May 2020 USA/Global Predictions Horoscopes ~ The Calm Before the Storm Take Advantage of it!!

I wanted to post regarding the Nodes & what flavor they bring to our economy first & foremost, (VERY IMPORTANT)  Then below this you will find my May predictions, but please its vital you read on the nodes & what is coming! Please do not underestimate the Nodes! Look at how they predict our history!! Phenomenal!!

Remember energy is always changing, mixing in the fact our President Trump’s energy, I really do look for our economy to turn around for the better its just a matter of time! (Read June 21st, 2020 Solar Eclipse Predictions)

The Nodes & the Economy (Read April 2020 predictions)

This is vital information I’m wanting to get to those who may not understand the correlation between the earth & planet line up, Nodes, & how it is affecting our economy. For those who do not have access to a computer program to use as I give dates go to Astro Astrology, they will let you put the dates in I’m referring to so you can understand the pull the Nodes/ planets, have on our economy.

What are the Nodes? (while I’m only going to give a brief description here, you can Google it for further information.)

The North Node of the Moon

Planets & earth orbit around the Sun this is a motion called the ecliptic plane. With the Moon orbiting around the earth which is called the lunar plane. The nodes north & south were recognized thousands of years ago by ancient Hindu who called the North Node Rahu & the south node Ketu.

In astrology, the nodes are 180 degrees opposite from each other. Astrologers focus mainly on the North node.

The North Node is used to track business cycles as well, economic cycles.

According to McWhirter method, (highly recommended book: The McWhirter Method De-Mystified, (one of my many go to’s in my astrology library.) The North Node is deeded to have dampening, suppressive, forces similar to that of Saturn. So (Book goes on to say) at the peak of the business cycle, these dampening forces are at a minimum & the low point in a business cycle these damping forces are at their strongest. (Remember Mundane & personal horoscopes for people are very different)

We are heading into a low point regarding our economy. As of now, our economy is trying to find normal. I will give dates of the last time the North Node was at the low point in our economy & high point according to the Nodes, & I’m quite sure you will agree the USA is heading down to a low point once you understand where the Nodes were at in prior bust years. It takes 1.55 years for the North to move through one entire zodiac sign. 18.6-year cycle for the Nodes to complete all zodiac signs.

Using economic data from Colonel Ayers at the Cleveland Trust Company, McWhirter was able to discern the following:

As the Node enters Aquarius, the low point of economic activity has been reached (Think back to 2007/2008)

As the Node leaves Aquarius & begins to transit through Capricorn & Sagittarius, the economy starts its return to more normal levels of activity.

As the Node passes through Scorpio & Libra, the economy is functioning at above normal.

As the Node transits through Leo, the high point in economic activity has been reached.

As the Node transits through Cancer & Gemini, the economy is easing back toward normal

As the Node enters the sign of Taurus, the economy begins to slow down

As the Node enters Aquarius, the low point of economy activity has been reached & a full 18.6-year cycle has been completed.

Of course, it takes other planets in play to tell what is happening, but the North Node is a vital piece of the puzzle. Never underestimate it.

I will further write on the correlation between the North Node & economy with the following examples of the North Node passing through the sign of Aquarius: But do not underestimate what will transpire before the Node actually goes into the sign of Aquarius! It’s a patterned we will re-experience….history repeats. 

In 1859, the American economy came under stress (Please Google the dates to see what took place as I will only tell the bare minimum) We had a failure of Ohio Life Insurance & Trust Com. As well as bankers on Wall Street which had over-extended (sounds familiar) it was early 1859 the North Node moved into Aquarius which signaled the low point of the economy cycle.

April 1896, the North Node transited into Aquarius which had the following happen: the American economy (as well as the commodity prices) went into a crisis because investors thought the Gold Standard would be abolished.

Around July 1914 the North Node was in the last orbs of Pisces, moving toward Aquarius, thus a low point in the economic cycle, that is when World War 1 started.

About the middle of 1933, the Node was heading into the sign of Aquarius & the Great Depression started.

Moving on to late 1970, the North Node was going into Aquarius, the USA was involved in the Vietnam War. Inflation was coming into the global economy. We had high energy prices that were ruffling the North American economy. Also, high tensions between the Israelis & Arbs in the Middle East.

May 1989, again we have the North Node entering Aquarius. We had inflation hurting the economy. The S & L crises were in the ’80s. Operation Desert Storm.

 2002 ~ The US was in a recession in 2001/2002, (In 2002 the North Node was in the sign of Gemini conjunct Saturn, 7th h, opposite Pluto 1st house.) & US Airways went Bankrupt. The United States’ seventh-largest airline, US Airways filed for bankruptcy during August. While the airline had financial issues prior to the September 11th terror attacks. United States President George W. Bush “Axis of Evil” speech. More Information for President Bush’s “Axis of Evil” speech. Peoples History

2007/2008, North Node was moving from Pisces into the sign of Aquarius. And we all know what happened at that time. (December 17th, in the USA chart North Node was 0 Pisces opposite Saturn)

Now we are in the year 2020, with Uranus in Taurus, Pluto, Saturn Conjunct, & soon Jupiter & Pluto.

Let’s see what is going on now with the North Node today ~March 13th, 2020 the North Node is in the sign of Cancer going into Gemini May 2020. North Node will go into Taurus on January 19, 2022. The sign of Aries July 18th, 2023. Pisces January 12th, 2025, then Aquarius July 27th, later 2026. When the Node moves into Capricorn the economy will be slowly heading back up.

So, it is noted at this time 2020 with the North Node in Cancer (May 2020, Gemini) the economy is heading to normal whatever normal is, I’m just not sure anymore, Planets in play now are Saturn Pluto Jupiter & Uranus in Taurus.  And a slowdown in January 2021/ 2022, when the North Node moves into the sign Taurus. It’s good to know these things so one can plan for the cycle changes. And as always the planet lineup with the nodes will tell the full story.

So, as you can see it really does not matter who the President of the United States is, it’s all about what the planets, & Nodes bless our economy with! And what tools are in the toolbox regarding the USA to help us! Both Bush Presidents, as well as Obama, used those tools, President Trump will use what tools are left, trust me President Trump will go down as the Best President in US history, his own natal chart shows it. Never underestimate him.

As I’ve stated we also must consider the planets at play with the North Node as well.

 With Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, all in the 2nd house of how the US makes money, & the North Node in the last orbs of Cancer moving into Gemini, Uranus in Taurus, it’s been a crazy ride here in the US! Plus we have the Solar Eclipses in the USA’s sign now too, Cancer & Gemini. I will complete this analysis with my monthly horoscopes.

May 2020 USA/Global Predictions Horoscope ~ (Read April 2020 predictions)

Venus is in the sign of Gemini slowing down & will turn retro in 2 weeks.

May 4th ~ 10th ~

4th ~ Sun & Mercury conjunct

Good news 😊 5th house, exact conjunct. this will bring scientific, intellectual, & literary activities to the forefront. Great time for speech-making by the President or a prominent statemen. Education & legislation benefit. Bring it!

7th ~ Full Moon 17 degrees Scorpio ~ in the US 11th house. The 11th house in Mundane astrology House of Parliament, Legislation. When we have a Scorpio Full Moon there is some sort of crises to be dealt with. Hidden secrets seep out into the light.

Countries that are ruled by Scorpio include Angola, Morocco, Queensland, Korea, Syria, Norway, the Transvaal, Bavaria, Antigua, Barbuda, Cambodia, Dominica, Latvia, Lebanon, Micronesia, Panama, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Zambia.

Cities that are ruled by Scorpio include Cincinnati, Liverpool, Newcastle, Washington DC, Vienna Baltimore, and New Orleans.

Coming in later the same day Saturn turns retrograde for the next 4 months. This will give the USA/Global, a chance to take in how the world is progressing, has attention been paid to duty, responsibilities, loss, hard times. This is not the time to start new, continue only with going back over & tweaking what needs the attention, depending on how one progresses when Saturn turns direct you will be rewarded for work done.

May 11th ~ 17th ~

10th ~ Happy Mother’s Day ~ May peace & prosperity be with all on this gorgeous day!

Mercury Trine Pluto, Jupiter

This aspect will bring peace, prosperity, contentment in general. It will bring good trade & commerce at home & abroad.

11th ~ Mercury into the sign of Gemini = good communication flow! Mercury is at home in the sign of Gemini

12th ~ Mercury trine Saturn

New regulations will come in. improved conditions will be established.

13th ~ Venus retrograde ~

Not a good time for anything related to cosmetic surgery! (this is a 40-day period)

13th ~ Mars goes into the sign of Pisces, look for stormy weather, rain, floods. Mars is unable to get too aggressive in the sign of Pisces, so tempers will be cooled off. Pisces dissolves Mars’s willpower.

14th ~ Jupiter retrograde ~ for the next 4 months

When Jupiter is retrograde you may get some of the promises Jupiter makes an aspect too but will feel cheated. But the power of 3 comes into effect here, when Jupiter goes direct & makes an aspect to one of the same planets it made while retro, you will get the full promise. When a planet goes retro it goes back over 3 times. The power of 3#. Think Karma! Coined from astrology.

15th ~ Sun, Pluto trine ~ Power & success to the President & government. Favors the health of the country & its success abroad. Exciting!!

17th ~ Sun, Jupiter trine ~ Remember Jupiter is retro in the USA’s 2nd house. So perhaps some of the promises will come forth, this aspect is good for peace, & also great for prosperity at home as well as abroad. You will see trade improve, commerce increases, as well as the President & government fortunate. All occupations that Jupiter rules will prosper and or receive honors.

17th ~ 24th ~

20th ~ Sun moves into the sign of Gemini ~

22nd ~ New Moon in Gemini ~ USA’s 6th h, trine Saturn USA’s 2nd house ~ Mercury, Venus, conjunct USA’s 7th h.

What a great week! This will give the 2nd house a boost, an increase in how the USA makes its money. Stock Market will increase. Gives power to the President & government but not so much with the popularity side. But they will hold their own with this aspect! What is ruled by Saturn will benefit. Land, mining, buildings, ect…Mercury, Venus conjunct = fortunate for general prosperity, you will see contentment, as well as goodwill, good relations with other countries abroad. This will be favorable for money matters & trade.

Countries that are ruled by Gemini include USA, Iceland, Sardinia, Morocco, Belgium, Wales, Eritrea, Guyana, Kuwait, Norway, Montenegro, Sweden, and Tonga.

Cities that are ruled by Gemini include Nuremberg, Tripoli, San Francisco, London, Melbourne, Plymouth, and Cardiff.

25th ~ 31st ~

25th ~  Memorial Day!

June 2020,

This will lead us to the June 2020 Lunar (June 5th/6th) & Solar (June 20th) Eclipses where it will turn negative (& will before the accrual dates of the eclipses) this energy is powerful it will be at 0 Cancer on the 21/22nd in the USA’s 7th house, the 7th house is an angular house. (The SE will not be visible in the USA)

The 7th house in Mundane astrology relates to foreign affairs, disputes, war, international affairs, & any & all matters that arise regarding dealing of one country with another.

Enjoy May to the fullest! I’m calling the month of May the calm before the storm.


Blessings, Bree

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