Murderers, Psychopaths, and Dark Soul’s~Can We Tell By Studying Their Natal Horoscopes If One Is?

Murderers, Psychopaths and Dark Soul’s~Can We Tell By Studying Their Natal Horoscopes If One Is?


We have all heard, unfortunately, of high-profile cases of people who we would describe as ‘psychopaths’. These are people who have committed unspeakable crimes, such as serial killers, pedophiles, or war criminals.

            If we look at the birth charts of these individuals however, is it possible for us to notice any patterns? Can we see any signs of their behavior through their horoscopes?

            The short answer to this is that we can’t immediately tell if someone if going to end up becoming a murderer or a criminal just by looking at their birth chart. There are lots of other factors at play here, such as free will, family histories, and childhood issues. That said, when we look at the charts of a range of high profile psychopaths, it is clear that there are indeed a number of aspects that lend themselves to psychopathic behavior and tendencies. This can be down to configurations involving planets, stars, signs and their elements.

            Firstly, let’s focus on what planets and signs often come up when we look at a psychopath’s horoscope.

Moon conjunct with Pluto:

The Moon conjunct with Pluto often comes up when we examine the horoscope of a psychopath. This conjunction is known to be associated with provocative feelings and it brings to the surface emotions that were previously buried deep within. This is a dark conjunct and it can cause dramatic reactions and is linked to sexual relationships that usually have an intense quality that verges on obsession. This is often found in the charts of those who have committed sex crimes as we will examine later.

Water Elements:

Many of these charts also have a strong Water element to them which can mean Water signs like Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer, or planets associated with water like Neptune. People with strong water elements in their charts are often more sensitive than others and bottle up emotions which means that they can then suddenly erupt and come to the surface. In this way we can describe these individuals as being ‘water-tight’ or not letting any of their emotions spill out, until it is too late and they explode with emotion or violence. People with water elements can also be very clever when it comes to empathizing with others and making them feel that they are their friends. They have a natural ability to charm others and they read people and their emotions very well.

Black Moon Lilith:

Black Moon Lilith also features heavily in these kinds of natal charts, usually when it is in trine or conjunction. This can be with a range of planets but most often it is found with Venus or the Sun, Moon, Mars, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto. The Black Moon Lilith is associated with the dark side of our personality and represents our negative hidden depths. We can think of these as the negative sides of our personalities that we try not to show to others or even acknowledge exist.

Venus/Saturn Aspects:

  Venus and Saturn aspects are known as ‘hard aspects’. This aspect is also linked to suppression of emotion which go unacknowledged and then come to the surface again. Individuals with this aspect can also feel they are unworthy of love which causes them to act out and lean towards negative emotions.

Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp

This does not mean that everyone who is a Scorpio or on the cusp, is a psychopath but simply that those with Scorpio tendencies may have leanings in this direction depending on other aspects. Scorpio is a sign associated with sex and death and it is also linked to hidden depths and the negative side of our nature. Some natal charts of psychopaths show Scorpio conjunct with Mercury or Ceres which are in turn planets linked to medicine. This can account for people who seem toxic in nature or who are poisonous to those around them.

Moon/Venus Aspects:

   Those with Moon/Venus aspects are often very emotionally sensitive. They can also feel that they are not good enough to receive love, and as a result, then tend to be master charmers in order to fight against this. We see this a lot in charts of psychopaths who have used their natural charms to entice their victims. They tend to use pretense more than others to get what they want and lack the ability to be upfront about their emotions and needs. This is a classic pattern for a psychopath and it is not surprising to see that so many master manipulators have this kind of planetary set up in their chart.

            Now let’s look at some natal charts of some well-known psychopaths…

Adolf Hitler:

    Adolf Hitler’s chart shows the typical Moon/Pluto aspect that you would expect. He also has Uranus trine with the Black Moon Lilith which is also square with Eris and forms a kind of tight psychotic knot as it were. He also has a Sun and Neptune aspect which is linked to deception.

Ted Bundy:  (If you were born between Nov. 18 and 24, you fall in the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, also called the Cusp of Revolution.)

    Ted Bundy, who murdered at least 30 women, was a Scorpio which accounts for his seductive charms and the stinger in his tail. His chart shows us that he has Pluto trine with Mars which demonstrates sexual charisma and alludes to his charming nature but also his highly sexed characteristics. He used to have sex with his victims after death and this is shown in his chart as Saturn (planet of corpses) has an aspect with Pluto (planet of sex) which points towards necrophilia.

Harold Shipman:

            Harold Shipman was known as Doctor Death and was a British serial killer who murdered at least 218 of his patients. There is a Pluto/Neptune aspect in his chart that has a spelling quality to it, meaning that he could mesmerize his patients into trusting him. There is also a Moon/Uranus aspect that points to deep emotions as well as (the Moon) as well as a rebellious nature or need to work outside of social norms (Uranus).

Francis Newton:

   Francis Newton murdered her husband, son, and daughter. Here in her chart we see her Moon placed between Uranus and Pluto, one an icy planet with a livewire personality and the other obsessive and dark. She also has the Black Moon Lilith squaring with the Sun and Venus and sextile with Neptune which is all about deception and sexual desire.

Karla Faye Tucker:

            Karla Faye Tucker murdered a man and his partner in order to steal his bike. Her chart has Neptune which relates to drugs (she said she was high at the time of the murder) between Venus (planet of natural charm) and Mercury, the sign of trickery and deception. She also has Mercury in stinging Scorpio.

            When looking at all of these charts we can see how these aspects are linked to the lives that these individuals went on to live, although there is no set way that we can look at a birth chart and see if a person will go on to live a life of crime. There are many external factors that also play into the fate of a person as well as their own free will, so we should be careful about labeling anyone just because they happen to be a Scorpio or have a lot of water elements in their chart for example.

            Astrology can predict aspects of our lives but we also have free will to operate within these, so whatever stars and aspects your chart may reveal, keep in mind that you are also in control of your destiny and any planetary configurations can be used in a positive way. One has to look at the Chart as a whole, & then it will take transits making an aspect to set off the natal charts planets. There are times in our natal charts, our personal planets are not in aspect to transits that set them off so they lay dormant.

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  1. mary says:

    Ted Bundy was not a Scorpio, he was a Sagittarius. Born November 24, 1946, in Burlington VT at 10:35 PM. His sun is 2 degrees 16″

    • Bree says:

      @Mary ~ If you were born between Nov. 18 and 24, you fall in the Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp, also called the Cusp of Revolution.
      Warm wishes, Bree

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