Mars Is Defiantly In Retrograde!

Swirls Of Beauty Ocean & Mind!

OMG! I’m super tired & I get to bed at a decent time each night! I mean my energy level is null to none! I’m pushing myself to actually blog this news-letter…did I state that I’m tired? I’m sitting here thinking who Stoled my Mojo? And then it popes into head like a light-bulb going off! Oh, yea…Mars my energy source went to sleep! And I’m feeling it big time! I know (because I have not only written on it, but have a you-tube video on it as well) Mars going retro will deplete one’s energy level, but I had forgotten just how bad for me until here lately! I’m serious! Anyone else feeling like a zombie here lately?

Alright, I need to take my own advice &  relax, meditate, go back over what I have already been doing, vacation is what is in order now!

Mars & Mercury retro…together…for the 1st time in a decade! Breath, relax, & surrender into a beautiful light purple swirls, with a light white back-ground of clouds is what is called for today! “Surrender To Me” is what is being ask of each & everyone of  us! While its hard because we must work to bring in money to pay for all our stuff we seem to collect over a life time, it is well advised that we do just that, & only do now what is absolutely necessary of us to do!

Use your mind & surrender into a “Bliss” of nothingness for a while! Fall into a sense of sweet surrender to Mars in retro now, as that is what will save you from going off the deep end. It is well understood that each & everyone of us has something very pending to attend to now & cannot be put off just because Mars decides to go to bed on us! That’s all good & well, do what you must with the least amount of directed energy because if you use all you got just to get it done, trust me, one will be ready to go back to bed no matter the time! And chances are you will have to redo it all again later! Or at least correct the mistakes made while doing tired!

And remember never to launch while Mars is retro & Mercury as you know is as well! Read more here:



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