Mars Will Make an Impact on June 29th, 2016! With the World as Well as You! Beware!

Mars Will Make an Impact on June 29th! With the World as Well as You!

What’s it mean? One thing’s for sure where-ever it is going direct at… meaning what house will Mars go direct in for you? Mars goes retrograde every two years! There is where the minute he goes direct you will feel it! It’s my 3rd house of communication, Gemini rules that house as does Mercury! I will be seeing all sorts of activity related to anything that deals with communication! From emails, phones, mail, internet, it will have a dramatic effect for me regarding that house!  I’m looking at all the aspects Mars maybe making in my chart that may also happen to me, meaning, transiting Mars will be squaring, or conjunct, trine, or, sextiling! And that is only my transiting Mars in my 3rd house! My first house has my natal Mars going direct! Yikes!

Mars is a very aggressive planet! He has been known to start wars, arguments, hostility, to name a few! He is also known to give us great energy, a push to see things thru & to start things! So he does have some good points going on for him! It’s just that Mars is due to go direct, he’s been sleeping. His push to go direct will have an impact as he is going direct in the sign of Scorpio…just where, & how is what I’m talking about!

Mars will also go direct for the world to. I really am not looking forward to that! It’s been going crazy since he’s been asleep! And I’m afraid when he wakes up there very well maybe some hell to pay for some countries around the world. It’s a wait & see! A nervous wait that is! I do see our world-changing here in the US, that will mean different things to many people. I also know our world is hanging on by a thread now! I see it, & feel it.

This Mars retrograde I’m going to say has a far more volcanic like energy, that has been bubbling below the surface. I’m not sure then, that it will be even feasible to carry out any secret Mars Rx missions for any amount of time. This is because Mars stationed within a degree from fierce red giant star Antaries, which you will find in the heart of Scorpio. Robson says Antares “causes, destructiveness, liberality, malevolence, broad-mindedness, danger of fatality, evil presages and makes its natives rash, ravenous, headstrong and also, destructive to themselves by their own obstinacy.”  So right from the start of the retrograde, we got a taste of what was to come. (Antares… the alpha star in constellation Scorpio. It is literally found in the heart of the scorpion at 9º 47′ Sagittarius. Fixed star Antares is said to represent one of the important 4 Archangels Oriel)! It will go direct in Scorpio also, it’s at home in Scorpio, they are both fire signs, & Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars! Mars will go into Sagittarius August 2nd, 2016, anther fire sign! And he will be in the 12th house of secrets! It will be quite interesting to watch this play out!

On August 22nd, 2016, Mars & Saturn will both be conjunct in the 12th house! And both in the sign of Sagittarius!  The twelfth again rules institutions, prisons, hospitals, secrets. With both Mars & Saturn conjunct I do look for intense happenings around the world! We will see! Also during that time, we have Mars opposition Uranus! Uranus the planet full of surprises! Most of the time this signifies a most explosive time. Again, we shall wait & see!

Where is Mars going direct in your chart, & what planets will he be making an aspect to! What challenges will he bring you? Interesting to say the least!

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