May 2017 Horoscope Predictions for the USA! Madness for the End of May 2017, in the USA!!

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Let’s finish April 2017 World Events First!
I only want to convey that Uranus in the USA 4th house of home, 24 degrees of Aries, & the Sun will conjunct Uranus also at 24 degrees, Aries on April 13th, 2017. Expect more unsettling things to happen. I see friends lost, enemies made. I see a strong possibility of strikes, & dangers of rioting. Unpopular changes & reforms. Bills that are presented may fail, or, Government may be defeated. This will go on until May 2017.

May 2017 Horoscope Predictions for the USA!

(Using July 4th, 1776, @ 5:10 PM birth time for the USA chart, which is common to use in Western Astrology)
Madness for the End of May 2017, in the USA!!

May 1st~7th,
Mercury will go direct on May 3rd, 2017! Sign those contracts! Venus went direct on April 15th, 2017! Giving us back our love goddess! OH, & money too!
May 8th~14th, 2017,
 Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio. It is a powerful one! With full Moons comes endings of something. Completions. I have the full moon in the world USA chart in the 11th house, & well aspected to Pluto. Look for our Government to receive support!
Also, Pluto is in a sweet aspect to the Sun, as well as the full Moon, so make your important changes this month, it should be easy for you!

May 15th~21st, 2017,
Saturn will Trine Uranus, look for increased power to the ruling party. Beneficial reforms could be seen in national politics, law, or perhaps administration. But, however, with Satan retrograde, & Mercury making a sign change into Taurus, things will be set into motion but have a slow start.
May 22nd~28th, 2017
25th~ Venus square Pluto ~ Pluto in the 2nd house & Venus is in the 4th house  (Using July 4th, 1776, @ 5:10 PM birth time for the USA chart, which is common to use in Western Astrology)
SECOND HOUSE— Capricorn rules the USA 2nd house~  Personal property, wealth, of the people, the national treasury, banks, non-speculative bonds & securities, financial transactions & places where money and securities are handled.
FOURTH HOUSE— Aries rules the USA 4th house ~Land, the homes of the people, buildings, hotels & rooming houses; the weather, agriculture, crops on the ground, mining; the political party that is out of power but opposed to the ruling party.
I see this as a crazy time for our financial sector, we could have some dangerous power plays, also, note, dead~end relationships.

25th~ New Moon is the sign of Gemini! New beginnings! Trine Jupiter!  Jupiter in the USA chart 10th house, & the New Moon in the 6th, Look for fortunate things to happen for business, factories, also, let’s put in large undertakings employing labor, for all us working bees in employment.
28th~ Ohh~La~La! Mars & Saturn Opposite ~ but only until June 1st! Not too bad! But lay low, I see discontent with people, also, unfortunate happenings with Government. Some very serious difficulties in national areas. I want to say, again, “Lay low friends”!There will also be conflict directed toward people in high places, riots, crimes, murders, outrages will be increasing. Our Government may lose popularity, Another thing could also happen, not saying it will, but with this line-up, it is possible for a very important person (High up on the totem pole) to die or possibly be assassinated. But since a conjunction would be the worse, more so then Opposition, I’d say look for an uneasy time indeed for the USA, & stay low!
The USA is in an adjustment period, we will have ups & downs for the next couple years. Expect it! Plan for it! I’d also like to add, get yourself ready for the end of the year (starting August 2017…start now actually) more to come of course! 
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