March 2021 USA Predictions ~ Confusion, Disorder ~

Spiritual Design Astrology, by Bree

Sending everyone warm light & love! I know it’s been a brutal winter for many of us! I’m looking for a hot summer so do be prepared. Also, winter of 2021/2022, will be worse, so much worse…please use the summer to get ready!!

After this post, I will only write on the USA predictions when I see it warranted! I’m going to start blogging more on personal horoscopes. There is a huge difference between   Mundane astrology & personal horoscopes & I find myself needing to write more on latter at this time. 

Also, before I move on to March 2021, I found an interesting article that Crawford Perspectives wrote & downloaded it to share with you, if you’d like to visit his site here is it is:  if you scroll down you will see: NOV 21 = Mathematical Proof of VOTER FRAUD  From there you will be able to download what he has written. I  copied & pasted it here below:   ( Crawford Proof Elections Fraud) 

“One thing should be abundantly clear by now, after ten months of this pandemic: our political leaders hate us and they think we’re stupid. Nothing else can explain the blatant hypocrisy we’ve seen, mostly from Democrat governors and mayors who are eager to impose harsh lockdowns and strict rules for the public at large but then turn around and do whatever they please with their own families, friends, and cronies.” 

They have to be hypocrites and tyrants now because another lockdown is essential for their longer term power.  “The reason they don’t want to do Thanksgiving or Xmas has nothing to do with the infinitesimally small chance you’ll get COVID. It’s one of the few times you can talk about facts with your friends and families for hours without them moderating.”  Yes, can’t directly talk about the scamdemic and scam election with relatives and friends to get around media and Big Tech censorship.  If the Deplorable rallies to “Stop the Steal” are also curbed, so much the better this holiday season.  But none of this will help the economy and stocks.  

“According to a Rasmussen poll conducted November 17-18..75 percent of Republicans believe it is very likely (61 percent) or somewhat likely (14 percent) that the election was stolen from Trump. But, according to the poll, while 69 percent of Democrats say it is not at all likely (61 percent) or not very likely (8 percent) that the election was stolen from Trump, 30 percent of Democrats believe it is very likely (20 percent) or somewhat likely (10 percent) that it was.”                                                                                          These numbers will continue to climb as the truth finally gets through the censorship.  But will it come in time for “Republicans” in both the state legislature and the courts to do the right thing and “stop the steal”?  

“Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42. Look who is in charge of MI, WI, PA, and GA:  MI – Brett M. Kavanaugh WI – Amy Coney Barrett PA – Samuel A. Alito GA – Clarence Thomas.”   A slight positive for court cases for Trump, especially with time starting to run out before the Electoral College is supposed to be chosen. 

“Jenna (Ellis) said a prosecutor could take days to prepare a case about a single crime that was committed during the course of a few minutes. Here, the lawyers were dealing with a case that stretched out across a massive amount of space, and went back in time. 

“AND THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Trump’s lawyers ARE under the gun. The moment Trump settled into the Oval Office, after the 2016 election, he should have appointed a high-IQ, loyal-to-the-death, grim reaper to prepare for this moment: his next election. Because it was obvious the Democrats—if they couldn’t impeach him first—were going to call in all their markers to take him to the cleaners in 2020: They’d assemble foot soldiers, enforcers, journalists, bureaucrats, city-machine politicians, computer pros, straight-out thugs, agent provocateurs, every usual suspect and bribable piece of scum in every big city in every key state. All hands on deck.”  


Yes, Trump is a great salesman but not a great organizer.  His campaign was certainly sabotaged by his own campaign manager Parscale and the local Rinos that did nothing to stop the steal.  But if the Establishment hadn’t underestimate Trump continuously since 2015, he would have never made it in 2016 and they wouldn’t have had to manufactrue those  2 million “votes” after the election night.  Perhaps the best news for the Deplorables is you can trust what Sidney Powell is saying about this stolen election.  “An evangelical Christian, she’d been a federal prosecutor — and quit, outraged at the corruption she saw among her colleagues. She did more than quit. Horrified by prosecutors hiding exculpatory evidence and targeting the innocent because of their personal politics, she became a defense attorney, to help people fight the feds.


“But that wasn’t enough. At a huge financial sacrifice, she took time off from her practice to write a book. And self-publish it. And hire a public relations firm to get it out to people, when media ignored it. That book, Licensed to Lie, is absolutely chilling. It shows innocent Americans, even a U.S. Senator such as Ted Stevens of Alaska, unable to defend themselves against prosecutors with vendettas. It recounts how innocent companies, like accounting firm Arthur Anderson, can be broken by biased and dishonest federal prosecutors, and left in ruins.” 


I thought Ellis, Powell and Guiliani did a great job at their press conference on Thursday and this article sums up their key points:  “Fox News Calls Giuliani Liar After Conference”   Sneer and smear is the universal mode of “mainstream media”, rather than looking at the totality of the evidence as another must read article has:   

Another hidden agreement in Georgia to violate state law and allow vote fraud, one of the reasons why the Dems were able to flip the 7th  Georgia Congressional District as the lone exception to the national trend:   “One of their experts, Harry Hursti from Nordic Innovation Labs, told PBS the Georgia system does not seem to have any safeguards.  Georgia’s vote tabulating system was a complex system of laptops, ipads, magnetic cards, touch screens, printers and scanners.  Investigators found several troubling issues before the election. One expert said it would be easy to dublicate the ballot codes and make up new ballots.”   


“There is no demographic explanation that accounts for such perfect data. There is no way that Biden is exactly 15% more popular than Trump on each consecutive county, directly proportional to the number of voters in those counties, for the 25 most populous counties in Georgia. There’s no logical explanation besides vote flipping fraud.”   


“ A hand tally of the presidential race in Georgia is complete, and the results affirm Democrat Joe Biden’s lead over Republican President Donald Trump. Biden went into the recount with a margin of 13,558 votes, according to votes tallied by NBC. Previously uncounted ballots discovered during the hand count reduced that margin to 12,284 votes, the Georgia Secretary of State’s office reported.”  Two problems here—no official certification as of today and the loss of only a few thousand in the Biden lead does not compute with the nearly 11,000 votes Biden is supposed to have lost in two Georgia counties.  Were more “votes” for Biden “found” in other counties?


Democrats love recounts as this does not catch the fraud. Democrats abhor audits with a true hand counts and signature verifications as that really catches the fraud.  A recount gives opportunity to inject more vote fraud as in Bush v. Gore in Florida.  Florida used punch cards for voting. The election was close and the punch cards were run again in accordance with Florida law. Gore gained thousands of votes on the rerun. This is statistically impossible, hanging chads to the contrary.  The errors in favor of one candidate or the other would have been statistically equalled out. That didn’t happen because it was vote fraud.


“The (Pennsylvania House) voted 112 to 90 for a resolution that told the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, or a contractor it will hire, to conduct the audit and report back by early February.”  More posturing from the “Republicans” of the Pennsylvania legislature:  Gee, Dominion won’t testify in front of us.  Let’s slap them on the wrist and declare Biden the winner any way.  What? You mean if we do we will lose the next primary or general election with a pro-Trump third party?  

“Williams College Professor Steven Miller, a Yale and Princeton trained math expert, said he analyzed Pennsylvania ballot data collected by former Trump campaign data chief Matt Braynard as well as 2,684 voter interviews conducted by a phone bank and found two concerning patterns. One involved possible votes that were not counted, the other ballots that appeared to be requested by someone other than a registered voter.  “I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted range from 89,397 to 98,801,” Miller said in the sworn statement provided to Just the News.”                                       Oh, that blasted Internet.  If only we had the Chicom tools to stop the nasty truth from spreading to those evil Deplorables, who will repeat it at their super Covid spreader events  known as Thanksgiving, Channukah and Christmas.  

Pennsylvania is the biggest fraud fight but there is also Wisconsin: 

& Michigan:  


“Wayne County Board of Canvassers Chairwoman Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, the two Republicans on the four-member board, filed affidavits Wednesday night saying they had been improperly pressured and claiming Democrats on the board reneged on their promise to seek an audit of votes from Detroit, reports The Washington Post.  Palmer and Hartmann said in their affidavits, published with a report on the website JustTheNews, that they thought they had a firm commitment to the audit. However, Palmer said in her document that Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, said later she did not view their resolution that asked for an audit as binding.  “I felt misled,” Palmer told the Post Wednesday before signing the affidavit. “I stand firm in not certifying Wayne County without the audit.”  Hartmann, who made similar claims in his affidavit, did not respond to a message from the Post seeking comment.”      


Naked fraud and naked thuggery to hold power.   Unlike the 1960’s or the 1860’s, for that matter, this is just a relative handful of professional Lefties using Covid and a media obsessed with hating Trump to herd the vast majority of people to their agenda.   It’s my opinion is the elites will have to back off and go to plan B, which is to make Trump and his Deplorables the scapegoat of the coming debt collapse later this decade.  They gave it their best shot and the polling shows that they can’t sell “President Biden” much longer.   In any case, we won’t have long to wait.  Next week history says we should have a rally before and after Thanksgiving.  If stocks are weak during this time, it will tell everyone that there won’t a Santa Claus rally as the nation’s focus will be on the biggest post election wrangle in American politics since 1876.  (Grant D. Noble, P.O. Box 146, Lake Forest, Il. 60045 847-247-3520 End of his post.

The radical left Democrats & the powers that be used the Corona Virus to accomplish their dirty elections. Trump didn’t play ball with them, they were losing money big time!!

The deception will trickle out into the MSM  sometime before June 2021, anyone that is denying the crooked elections will be only fooling themselves.

I’ve been emailed by several asking what do I see going forth for President Trump? I see President Trump more powerful than he has ever been going forward, (from June 2021 on) & this will be accomplished by President Trump working behind the scenes! He always was a powerful man, now moving forward he becomes that 10xs fold! But again, behind the scenes! He will be heard more frequently from June  2021 on, perhaps as I’ve stated in other highlights this will be due to his own network in some form, rather that is radio or tv! President Trump’s voice will be heard, he will not be silenced, & the fake Biden administration understands fully they cannot silence him……President Trump has more than 80 million people behind him. Nor will they continue to silent the people of the USA!

Joe Biden as I have stated in other highlights has used the energy that I spoke of very well, the capital is still being guarded with troops, so many troops. And as you may have noticed J. Biden isn’t flying anywhere either! I have to say he must be working with an astrologer! Work with the energies & they will work with you in kind! But he must stay in his protected bubble for the remaining year while taking great care of his health.

And keeping that earpiece in his ear so he knows what is being told to him to say!! Have you noticed it?

Don’t expect the Covid19 to go away with the Biden admin in power, follow the money!! Who’s getting paid well for this virus? They will try & run this virus into the 2022 elections. Keyword “TRY” 

For the year 2021 with Saturn & Uranus squaring three times during the year, I want to reiterate that the energies will occur thru out the year 2021!

Saturn square Uranus ~ February 16th,   2021  ~ Please remember there will be a series of 3 squares thru out 2021 of Saturn & Uranus, the 1st one being the most prominent, so what I lay out below will be happening the whole year of 2021!

As I’ve stated, Aquarius wants freedom, Aquarius is an independent thinking sign. Saturn wants stability, Uranus brings crazy surprises. There will be no laws that keep Aquarius free-thinking souls locked up for too long. I do see President Trump becoming more powerful in the days to come as I’ve stated, he is working on something behind the scenes, possibly his own network, his voice will override that of Joe Biden’s. A mass majority voted for Trump, the election was stolen, the American people know this & for those that do not, you will be in for quite the surprise soon.

The square of Saturn & Uranus will bring trouble to the falsely elected radical left party, I see national politics becoming extremely disturbed, and involved. (Think China & Russia) There will be great changes advocated, reforms of a great nature that will be attempted, possibly suggested, by the radical left but will meet with resistance or possibly achieved with extreme difficulty after a long period of rebellion from the people. Riots happening here as well as in other countries will be prevalent.

There will be disasters, & trouble that will plague the not legally elected president/government.

Which I’m seeing may have to resign, or lose ground, or be defeated. There will be changes in such places as the cabinet, a death, possibly a resignation of members. A whole lot of dissatisfaction within the parties. The death of possibly the newly false president, or some statesmen, maybe also royalty.

I’m seeing the possibility of a general election taking place…or large reforms are being introduced related to elections, civic or other councils, may even be the falsely elected president himself. I do know & it’s in his chart, Joe B. will not be in office long, & KH will take over, & that will bring the most disruption, riots, America has ever seen. Perhaps this is when a new election will come forth.

For the month of March 2021, I will only blog on the New & Full Moons, the moons are very telling on what will transpire during the months. As I’ve stated before the energy will come in 7 to 6 days before they conjunct (New Moon) or are opposite (Full Moon).

March 13th ~ New Moon

The New Moon will be in the USA 3rd house, also Venus & Neptune will be conjunct.

I’m seeing misfortune for the President or government. There will be failure of measures, confusion, as well as disorder. I’m seeing a loss of a by-election. Power of the government may be defeated, danger surrounding a prominent person, danger of a downfall, possibly a collapse taking place.

Social scandals will be coming to light. (If you are wanting to know if this is taking place watch Newsmax, or ONN…..or search online whatever source is your go too….it will not be on MSM, nor CNN.)

March 28th, 2021 Full Moon USA’s 10th house ~

The full moon will be 8 degrees Libra, opposite Venus, quincunx Uranus in the USA 5th house.

Unfavorable for the government, will cause confusion, disorder, a delay of some sort, loss of legislation, possibly elections. I’m seeing unfortunate changes that will evoke hostility.

New & Full Moons will bring in the energies for any month in question, that is the reason I only wrote what I see transpiring around them. 

As I’ve stated 2021/2022, winter will be brutal, it’d be a good time to get ready for its arrival this summer! Stock up, get a generator in place!! At my home, we hired an electrician to put in a back feed to our panel, we have a generator that we will have to physically turn a switch on & it will run off of our propane take. The generator cost $3000, (hardly ever used we purchased from my husband’s friend)  & the electrician only $500 to install our back feed.  We will be able to run 6 things off of it, our furnace, & hot water heater will count as 2,  so we have the opportunity to decide if we need to what the other 4 will be! While TX will continue to be in my thoughts & prayers, I need to add if Texas has shown anyone anything, it’s to get ready for such a disaster, the government is not going to save you!

Stay healthy & safe,


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