My New eBook coming out soon: Stop the Bullshit & Be Happy Now…Really! Secret to A Happy Life! Use the Tool!

Stop the Bullshit & Be Happy Now…Really! Secret to A Happy Life! Use the Tool!



If someone handed you a book on your life with all that will be unfolding until the day you die, would you read it? Some of you would, & yet some of you would not. That’s okay; I would not want to know when my time will be up here on earth, but, as far as all else that is unfolding in my life, a “HUGE YES”, bring it! Let’s face it, you & I both know you buy “Self-Help Books” after “Self-Help Books” and still are in a fog! Unhappy, needing precise answers to questions you have! Needing guidance. The fact is, you buy these books & never actually read them in their entirety, or you are reading them, & implementing them every step of the way, but no results are coming forth! Hearth-breaking! Astrology is your answer to the unknown questions you may have regarding your life situation right now. And my objective in my e-book will prove it! Why are you not happy? Have you thought about researching your natal chart, your natal promise in this lifetime? How are the transiting planets affecting your natal planets? Your “Blue Print” you, yourself wrote. It’s true you know! You’ve researched everything else on “How to be Happy Now”, or what is my purpose? Why is this happening to me? Isn’t it time you gave Astrology a fair chance regarding why you feel the way you feel? Why you’re going through what you are going through? And I’m not talking your daily horoscope on websites or in newspapers…that’s Silliness if you ask me! Also, note, “Follow the Money” when Scientist or other organizations debunk Astrology! Who’s profiting by making the claims they do? Follow the money! Do your research yourselves, then, & only then decide on whether Astrology holds the answers in which you seek! When you do, many find they no longer need those self-help books or their therapist! Really!

Also, now that you’ve read the title was it… “This may be my Answer” or, perhaps, it at least fueled your curiosity to take a closer peek? Then seen the word “Astrology” Shit! WTH! Silliness! STOP! Read what I have to say on the subject before you make a final decision! Explore the possibility Astrology does hold the “Key” to your being happy now! It’s not fluff! The fact is you never really understood nor took the time to comprehend Astrology in its entirety, & you haven’t engaged in its principles any further than a newspaper “Blurb” on horoscopes in your local newspaper. Now that’s silliness! Total “Malarkey”! Keep the people dumbed down was the goal & it worked! Make it funny, silly, so the people will no longer want to take a deeper look, was the intention of daily horoscopes in newspaper articles! And, I have to say, it worked! But, now there are 62% (from the last survey taken that relates to Astrology being more scientific, studies do differ) who have discovered Astrology is a reliable tool when one knows how to use this tool, to enhance one’s happiness in this lifetime! Astrology holds many Secrets to your best life now! A skilled Astrologer who has the training, the knowledge, will be able to guide one to their “Happiness in this lifetime”! Keep reading it gets better!!

I’m asking you to do your research & discover what has been hidden from the average Joe to keep him/her from learning what others know to be true & use “Astrology”, People who use this tool, are happy, & successful, in life. They’ve discovered their true purpose, & how to use the tool which holds the secrets to be happy now! They use Astrology for their career decisions, money, marriage, when to start a business, if they are going to come up against illness, how & when to engage in the stock market, “Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer.”-J. P. Morgan, & the best timing to achieve their goals amongst many other questions they need a precise answer to ensure their success, happiness. Why is it when seeking a psychic’s help, or enquiring on a Tarot Reading, does the person who is offering this ask for your birthday only? Because they are going on your sun-sign only, they are NOT a skilled Astrologer, and you know what? You are more then a simple sun- sign! There is so much more that a skilled Astrologer will be able to answer & use precise timing of when events are coming into your life, a competent Astrologer will need to know your, correct birth time, Am or Pm, City, State, Country in which you were born, where you reside at now, all this is needed in order to guide you to your happiness that you seek! To give you precise answers that tell you “The What-When-Why.” “Not just When is your birthday”? Silly! And by asking that, it does not answer your questions! With that said, please read on & be quite assured Astrology will answer the question “How to be Happy Now” with a no-bull-shit concept, and real answers to implementing your end result! Your goal, achieve it, use the tool, “Astrology”! It works! This e-book is a short read, and yet it answers in detail how Astrology will help you “Be Happy Now”! No fluff! But secrets that you need to know about that will change your life now!

My eBook is scheduled to be out the latest February 7th, 2017, on Amazon, but can preorder now please click Stop the Bullshit and be Happy Now! Secrets to a Happy Life!

Blessings, Bree 

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