Neptune in Aries! Is an American Civil War & American Revolution Coming?

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

In the above video, I’m explaining what my blog is all about!

One of the most fascinating things about astrology is how history repeats itself. Actually, this is the foundation upon which astrology is built, as astrologers recognize that time is not linear but circular which is why world events repeat themselves in different contexts.

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree 

Need to note before I begin ~  with the significant sign changes I talk about below, there will also be so many numerous beneficial happenings coming in, like inventions, related to something new that will involve how we communicate, & travel will also be changing in a good way.  I’m also seeing some new inventions related to health, as well as something new with money & how we use it today, along with some type of new technology that will rejuvenate the houses we live in, the way we live in them will be completely unrecognizable to us as compared to today. Freedom, so much freedom coming in as well! The freedom to choose what is right for each of us on an individual basis!

Religion will be completely overhauled into a new & spiritual transformation. All this will not happen overnight, as it took the earth signs 200 years to build the restrictive world we know today, a world in which bankers come out on top will cease & no longer be the case as the people demand a more level playing field as we are witnessing today. Many more new & captivating ways will also find their way into our world, way too many to go into now, but rest assured they are coming & will transform our world for the better! With that said, do look for it to take some time to bring down & rebuild our world into a beautiful oasis in which all of us get along & work together instead of working against each other as many of us are witnessing today, we see the division TPTB has created between us, look for that division to cease as we all move together with the energy coming in to create a more balanced existence between us all! 

So, with all the hype related to a civil war, & a possible American revolution, as Neptune slips into the sign of Aries, as well as a couple of other malefic planets changing signs. We need to go back in time & look at which planets were in play during the civil war, & American Revolution & compare them to what we are seeing as early as today, as well as what may happen once the Malefic planets make their inial sign change!

Can not go back in time without considering Saturn & Jupiter slipping into air signs after 200 years of being in earth signs! As this conjunction is a huge deal!!

Going back to my blog “Chaos in Coming ~ Saturn & Jupiter Conjunct”  which happens every 20 years but however for the last 200 years the conjunct has been in earth signs. This time around the conjunct is in air signs, & known as  the “Great Mutation Conjunction” 

Saturn, Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius will bring in with them the big hitters (Neptune, Uranus, Pluto,) slipping into new territory (signs) which will bring in more disruptions, chaotic happenings, uprisings, & a whole lot of deceptions before they bring us a peaceful serenity to collapse in. 

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

                 Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius: 

This conjunction happens every 20 years and has been in the same triplicity for the last 200 years it’s been in earth signs, (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus) Earth signs relate to material security, and money,& are stubborn to change.     

This has been happening for the last 200 years the last conjunction was in May 2000, in the sign of Taurus, earth signs rule business & resources, money, land, down to practicality. On December 19th, 2000,  Saturn & Jupiter slipped into Aquarius an Air sign, thus giving it the name “Great Mutation Conjunction” Because a new triplicity has begun, in air signs which will last until the year 2159. Aquarius is a fixed sign and wants freedom, Independence. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, co-ruled by Saturn. It’s a humanitarian sign, also, known for originality, & Independence,  It’s also a stubborn sign, an eccentric sign. The air signs bring disruption to what the earth signs have established. (built by both Democratic & Republican establishments, as well as TPTB who run them.) Therefore, bringing Chaos to the way in which old structures will be brought down, as we are witnessing today.

Uranus which rules Aquarius, (Saturn co-rules,)  rules revolutions, it loves to shake things up, change things that are the same old same old, radical changes, social unrest, freedom fighting,  Uranus never leaves us where it found us! And although some of us do not think anything needs to change, once it does we find ourselves happier, and more alive!

Saturn, Saturn wants law & order period! It rules restriction, as well as fear. Jupiter rules expansion, Jupiter is known as a benefic planet. So when these two powerhouses come together for their 20-year meet up & it’s not just any old meet up, this time it brings in reinforcements with such a force to change outdated ridged beliefs, and freedom from karmic issues in the past, to innovation & aliveness, giving back the power to the people where it belongs! The planets coming in have a thirst to try something different & unique, shake things up! A step to the wild side of life, with a touch of conservatism!  

“Great Mutation Conjunction” in air signs blowing in great changes for the USA, as well as coming down the pipe heavy hitters changing signs! All working together will bring in much-needed changes, but as I’ve stated in other blogs, it’s going to be chaotic energy we will need to learn to work with first.

Neptune in Aries, Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus in Gemini, Saturn in Aries~  American Civil War & the American Revolution ~ Is that possibly coming into our future once again?

Mundane Astrology meanings are different from individual horoscope meanings.

Neptune will be moving into the sign of Aries on March 30th, 2025. Neptune takes 164 years to make a complete cycle around the zodiac. Neptune stays in a sign for about 13/14, years.

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

 The last time Neptune went into the sign of Aries was from 1861 to 1875. There was an American Civil War. Neptune was in the USA 4th house as it will be this time around in 2025 when Neptune slips into the sign of Aries. As of today, Neptune is in the last orbs of Pisces, conjunct the 4th house cusp, opposite the midheaven, bringing in uprisings, political instability, & a whole lot of pissed-off Americans!

Neptune rules socialism & Neptune in its own sign of Pisces is strong as Neptune rules Pisces, & Jupiter co-rules. Millions of  Americans today(over half of the country) want no part of Socialism. Neptune in Pisces also rules the sea, (water) drugs,  Oil, gas, alcohol, & delusion, confusion, and substance abuse, as we are seeing in epic proportions today. Neptune also rules inflation, & hyperinflation, Once Neptune slips into the sign of Aries, that is when we will see hyperinflation! It’s just now warming up, being in the last few orbs of Pisces.  When Neptune is not afflicted it brings in enlightenment, and compassion, & lets us dream our most exotic fantasies.  Neptune on November 5th, 2024 ( Presidental Election period) will conjunct the 4th house cusp, opposing the midheaven in the USA chart ~Neptune when afflicted, causes collapse, downfall, Instability, chaotic affairs, dishonesty, drunkenness, illegal drug usage, as well as but not limited to various forms of crime & vice. Since Neptune will be on & off afflicting the midheaven, we are seeing uprisings, as well as discontent, & a whole lot of political instability now & this will increase the closer the  November 2024 elections come into view. (2023 will be a year to remember as well, I will blog on that soon)

On April 8th, 2024 we’ll have another Total Solar Eclipse in Aries in the USA 4th house, belonging to the Saros Series 139, which repeats every 18 years. This Solar Eclipse will be also known as the “Great American Eclipse” as was the August 21st, 2017 solar eclispe, but that Solar Eclipse belonged to Saros Series 145. The April 8th, 2024, solar eclipse will conjunct the North node in Aries, opposite the south node, (10th house) just as the Solar Eclipse in Aries on March 29th, 2006  which also belongs to the Saros Series 139 did as well in the USA 4th house, conjunct the north node in Aries, opposite the south node in the USA 10th house. 2006 was when the housing bubble began, & accelerated later in the year. Neptune at the time was in the USA 2nd house in the sign of Aquarius. (More on this topic later.) But do note the April 8th 2024 Great American Eclipse will cover a lot of the USA! This means significant changes coming in! (weather included, forget climate change folks, that is only a money power grab by TPTB!)

A Great North American Solar Eclipse ~ Copy & paste from:

Anticipation for the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse will be sky high! Not only are there 32 million people already living within the USA section of the path, but metropolitan areas such as St Louis, Cincinnati, Detroit, Toronto, and Quebec are very close to the path. The major cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C., are all within 200 miles of the path of totality. So be prepared for the single-biggest mass travel event in the USA.

The moon’s shadow first touches Mexico at Mazatlan. Then it travels northeast through Mexico and enters the United States at Texas, cuts a diagonal all the way across the country to Maine, and then visits the maritime provinces of Canada.

The major cities inside the path are Mazatlan, Torreon, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Montreal.

The ovals in the map show the shadow of the Moon at five minute intervals. This path is called the path of totality.

More on the April 8th, 2024 Solar Eclipse as the time draws near.

The planet Neptune will go into the sign of Aries on March 30th, 2025. But the flavor will be felt in November 2024, as we also have a Solar Eclipse on October 2nd, 2024 in the USA 10th house in the sign of Libra, (as well as Neptune opposite the midheaven) which in Mundane Astrology is the most important house as it rules Government as well as the President.  A solar eclipse in the 10th house is very evil in Mundane astrology, the October 2nd solar eclipse will conjunct the south node opposite the north node in Aries USA 4th h. This S.E. will be unfortunate for the biden administration and the government.  Unpopularity, discredit disputes, and/or death/s, which can be related to the death of something passing out, not necessarily a person/people.  We will see on a more prevalent level the trade & the credit of the USA suffer, as well as the law & authority, weakened in some way. There will be heated uprisings, and violence, like we’ve not seen before, depending on the area in which you live it possibly may be worse, do watch your surroundings. (Doesn’t matter who the president in office is, this energy would still come in. As of the time of this writing, it is biden)

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

                                   Mars rules energy, war, pioneering spirit, and new beginnings. (Note: Neptune in the signs of  Aries, Mars rules, everyone needs to be mindful of infectious diseases during this time as that too will increase over the time span Neptune is in the sign of Aries)

Saturn &  Neptune conjunct every 36 years

07/30/2025, we have both Neptune & Saturn in the sign of Aries conjunct in the USA 4th house.

In 1989 Both Saturn & Neptune were conjunct in the USA 1st house in the sign of Capricorn. That brought the Savings & Loan crises in,  as well as otherworldly events. 

In 1862 Saturn USA 10th h, in the sign of Libra & Neptune USA 4th h, in the sign of Aries were opposite each other, the USA had the Cuban Missile Crises, as well as other world events. 

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

 Beginning early on the morning of September 17, 1862, Confederate and Union troops in the Civil War clash near Maryland’s Antietam Creek in the bloodiest single day in American military history. The Battle of Antietam marked the culmination of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s first invasion of the Northern states. Battle of Antietam breaks out    Neptune during this era was in the USA 4th house conjunct 4th house cusp in the sign of Aries, opposite Saturn & Jupiter, as again Neptune will be during 2024 November elections conjunct the 4th house cusp in the last degrees of Pisces,  as well as Mars & Pluto opposite each other 2nd & 8th house, the north node in Aries, also conjunct the 4th house cusp. Again, be extremely vigilant before & during the times I give, the energy (flavor) always comes to fruition before the planets perfect. Any malefic planet’s energy can be felt from 5 to 6 orbs out! That is why we are feeling them today, & they will become stronger before they perfect!

With TPTB, who run the Democrat & Republican parties, (because it sure isn’t us common folks) they will be the ones who will inflict pain & suffering on the American people, & in turn, want us to argue against each other when our argument needs to be centered directly on them! Divided We Fall, United We Win! 

 Pluto will go into the sign of Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023, back & forth from Capricorn to Aquarius & into Aquarius on January  24th, 2024. Pluto was last in the sign of Aquarius on January 27th, 1778. And what does Aquarius want more than anything…..freedom with a slice of conservatism, remember Saturn co-rules Aquarius! The start & end time of the American Revolution was 1775 – 1783. Pluto will be in the same house & sign (Aquarius) USA 2nd house as it was during the American Revolution. 

Pluto known as “God of the Underworld” brings decay to all that is not working, bringing it into the light for all to see. Pluto rules dictators, tyrants, gangsters, & corruption. When Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius, I look for many changes to come in, but not without social unrest, because what does Aquarius want, freedom from anything that ties it down or tries to make decisions for it! Government does NOT know best, we the people know what’s best for us, the balance of power will be restored back to the people where it belongs.

Aquarius again wants freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to move, freedom to speak, keyword “FREEDOM” My body my choice, if I want a Covid shot I’ll decide, & if I choose to use bitcoin instead of the USA dollar, my choice! FREEDOM! 

Uranus will go into the sign of Gemini on July 7th, 2025 in the USA 6th house. The last time Uranus was in the sign of Gemini & in the USA 6th house was on  April 8th, 1775, the start of the American Revolution. Also note, when Uranus is in Gemini, the north node will be moving from Pisces to Aquarius, and all 3 that I’ve stated are known to be in depression territory. More on this as time approaches. 

Saturn & Jupiter conjunct every 20 years & in December of 2019 it was known as the “Great Mutation Conjunction” in the sign of Aquarius, this particular conjunction is the beginning of a whole new world coming in, & as you no doubt are feeling changes are coming in now well before the planets I referenced perfect! 

So am I saying the USA will have another civil war or possibly a revolution, or both? I’ll leave that up to my readers to ponder on, but what I can say is around the November 2024 presidential election, (& in 2023…more coming on that soon) there will be chaotic affairs, uprisings like never before, instability, deceptive tactics, unbelievably destructive behavior in the likes we’ve not witnessed in our lifetimes! So, depending on where you live, be safe!

Do note it took the earth signs 200 years to build what we all know as America today, so do not think that ideology will be torn down immediately, all good things come in time! 

Note: Always watch the North Node, when the north node is in Taurus it means the business cycle is slowing down, When it slips into Aries it will accelerate what has been in the works, speed it up. When the North node slips into Pisces & Aquarius the low end of the business cycle has been reached. Of course, depending on how the nodes are in aspect to other planets will also determine if good or not-so-good will come about, even if in the lowest business cycle, it may help or hinder again depending on the aspect.

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

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  1. AF says:

    Insightful post. One thing you mention us that a sokar eclipse on the 10th house us considered evil in mundane astrology. Would you elaborate on that point? Thank you. Looking forward to more posts!

    • Bree says:

      @AF…..Thank you for your post! That is a great question! I will be more than happy to elaborate on the subject in my 2023 USA predictions as the USA will be facing the same issue in October 2023, there will be a Solar Eclipse Annular in the USA 10th house same house as I referenced in my Neptune in Aries post! I’ll answer your question in that post, which I hope to have soon!
      Warm wishes, Bree

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