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02/22/2022       (In case you miss February 2022 predictions click here )

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 I will refer to the positions of the planets & houses, in play, but may not, as I’m wanting to get a message out to all on what I believe will be possible coming into our USA/global future without a bunch of in-between astrology jargon that will not make sense to many who are reading it. 

I realize I am posting some of the same materials in my monthly post,  I’m doing so in case I have new eyes coming to my blog, I feel they need to know what I’m seeing so they can prepare if need be. If you’ve read what I’m reposting please skip down to March 2022 horoscope predictions, I also add in a bit surrounding April 2022.

In 2022 Neptune is popping in & out opposing the USA midheaven.

Neptune when afflicted, causes collapse, downfall, Instability, chaotic affairs, dishonesty, drunkenness, illegal drug usage, as well as but not limited to various forms of crime & vice. Since Neptune will be on & off afflicting the midheaven, we are seeing uprisings, as well as discontent, & a whole lot of political instability & this will continue into the US/global future.

Something interesting I want to point out for the year 2022, Uranus & the North Node, I blogged on here & stated the following BUT I did not state what happened in 1931 when Uranus & the North Node conjunct on March 13th, 1931, in the sign of Aries in the US 4th house. Saturn USA 2nd h, in the sign of Capricorn. Pluto in 1931 was in the US 8th house in the sign of Cancer Also, Saturn & Uranus were forming a square for the 1st time in late 1929 & exact on February 8th, 1930. The square between Saturn & Uranus happened three times as it is in 2021/2022, being the last square.  Saturn & Uranus square in late 1929, 1930, as well as 2021/2022. In 2008/2009 they were opposite each other!!

What I stated in my January 2022 blog (January 2022) ~The North Node will be conjunct Uranus & Mars (USA 5th h) on August 1st, 2022….(remember…the flavor will happen before they perfect!) look for crazy chaos coming in, a downturn, because not only will that be happening but we have a full moon on August 11th, 2022,  conjunct Saturn in the sign of Capricorn (USA 2nd h) square Uranus & the lunar north node (USA 5th h)! I’m wanting to give a heads up you need to be planning now because this will indeed not be pretty. Unless they are able to pull a rabbit out of their hats this will indeed be financial chaos so be forewarned! More coming as we get closer! As I always say, keep an eye on your horoscope chart to see how this plays out for you, many people thrived during the 1930s, may you be one of those people!!

 ~1931, Uranus & the North Node were conjunct in the sign of Aries,  Also note….Saturn in 1931 was in the USA 2nd house in the sign of Capricorn (As Saturn is today.) Remember always watch the Nodes! While the North Node today has slipped into Taurus, a sign the USA economy is slowing down,  Uranus & the North Node, & Mars will conjunct in the USA 5th house August 1st, 2022. In 1931 when this happened both Uranus & the North node was in the sign of Aries which was the year of financial difficulty in the USA, “The Great Depression”.

What happened in 1931 ~ LInk: The People History 

March 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions

March 2nd, 2022 New Moon Pisces

With Jupiter in Pisces 2° before conjunct the New Moon in Pisces 12° Sextile Uranus. Saturn conjunct Mercury, Vesta (Keeper of the Flame of Life….Vesta is always around at endings!) conjunct Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunct, in the USA 2nd house. 

While I do look for a downturn in the stock market, meaning the stock market could be brought down to reality. (Always remember the new & full moons will happen PRIOR to the exact aspect being made, once the planets perfect the flavor is over!) 

I also look for some disturbances with railroads, means of transit…..accidents, as well as bigger issues with trade. I feel there will also be issues with States & municipal workers. Mental disease increasing. Look for Legislation to be hindered or unpopular in some way. We will see many financial questions that will affect foreign relations.

While it’s well known that Mars – Jupiter, Mars -Saturn are at times of great concern of war & while I’m fully aware of Russia & Ukraine issues, perhaps this will be a time that war breaks out between them, if not perhaps the world will experience bigger issues related to trade wars!! 

If war, this is what the biden administration is wanting due to the Durham report that has just came out, & the economy is tanking, not because of Russia, biden adim should have known better than to close the USA oil pipeline. Now they are reaping what they’ve sowed but it will be the American people who pay the price. 

Full Moon March 18th, 2022 27° Virgo, conjunct 10th house cusp & March 22nd, 2022  ~ Mars in the sign of Aquarius, Venus in the sign of Aquarius (both 2nd h), square Uranus in Taurus, 5th house, I’m seeing sudden & very unexpected trouble for the government. Government majority diminish, loss of a bye or possibly a general election. (please do know when I write on Government majority, that applies to school boards, it all begins at your local level) I’m seeing a Bill fail. Possibly the death of a statement, Monarch, or illness will occur. This will be a time of lawlessness, possible murders, explosions. Stock market declining. I do see a decline for Bitcoin, pretty much all coins. Also, the April New Moon, I’m seeing a major decline for Bitcoin.  (Do note, I am NOT a financial adviser, so please do not take what I state related to coins literally. I find Bitcoin & financial astrology fascinating! Let’s see if I’m on target related to Bitcoin.) 

March 31st/April 1st, 2022 

New Moon 11° Aries ~ USA 4th house, Mars, Saturn square North Node. Jupiter, Neptune conjunct April 8th, ((known as one of the “Great Conjunctions”) in the USA 3rd house, sextile the North node in Taurus (the last time these two planets were conjunct in Pisces was 1856 and were in the USA 3rd house in the sign of Pisces, as they will be on April 8th, 2022.) from history please see: Civil War; 5 Major Events (1854-1860) that pushes USA to Civil War


Jupiter & Neptune conjunct (known as one of the “Great Conjunctions”) are both in the sign of Pisces in which they rule. This will bring higher oil/gas prices, pharmaceuticals will prosper, media,  (of course one needs to look at each company’s horoscope chart to see if a company will prosper) anything to do with the sea (water) will prosper. Look for floods, & by this, I’m meaning floods that have not been witnessed in our lifetimes. With the sextile to the North node, (3rd house to the cusp of the 6th house) 3rd house anything transportation, communication, I’m seeing the truckers convoy succeeding, of course, there will be areas of difficulty & that will be related to the conjunct of Saturn & Mars, (prayers will be needed) but with the square of Saturn & Uranus that has been in orb since 2021, & the last square in 2022, which can mean the government succeeds but with much difficulty & delay, or the people win! For more info please click UPDATE: Organizers of USA Trucker Convoy Release Route Across Country to Washington DC – Organizers Release Official Statement   Please don’t forget to read the comments!! 

Saturn & Mars square North Node in Taurus on April 5th, 2022,  unfortunate for government, & any Monarch. Look for some serious struggles surrounding national life. I’m seeing stock market decline, people are extremely upset, turbulent spirits will be directed toward ones in high places. Look for much crime, riots, possible murders. Also, look for the biden administration to act autocratically as they lose support. Since this aspect is a conjunct this points to the events being worse, I look for something involving navy, army, could be police, some kind of discontent toward them, or possibly exhibited by them. 

The April 16th Full Moon, I am seeing trade suffering even more, & a hostile environment related to the biden administration. More to come soon.

I will say my husband cringes each time I write a blog on astrology anymore, he wishes I’d go back to personal horoscopes, I tell him I wish I could, but with all that is transpiring around in the USA/global, I feel a strong pull to get my message out. I am by no means trying to drum up consultations (readings) by using the chaos that surrounds us. I make a pretty good living with the company we already own. With that said, what I’d love to do here in the near future, my dream is to teach astrology, also give lectures on astrology, plus the importance of understanding one’s natal promise!!

Warm wishes, Bree


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