives it more power)!
3. Keep your wishes to only 10 on any power day!
4. Make sure to write more than one wish!
5. Absolutely date this & keep it in front of you to view each day/night!
6. You need to trust in you…when you are writing down your wishes, make sure they make you feel harmonious while writing them down on the New Moon!
7. Also note: You need to know the Universe does want to make you happy! You need to trust the process! If a wish does not come into play immediately, no worries! Keep repeating the wish, or, do be mindful to see what unexpected benefit comes in its place! I always visualize the end I’m wanting to make manifest! Feel it, smell it, make it colorful!
8. Also, you should not make wishes for other folks, it will not work!
9. Shift YOUR approach when wishing to influence other people!
10. Make sure when there is an Aries New Moon, to combine the power of a visual Treasure Map during a New Moon in Aries each year!
11. Also, during your Granddaddy power period, MAKE your wishes… don’t forget, as it is a Super potent level! (I have at bottom of this page)
12. Also, include a wish on you Granddaddy power period list to release any intense anxiety that may arise during the following month!
13. Trust-believe in your dreams! Open the way to trust where you are being led to experience your own inner happiness!
14. Its “GOOD” to repeat your wishes until they begin coming true!
15. When you have a problem area in your life, do make more than one wish in this area!
16. Move with the energy as it emerges!
17. Keep yourself for getting “Stuck” in old, habitual responses-patterns!
18. Again, when you are writing down your wishes, make sure they are in harmony with you…do they make you feel harmonious in the way you are wording them? Trust your inner self!
19. Note: If you do not feel comfy with a wish you write down…but it seems to make sense logically…do not write that wish…you need to feel the energy on an emotional level…not a logically level!
20. In-order for your wishes to come true, keep them separate from one another…otherwise they will not come true!

Also, do Note: Your wishes can be made up to forty-eight hours after the exact time of the New Moon! BUT…the most potent time is in the first eight hours! 

I am giving this New Moon time in Eastern Standard time, ( no allowances for daylight saving time) so you will need to adjust for your time zone! New Moon in Libra September 30th, 2016, at 07:13 pm. This post is based on Jan Spiller’s book, ‘New Moon Astrology’,

Also, I wanted to include a affirmation for your home!

This is called “Home Sweet Prosperous Home”

I wanted to start off by telling you a folk tale!

While we read many folk-tales on people becoming rich through their dreams, one tale tells of a wealthy young man who looses all he has…everything! So he has to now earn his living through hard labor in Dublin. On one particular night he dreams of a old wizard who visits him & says: “Your fortune is in London, go there to seek it.” So of course the young man sets out for London! He arrives after dark & takes shelter in a park. Well all does not go well for him because as he sleeps, a gang of thieves rob him! When he awakes in the morning, he sits under a large oak tree in the park, wondering what is he going to do? And at that time a old wizard in tattered rags walks up to him & asks, “Where do you come from”? The young man answers, “From Dublin.”  then the old wizard ask “What brought you here?” The young man goes on to tell of his dream, & then the robbery. The old wizard laughs & says, “You Fool, a man has come to me three times in my dreams & descried a house in Dublin where a great treasure is supposedly buried beneath an old oak tree. This old wizard also told me to go there & dig it up, but, you don’t see me going on some wild goose chase, now do you? The old wizard talks for a bit describing all the details of his dream, the house, & the tree. Then after a while, he pulls out of his tattered coat pocket, and says, “This will help you return home, you young fool.” The young man thanks him & takes the money. While all along he realizes the old wizard described his own house in Dublin, & the oak tree next to it! Arriving at his home, he digs up the great treasure, & it’s there! He is fortunate & lucky for the rest of his life! It goes to show us, the Universe may whisper in your ear, perhaps in your dreams…listen…because if you miss it, the universe will whisper the same thing to another until one of you acts on it!

The following is what you will need for this affirmation/Spell:

You will need a tree, it does not have to be an oak tree. a small shovel or a big one, either is fine. And a small quartz crystal.( If you do not have a tree in your yard, then use a living tree in a pot placed in the east quadrant of your living room.) Go to outdoors with the shovel & crystal & dig a small hole for the crystal, at the eastern base of the tree. Hold the crystal in your power hand & say:

By the Divine grace and generosity,

Of the Goddess and God

Please bring fortune and good luck

To my home sweet, prosperous home

Please bring much joy and love, to my home sweet, abundant home

By the grace of the Goddess and God

So be it! Home sweet home, blessed be!

Place the stone in the hole, & be sure to cover it with earth’s soil! Place three small stones or sticks on top, & say three times,

So be it! Home sweet home. Blessed be.

As you fall asleep for the twenty-eight nights,  be sure to repeat over & over to yourself, “Home sweet, prosperous home, Home sweet, abundant home, So dream it! So be it!

On the above it is very powerful! Be sure you use a quart crystal & do empower it!! Watch the magic begin! Always give “Thanks”! “Home Sweet Prosperous Home”

If you would like to know your “Granddaddy Power Wish Time (Very Powerful folks) please see my rate at the bottom of this page! I will send to you in an email, $19.99!  (Everyone has a different Granddaddy Power Wish Time  …its based off your birth date, & time of birth, city/state!! 

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