Mercury Sextile Uranus & the Possible Major Changes They Bring to Your Love Life

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Today is June 13, (sorry late on putting this blog post out) and this maybe the beginning of a major change in your life as the universe will experience a Mercury sextile Uranus. This transit that can make a drastic change in your love life as the position of the planets are within 60° apart, (a Sextile) the planets complement one another. With Mercury in Cancer that crosses paths with Uranus in Taurus. Astrologers say that this will become a part of a special window of time that will bring change beginning on the 13th of June 2018.

June 13th, the new moon will appear in Gemini, and Venus crosses over into Leo, then Mercury and Uranus making an aspect. this planetary movement may result in a surprising turn of events in your love life, depending on your natal aspects. You will notice that couples, who are close to one another, may break up in their relationship due to minor reason.  Their pride enslaves them so that reconciliation has no place in their hearts. Depends on one’s natal bent.

Any event in our lives could be influenced by the planetary movements. Since there are building blocks of time, as astrologers say, the changes in our lives could happen in a split second. It may take years before a big change to happen and in that time are when the planets connive to bring out their best, or, worse, that the changes start to unfold.  Unlike the previous months of 2018 where you were able to handle the relationship well, but today and moving onward until the first part of July, you will observe the changes in the matters of the heart.  This is because Mercury sextile Uranus is waiting for the right timing to explode its effect on your love life.  Again, it does matter on what other planets are in play & what aspect they are making to your natal chart.

As the new moon begins to peek in light this week, it brings power as the world is headed for a supermoon, as well as an eclipse.  July and August. Like today, the new moon is closely synced up with perigee, July 13 and August 11. July 13 will experience the second of three new supermoons and the 3rd will happen on August 11.  However, the new moons are not visible to you, especially in the partial solar eclipse that will occur on July 13, 2018.

These astrological events occur within 8 weeks. Since there is new moon today, Venus moving into Leo is not so strong, making big changes in your love life that you do not expect. Try to look into the love life’s of celebrities, most often, their breakups and separation are happening almost in the same period. Is this merely coincidence? Not at all.

The energies brought by the astrological events today can be translated into Venus in Leo or hidden feelings buried in your heart, and the new moon in Gemini or that force that is telling you to go on for a new beginning. This is the time, Uranus and Mercury will upstage the performance. The two planets influence us to keep doing the usual things we do. It would be hard to resist the changes and the best thing we can do is to follow our hearts. As a planet of communication, Mercury teaches us to be open and share our skeletons in the closet.  Cancer represents the family, love, heart, commitment, stability in emotional and financial aspects.

Since he is the communicator, Mercury dictates us to say our thoughts and Venus in Leo will teach us about how to say it with pride, and without inhibitions or say it in a dramatic way. Uranus should not be taken for granted as this planet likes the change to happen, which is against the will of the other planets.  It is Uranus who will do its best to turn our world upside down, so we cannot deny the new events in our lives, and after wreaking havoc in our lives, Uranus fades away without saying goodbye. Uranus never leave us where it find us that’s for sure!

Most of us are afraid of changes because we are unsure of what lies ahead. We are satisfied with what we have, even if there is no improvement in our lives. However, as changes are coming into our lives, we cannot ignore it. We have to accept the new development that are accruing, in the long run the changes as we will come to acknowledge later are good for us, even if there are sacrifices to make.

We should not face the transit as a harbinger of bad luck, as it is one way of making our lives far better than we had before. We have to accept the changes with an open heart, although it could be very difficult at the beginning, but in the end it would be better for us,  for example, you have broken up with your partner when the transit occurs, but learning to accept the separation and move on to a new beginning. In the end, you will find a person who will love you more than your ex.

The Mercury sextile Uranus should not be taken as a bad precedent, instead, welcome it in your life because this is just a new beginning for something much better and more deserving. This transit is a powerful and positive change that brings the unexpected, but overall, it brings out the best in us. Without acceptance of the events in your love life, you cannot understand the truth behind its occurrence. Learning to face this astrological event with an open heart will make things easier for you. All you have to do is have trust that you can get over and move forward for a better tomorrow. This is a piece of advice for you to realize that everything happens for a reason and make that reason your inspiration.

Note from Bree,

Do note, it takes a transit to hit one your natal planets in order for anything to ever happen. Just because astrologers talk about transits making an aspect to other transits, nothing will happen unless the transits being talked about are hitting one of your natal planets! Then one must look & see how the planets are behaving in your natal chart to understand how it will play out!

Blessings, Bree

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