Mars Retrogrades from June to August 2018~Maybe a Time Old Flames Rekindle

Mars Retrogrades from June to August 2018~Maybe a Time Old Flames Rekindle

A big astrological event will take place from June 26th, 2018, to August 27th, 2018. Mars will go retrograde and this happens every two years.

Mars will start to retrograde from 26th of June until the 27th of August 2018. It is during this event that Mars dictates the affairs of the heart in a slow fashion, depending on the natal chart, Mars finds a way to have an influence.  When it retrogrades, its impulse slows down, becomes deep and more Plutonic in nature. Its effect is similar to the energy that Pallas Athena has. When this happens, all actions are organized and carefully planned similar to a journey to the 12th house, that could be more of a spiritual nature and not a reason to fear as its movement could be more of psychic rather than waging a war.

What is the Meaning of Mars Retrograde?

Mars represents war and sex, and when it retrogrades it prods us to assess our relationship with the opposite sex or of the same sex, depending on your sexual preference.  Mars retrograde brings surprises in your love life. You will observe that your current sexual relationship may easily burn out and surprisingly, your ex-lover may come back into the mix. Loving a person, the second time around could be full of excitement and could lead to a long-lasting affair. When it comes to our goals and ambitions, it will not be lucky. As Mars sleeps sort to speak, we lose our drive, our energy. Wars during this period will fall into perdition and you will lose the battle. The war mentioned here is not actually the battlefield but can be, it is about lawsuits, claims or business competition. To avoid pitfalls during Mars retrograde, why not wait until the planet passes this stage and becomes direct again? When someone wages a war against you, fight back to defend your right, never mind if you lose the game.

Mars Retrograde in Aquarius-Capricorn

The official date where Mars starts to retrograde is on June 26 where its effect depends entirely on its encounters along its journey and its adaptation to the changes in the cosmic world. It commences at 9 degrees Aquarius, and return to 28 degrees Capricorn, where it is exalted. It will traverse through the Aquarius decan 2 and 3 and Capricorn decan 1. Take a look at the following signs where it passes through:


Capricorn 29º 06′ ~ Alpha Indus in the Indian 3.2

Aquarius 0º 56′ ~ Tarazed in Aquilla the Eagle 2.8

Aquarius 1º 15′  ~ Albireo in Cygnus the Swan 3.2

Aquarius 1º 47′ ~ Altair in the heart of Aquila the eagle 0.7

Aquarius 4º 03′ ~ Dabih in the head of Capricornus the Goat 3.2

Aquarius 9º 40′ ~ Alpha Tucana in the Toucan 2.9

Mars retrograde 2018

What Happens When Mars Retrograde?

When Mars retrograde is happening in the cosmic territory, it is not the right time to perform activities that need the normal flow of the planet’s initiative. The transit has also its good side, where it can be useful to reinforce some of our aspects in life as shown by the position of the house in this transit. When this planet retrograde, it can deplete your energy so try not to use it to begin a task, project, business, love life, the lawsuit or a battle. Your business or project will never prosper, so you will only waste your money and time. A lawsuit would be inappropriate as you will lose your case. Everything you do while Mars is retrograde will be disrupted; fizzle out and nothing will materialize.  People affected by this planetary event become angry and it has a domino effect on people close to them.  Menial things could be blown out of proportion, so beware when Mars retrograde.

Avoid buying machines and computers as they easily get ruined. This is not just an opinion but is really happening to some people, where their newly-purchased PCs and gadgets did not last.  People with Scorpio and Aries in their signs are mostly affected by the transit. Aries people lack the stamina, energy, and aggressiveness to pursue their tasks, but they are less impatient.  Aries and Scorpio people, who are governed by this event, become lax and prefer to review things in an impersonal way. They are so patient to wait until the circumstances are back to normal.  It seems that they are unaware of their anger that is hidden deep in their hearts. Their passivity when  Mars retrograde gives them less chance to buckle up, until such time that Mars becomes direct again, their Mars energy become useful again.

People who are not governed by Mars tend to be more impatient and they want immediate action for every undertaking. Although Mars retrograde does not directly influence their signs, taking an impulse is not the answer as this planetary cycle does no good to you.  The best way to face Mars retrograde is to go back to the former situation or where you have started and make some corrections of your mistakes.

During this cycle, it is time to assess and manage your anger, become self-motivated and also never forget to evaluate your sexual relations. Both outward anger and inward conflicts are inappropriate as this does not work in your favor.  The best way that is to use the aggressive-passive techniques, arbitration, and manipulation in handling your anger. Always spend a few moments to rethink your actions and realizing their negative consequences. If these tactics are ineffective, your anger continues to build up until such time that Mars turns direct, it will explode.

Take note that Mars retrograde in the path of Aquarius squares Jupiter in Scorpio this will happen in the last week of July, which warns us against overreacting.

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