Mars Progression-Making an Aspect In Your Horoscope Chart-What’s it Mean?

Mars Progression-Making an Aspect In Your Horoscope Chart-What’s it Mean?

Progressed Mars conjunct Ascendant:

At this time you will feel a huge rush of energy and you will be ready to throw yourself into any projects that come your way. This can be a good thing and you can get started on work that has been dragging for some time, but you also need to check everything through first to make sure that you have all your ducks in a row. The energy at this time can make you hasty.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Ascendant:

   Creativity is heightened and you will not only be feeling more inspired but you will also have the energy to back this up. It’s a great time for creative projects and you may feel that you have more drive than you have had in a long time. People around you might even comment on how you have changed!

Progressed Mars square or opposition Ascendant:

          Around this time you will have been full of energy, but undoubtedly this will also lead you to feel burned out. You could find that you get sick as you are run down so you need to make sure you are also taking care of yourself and not burning the candle at both ends.

Progressed Mars conjunct Sun:

  When your Progressed Mars is conjunct with the Sun you will feel the strong fiery energy of both of these celestial bodies. The energy will be palpable and you will feel confident in your decisions and life direction. This new found confidence, however, can make you come across as arrogant, so make sure to stay humble.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Sun:

You will find that you are much more assertive at this time and it is as if you are being given endless energy to draw from. If things have been tough for you lately, you will find the energy to face them head-on.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Sun:

The energy now can sag, or can seem as if it is flip-flopping. One day you will feel courageous and assertive and the next you will feel tired and timid again. This can mean that it is hard to make good progress as you have to keep starting over.

Progressed Mars conjunct Moon:

When your Progressed Mars is conjunct with the Moon it naturally draws on the Moon’s emotional energy. Emotionally you will feel more intense at this time and you will see an emphasis on relationships with those close to you. Sexual tension that leads to frustration can be common and you will need to find healthy ways to deal with this.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Moon:

       The energy is heightened and feelings you may have wanted to suppress will bubble to the surface. This will impact all areas of your life and you will find that you want everything to happen immediately according to your desires. People may struggle to keep up with you and match this emotional energy.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Moon:

Emotionally this is a volatile time and you will probably find yourself in the center of at least one or two arguments. Some of this may well turn out to be positive and it may be just what is needed to clear the air. That said, be careful what you say and how you react emotionally to things as you could end up missing opportunities or alienating others.

Progressed Mars conjunct Mercury:

With Mercury in the mix, your mind starts to expand and you may feel more inspired and imaginative than you have in a long time. Where you might have felt that things were stagnating, now you will feel free as a bird and you will only be limited by how far your imagination can take you. Check all your ideas to make sure they are still realistic otherwise you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Mercury:

            You will be more focused and you will finally be able to concentrate on projects if you have been struggling with flighty energy. You will be able to work longer, harder, and smarter. The energy will also make you aware not to rush and you will be slow and steady in your approach.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Mercury:

The mental energy now can go into overdrive and you may be too focused to the point where you start obsessing over little details and stop making progress. You can get distracted and find yourself going back over things instead of powering forward.

Progressed Mars conjunct Venus:

Your desires are heightened now. You may feel that you want everything and you want it right now. The energy to achieve this is there, so if you want to make progress then you can if you do the work.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Venus:

Things will come more easily at this time. If you want something then go after it and know that there is an excellent chance of success. One thing to watch out for is that you don’t take things for granted. You will need to work hard and use the lessons you learn for other times when luck will not be on your side as much as it is now.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Venus:

   When Progressed Mars is square or opposite Venus it can throw us off a little. You may find yourself making errors of judgment when it comes to relationships. The energy will make you obsessive and you can chase the wrong person or try to force an unhealthy relationship. If things don’t work out then move on and chalk it up to experience.

Progressed Mars conjunct Jupiter:

With Jupiter in the mix, you will suddenly feel a rush of energy that will be coupled with heightened concentration and an ambitious drive. If you have been looking to make progress for some time then now is the time to go after your dreams. You will have a lot of energy at your disposal but remember that even this is finite so make sure that you put it to good use.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Jupiter:

           If you want to go places then now is the time to make the move. This doesn’t have to mean literally, but whatever strides you want to take in life will have the support of Jupiter and your Progressed Mars. You will be energetic and focused and anything that seemed stuck could suddenly see a rush of progress.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Jupiter:

The energy to take on big projects and make big steps forward is here, but you could also find that you don’t travel in a straight line. There may be bumps in the road so you will need to factor these in and learn to adapt along the way.

Progressed Mars conjunct Saturn:

  Stern Saturn is in the mix and it is reminding you of all the boring things like responsibility, obligation, and duty. You will want to make progress but if this is too idealistic then you will not be able to move forward as you would like. There can be a tendency to kick against this, but you would be better off drawing up a solid and realistic plan and sticking to it.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Saturn:

           You can make progress now if you take baby steps. As a result, it may seem like things are moving frustratingly slowly but remember that you are moving forward with each step. The key is not to allow yourself to get frustrated. Just keep working towards goals incrementally.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Saturn: 

     At this time you will notice that you can make advancements in your life but that the energy is sometimes fickle. As you move forward you could be overcome with happiness, only to come crashing down when things don’t go according to plan. The best advice is to pay little attention to these emotional swings and just get on with things.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Uranus:

    Things can happen suddenly when Uranus is around and you need to be ready for this. That said, you need to learn to use this energy and not be pushed into making rash decisions. The trick is to harness the energy and use it to your advantage. Keep cool and you will see that you can easily ride this out.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Uranus:

           There is difficult energy at this time that can make you feel as if you are taking two steps forward and one step back. Remember however that this still means that you are moving forward. Try not to force it as this provoke rash decisions that can make you veer off course.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Neptune:

          Intuition is heightened and you will also feel courageous. This is a winning combination that will make you surge forward, but just make sure you look before you leap. There is a tendency to want to force things to happen, but they will come in their own time, so you don’t need to push quite as hard.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Neptune:

Things can get a little out of control now and you need to keep your hands on the wheel. If things are not going according to plan then make efforts to get things back on track and don’t give up.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Pluto:

     Now is not the time to take a break. Progress is coming but you need to work for it. This doesn’t mean that you need to work at breakneck speed and burn yourself out, but you do need to stay focused and work slowly but surely towards your end goal.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Pluto:

This can be a puzzling time and it can seem as if you are being blocked at every turn. Don’t rise to problems with a burst of dramatic emotion. Instead, slowly and calmly deal with whatever arises.

Progressed Mars conjunct Midheaven:

Career-wise you can make big strides at this time. Your mental clarity will be improved and you will know how and where to make some big moves. People will recognize your ambition and drive and you will reap the rewards.

Progressed Mars sextile or trine Midheaven:

         You could find yourself in the public eye at this time and it will be because of hard work rather than luck. Projects you may have been working on will come to fruition and if you have been struggling for recognition then you will get it without having to work too hard.

Progressed Mars square or opposition Midheaven:

   There will be a burst of energy at this time but it could make you come across as overly aggressive. Try not to be so focused on ambitious that you alienate those around you. Self-promotion is fine, but don’t let this manifest as arrogance.

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