Moon’s Nodes and the Mystery Behind Them

When we look at the sky, it appears that the Sun and Moon are circling around the Earth. This motion of the sun and moon causes the Day and Night on Earth, and thus, is a measure of time. Time governs all events, and hence, the Sun and Moon are treated as important planets in Astrology which governs our destiny. There is another phenomenon, where the Man has seen these potent planets being captured by some unknown shadows causing them to become a captive of darkness for some time. Such phenomenon became a cause of fear for ancient civilizations, and many myths are connected with this. It appears that although Sun and Moon are powerful to sustain life on Earth, but still something is much more powerful than even the Sun and Moon, and captures them. Whatsoever these shadows are, but Humans are always afraid of Shadows and dark. Now, with modern science, we knew this phenomenon as eclipse – Solar and Lunar Eclipse.

Where and when an eclipse does occur?

The path of movement of Sun (as it appears from the Earth) is known as ecliptic. The points where the path of Moon intersects the ecliptic are known as Nodes. Thus, there will be two nodes- One when Moon moves from Southern Hemisphere to Northern Hemisphere known as Ascending Node; and the other when the Moon moves from Northern Hemisphere to Southern Hemisphere known as the Descending Node.

It is at these nodes the path of Sun and Moon intersects causing the phenomenon of eclipse during Full Moon Night (Lunar Eclipse) or New Moon Day (Solar Eclipse) when the longitudes of the Sun and Moon coincides or is in opposition to each other.

Nodes in different Mythologies:

According to Chinese Mythology, Dragons are considered very powerful. These Nodes represent a Giant Dragon who always runs after the sun and moon. It swallows the Sun or Moon when they come in contact. Thus, the ascending node is known as the Dragon’s Head, and the Descending Node is known as the Dragon’s Tail.

In Vedic Astrology, Moon’s Node is treated as a Demon known as Swarbhanu, who disguised as a demigod to drink the elixir of life with other demigods, but was caught, by the Sun and Moon and then as a punishment of cheating, he was beheaded. As he already drank the elixir, he became immortal, and did not die. His Head became Rahu or the ascending Node; while its body became Ketu or the descending Node. According to this legend, after that incident, Rahu and Ketu became the enemy of Sun and Moon, and keep running behind them to capture them.

In many temples in Thailand and southern Asia, you will find Statues of Rahu holding the Sun between its teeth.

Thus, in all mythologies, Nodes represent the serpent energy. Few equate Node with the serpent at the Garden of Eden from where it was banished as it provoked Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge. Thus, Nodes are treated as a symbol of confusion, wrong advice, and poison also.

Even in the Epic of Gilgamesh, the great Gilgamesh loses his power of immortality, and it was stolen by a serpent. This story also, similar to Vedic Astrology, connects the serpent with immortality and cheating.

Nodes in Western Astrology:

Moon’s Nodes are not actually planets, but still treated at par with other Planets in astrology, and holds great importance. As these are just mathematical Points where the eclipse occurs, they represent the points where Sun-The soul and Moon-the Mind undergoes a transformation.

What kind of Transformation may we ask?

It represents the Transformation of life, changes that could completely change your destiny. The North Node or ascending node is the one, which wakes you up, shows you a different reality, and motivates you to go for it. It asks for major changes in your belief system, your abilities, and even your attitude towards life. It shows the options which were not available before, or at least not visible to you before. It makes you an extrovert, more daring, more challenging, one who is ready to break any rules. North nodes completely transform you into an outgoing, extrovert person, who is ready to take on any challenge, try new things, accept new beliefs, question old practices.

South Node or the Descending node, on the other hand, is something which holds you back. Which generates fear of failure in our mind, which questions why we need to change? It makes you an introvert, a self-analytic person. It is against a change, which holds you to the ground. It is like the resistance to change which is there before any phase of transformation. Transformation and resistance go hand-in-hand.

It is like North Node makes you fly, and the south node is pulling you towards the ground. Thus, both nodes combine together makes the whole journey of transformation like a projectile motion. This raises another question in our mind. A projectile motion ends at the same place where it started i.e. on ground, but a little far off. Is it the same with the process of transformation driven by nodes?

Yes, the transformation driven by Nodes is like an Adventure journey which you have undertaken during your holidays. You go there, enjoy yourself, learn a few new techniques, come back to work more relaxed, fresh, and with new energy. Remember, even with a projectile motion, you fall off at a distance from where you started. Hence, this transformation will set you for a new destination, which is far off from your present-day ambitions, something which you haven’t even dreamt of.

Which Node is good then?

Well, nothing is good or bad in astrology. Each and everything defines your destiny, and each of its turns is important for you to realize your true potential. North Nodes makes you fly, try new things, take new challenges, discard old belief and practices, changes attitude towards life. All these things are good for your materialistic journey, to attain your business and personal goals of life. It helps you to achieve greater heights in your life, to carve your name. But where is that inner peace?

For inner peace, a journey within your soul is required. South node helps you to stay on ground, go deeper inside you to analyze your own potential. South node promotes spiritual progress, self-analysis, philosophy, and thus, even it helps in your destiny.

So, both the North Node and South Node are necessary for realizing the journey of life. These nodes are important turning points in life, without them the life is incomplete. They bring dramatic changes in our monotonous life, and make us think and act.

Many blessings, Bree

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