Mixing Astrology & Your Intuitive Powers!

Mixing Astrology & Your Intuitive Powers!

When we are born, the planets are set in a certain configuration that is unique to us. As a result, when we look at a birth chart it is like a thumbprint, something that only we possess, each of us has our own unique set of prints! That also tells us about our characteristics and our life path. At the moment of our birth, the planets were set in a certain pattern in the sky that applies only to our birth, and in astrology we use this configuration to make predictions about our lives. This is the basis of how astrology works.

How does using astrology and your intuitive powers differ?

        The practice of combining astrology and our intuitive powers is essentially the same as traditional astrology at its core. First of all, intuitive astrology also looks at our birth chart and the position of the planets at the moment when we were born. The difference however, comes when we want to interpret these. In astrology, we know the meaning of the planets, and we then read a birth chart based on these meanings as well as the positions of the planets in the heavens. So, for example, we may look at the planet Uranus which is something of a wildcard in astrology that challenges perceptions, and then see that it was conjunct with the Sun at the time of our birth. In this case, we are likely to be rebellious in nature, and we may challenge tradition and live our lives in a non-conformist manner. This is, of course, just one possible interpretation. Your Whole Chart needs to be considered, not one or two planets in order to make a defined decision on your life’s path.

            Intuitive astrology is different however as it looks at the planets at the time of our birth and then relies on us to explore their symbolism. This means developing our own intuitive powers and finding answers from the planetary configuration in our birth chart. So, instead of simply looking at Uranus conjunct to the Sun and drawing a conclusion from this alignment, we would instead ask questions and find answers from the planets using our heart and our intuition. In this way, we are combining both the ancient art of traditional astrology with our own inner voice.

            When we explore intuitive astrology it is very important to keep in mind that we have the power over our destiny. The planets were in a certain configuration when we were born, but it is up to us to work out our own life path. A skilled astrologer can tell us the meaning of the planets in the heavens at the time of our birth, but we are the only ones who can find meaning in how this applies to our life and how this influences our life journey. We need to ask questions of the planets and then see how this fits into us realizing our potential in life.

            Many people don’t realize that astrology comes in many forms, and in this case we are going to discuss two types, predictive astrology and evolutionary. Let’s look at these in more details.

Predictive astrology:

     Predictive astrology can also be thought of as ‘traditional’ astrology that we all learn by reading our horoscopes in the newspaper every day (these horoscopes are pretty meaningless by the way!). Predictive astrology works on the idea that our lives are predestined as a result of the formation of the planets at the time of our birth. There is little heed given to the concept of free will in predictive astrology and an astrologer will use a birth chart to assume certain set outcomes. So, if you are a certain sign with the planets in a certain configuration, then an astrologer may predict that you will get married later in life, for example. This is looked at as being fixed, or a given because of your planetary setup.

Evolutionary astrology:

  Evolutionary astrology is completely different to predictive astrology and works on the basis that there is no such thing as fate. As such, our future is not predestined as a result of the positions of the planets in our birth chart. Instead, evolutionary astrologers believe that the way the planets are set up in our birth chart indicate a number of questions that we need to answer over the course of our lifetime. The questions posed by the planets and their formation can have many different answers, and it is up to us to best decide what these may be. How we answer these questions will determine our life path, but nothing is set in stone. For this reason, evolutionary astrology is also known as ‘choice-centered astrology’. Put simply, we make a series of choices throughout our lives based on questions from the planets.

            Evolutionary Astrology and Predictive Astrology are similar in some ways however, such as the fact that they both agree on the symbolism of the planets. Ways in which they differ can be seen in the way an astrologer may use your birth chart to give a reading. A predictive astrologer may say ‘I can see that you will be very successful in business’ (as a result of the formation of the planets) whereas an evolutionary astrologer may look at your chart and say ‘In which areas of your life would you like to concentrate on being successful?’. One makes a prediction, and another poses a question to which we must find the answer.

            In evolutionary astrology, one of the best ways to think about it is to imagine that the planets are talking to you directly. They are asking questions of you all the time. It is your responsibility to find the answers to these questions and take control of your life.

The Basics of Intuitive or Evolutionary Astrology:

  • Intuitive astrology works on the basis of the question ‘Who am I?’ This is the very core of who we are and is at the center of our sense of intuition.


  • Our birth chart is unique, an exact snapshot of the heavens at the time when we were born. The way the planets looked at the time our birth is important as each planet is linked to individual characteristics and instincts.


  • These instincts in the planets provoke us into examining our life path and the meaning of our lives in greater detail.


  • In order to do this, our greatest asset is our own intuition.


The Instincts of the Planets:

        Each planet has a distinct instinct that we can use as the starting point when we start to question our life path and activate our intuition. Let’s have a look at each one in more detail, as well as the questions that go with it.


Jupiter is an eternally optimistic planet that has our best interests at heart. Jupiter urges us to look at the bigger picture rather than get bogged down in the details. Jupiter is wise and also rules economic growth and expansion, so this is a planet that wants us to get our finances in order and make some keen investments. This planet is also here to give us much needed moments of clarity. This means that if you have an episode where suddenly things seem to fall into place in front of your eyes and you benefit from a burst of realization, then you can bet that Jupiter is working behind the scenes in your intuition. Jupiter will also expand problems you are having in life, it can go either way!

Questions that Jupiter asks of us:

  What aspects of my life make me feel positive? What fills me with enthusiasm? When I look at my life, what do I see as the bigger picture? What possibilities do I see for the future?

Key question:

Jupiter is all about fulfilling our potential in the broadest sense. The question it asks of us is ‘What do I see as my real potential?’


            The instinct of Mars is action, which is what you would expect from this red hot planet. Mars tells us that we need to have courage. The courage of our convictions, but also the courage to act on these. Mars is all about putting talk into action. Mars is also in charge of the way we interact and stand up to others in our lives and centers on how we assert ourselves. This planet is also closely linked to testosterone and anger. Mars also rules the libido and is linked to what excites and drives us, both in a sexual way and in other parts of our lives.

Questions that Mars asks of us:

What motivates me in life? What excites me in a partner? What drives me to keep moving forward? What makes me angry and why? How do I react when I am angry?

Key question:

Mars asks us to look at the bigger picture and our motivation. The question we need to ask ourselves is ‘What is my mission in life’? Mars will give you the answer.


            Pluto is a secretive planet that rules your conception and your reason for being. It is also about unlocking your potential and your great purpose in life. Pluto is linked to the meaning of life and the meaning of your specific life path in particular.

Questions that Pluto asks of us:

What makes me feel powerful or powerless? How can I have more control over my life? What do I consider most meaningful?

Key question:

            Pluto is asking us to look behind the scenes in our life, at the hidden depths in order to find out our true purpose. It asks us to look at all the ways we find power in our lives. It questions us ‘What is my power and how can I best use it?’ Pluto holds the answer.


            The instinct of serious Saturn is all about commitment and growth. This plant is a natural teacher and tends to rule some of the heavier concepts in life such as responsibility, wisdom, and serious decisions. Saturn is a natural father figure, so imagine this planet asking you questions as a wise father or male figure in your life would. In intuitive astrology, Saturn is like a kind mentor who is always looking out for us and trying to get us to unlock our full potential by asking us the hard questions we need in order to move forward.

Questions that Saturn asks of us:

Who or what do I want to commit to? Where do I feel my responsibility lays in life? What are my boundaries?

Key question:

  Saturn is certainly one of the less joyous planets and it is asking us to look deep within and think about our place in the world in relation to others. Who do we feel a commitment to? To whom are we responsible? Saturn will tell us the answer.


            In Astrology the planet Uranus is off beat and off the wall and is all about freedom from the norm. In intuitive Astrology this is about personal freedom and who we are as individuals, when no one is looking. It urges us to be free to be ourselves. It also helps us to see things in a new light and to make changes in our lives that may have been long overdue. Uranus is also all about the future and letting go of the past. While some planets may urge us to take stock of what has gone before, Uranus has no interest in dwelling on what happened in the past.

Questions that Uranus asks of us:

    What rules do I want to apply to my life and do I want to live by the conventional rules of others? How can I have greater freedom in my life? How can I break free of the things that stop me from growing?

Key question:

     Uranus is like holding a mirror up to your face and asking yourself what you really want in life, if you had no restrictions. The question it asks of us is ‘How would I really live my life if I had complete freedom of choice?’ Uranus is the key to answering this.


            Neptune is a soulful planet that asks you to look within. It rules honoring your inner depths and feelings and incorporating these into how you live your life in the every day. It also rules our imagination and the way we dare to dream. Intuition and Neptune are very powerful as this is the realm that asks us to believe that anything is possible. This planet also urges us to believe in ourselves and our decisions.

Questions that Neptune asks of us:

When I allow my imagination to wander, what do I see? How can I make my dreams a reality? How deeply do I feel about this issue and why?

Key question:

            Neptune is all about the deep waters of our soul. It asks us to exam our inner consciousness and our imagination to see how we might change our lives. ‘How do I truly feel about this’ is the question it most asks of us. Be careful, Neptune is also the planet of self-undoing.

The South Node of the Moon:

    While some planets urge us to look forward, others are all about the past. This is very much the case with the South Node of the Moon which is rooted in everything that has come before. The South Node examines what has happened and how this has come together to make us what we are today. It rules our soul and the way in which this has been shaped by our past lives.

Questions that the South Node asks of us:

    How can I learn from what happened to me in the past? How might the past be keeping me from moving forward? How can I stop repeating past mistakes?

Key question:

    The South Node takes us back to the start and shines a light on our previous decisions, behavior, and experiences. It asks ‘How can I reflect on the past in order to shape my future?’

The North Node of the Moon:

   While the South Node of the Moon is about the past, the North Node is all about a hopeful future. It rules where our path is taking us in life. It urges us to discover our future as soon as possible rather than being haunted by ghosts of the past. It is a symbol of fresh starts and new opportunities to grow and prosper. You will need to know what house & sign your nodes are in at birth to fully understand their meanings.

Questions that the North Node of the Moon asks of us:

       What will I be doing in the next five years? What is my ten-year plan? What do I want my future to look like? Who would I like to see in my future?

Key question:

   Some planets demand introspection and reflection but the North Node of the Moon is all about shaping our future. It asks us ‘What do I want my life to be like and how can I make this a reality?’ The North Node is hard to get to, one must take gifts from the south node & intertwine them with the North Node to be happy in this life.

Final Thoughts:

    Intuitive astrology is a way of taking control of our own destiny and refuting the idea that we have no say over what happens to us. It encourages us to make considered choices about our lives and to explore the different paths available to us. As opposed to traditional predictive astrology, combining astrology with your intuitive powers allows you to take charge of your life, and ask questions of the planets by letting them ask questions of you in return. This is the power of intuitive astrology!


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