March 2020 USA Horoscope Predictions ~ Women Will Not Get the Nomination for the Democratic Party ~ Sickness, Epidemic Continues

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Daylight Savings Time March 8th, 2020! 

I did predict this epidemic in my January USA horoscope predictions ~

Mars square Neptune = Sickness abroad, possibly an epidemic. Was coming into orb as Mars rolled over the USA ascendant. Mars 1st h, Neptune 3rd h.

This month the Coronavirus will be out front. (ADDED 2/25/2020) I also believe TPTB are using this to their advantage, tumble the economy to Trump’s demise…oh they’re bad, so sad)   I do see the epidemic turning into a pandemic. WHO ~The Coronavirus Outbreak Is Now Officially A Pandemic

See Here Coronavirus PM initiates emergency response plan as Australia prepares for global pandemic 

Stock markets will be affected.  That is why I used the Tarot card “Tower” Mars rules the Tower in the Tarot. March will be filled with worry & turmoil. So sad, everyone needs to pray to whatever high power you believe in. The power of prayer is powerful, & if all join together at least one time per day, it will work & turn the month of March from turmoil to peace.    (April 2020 predictions click)

March 1st ~ 8th ~ Click:  FED CUTS RATES 50 BASES POINTS ~ Saved the day! The market was declining today March 3rd, 2020 but Feds surprised us all before the 17th of March & cut rates this morning! Will this help? Time will tell!

3rd ~ Venus ~ Saturn square ~ Saturn 2nd h, Venus 4th house, conjunct 5th h, cusp.

This aspect is unfortunate for business & money matters. There will be loss of revenue, depreciation in value of stocks, shares, failures, social & family life will be adversely affected. Women suffer. Banks & business companies do not prosper. I do not see a Woman getting elected for the Democratic party. (Woman Suffer = Venus, Saturn square, Super Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020)

8th ~ Venus ~ Uranus conjunct ~

Unfortunate for the Exchequer & money matters. Marital troubles occur. Laws that deal with women are unjust or hard.

March 9th ~ 15th ~

9th ~ Full Moon 19 ͦ  Virgo ~ USA 9th H ~ Opposite Neptune 3rd h

It causes diseases among humans. Short distance, as well as long-distance, will be affected. Cases of fraud & swindling will come into the light. Losses in trade. Democratic movements & parties are unfortunate. Scandals.

9th ~ Mercury direct.

March 16th ~ 22nd ~

19th ~ Sun moves into the sign of Aries

19th/20th  ~ Mars ~ Jupiter conjunct ~ USA 2nd h

An infectious disease may increase & some epidemic occurs. Disputes that will affect religion & the churches. I’m seeing hospitals & charities suffer or are subject to hostile criticism. Stock market decline.

21st ~ Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius. Saturn is the co-ruler of Aquarius, Uranus ruler.

(If your birth happened in 1990 ~ 1992, you will be having your 1st Saturn return….oh my!! You’re going to want to read up on that as your life will be turning topsy-turvy.) Saturn will go back into the sign Capricorn in July, returning to Aquarius in the month of December for 2 ½ to 3 years.

22nd ~ Mars conjunct Pluto in the USA 2nd h.

Dangerous & evil describes this aspect. Pluto is connected with the underworld of crime. Mafia, Mines,  Also, a planet of war, ruthlessness, & violence, power struggles. Pluto & Mars rules Scorpio. I’m seeing death & dying, related to both how the USA makes its money & actual death, warlike matters related to such. I understand they are pumping large amounts of money into the stock market, but none the less I do see a stock market decline they are going to have to pump more money into this falling house of cards. There will be a time when that will not be able to be done & that time is coming close. 

23rd /24th ~ New Moon 4  ͦ Aries in the USA 4th h

I’m seeing a dry weather pattern until the Full Moon in Libra on April 7th, which will bring very high destructive winds. I’m not seeing any major afflictions! This will be favorable for people who own their own land as well as occupations with it. I’m seeing some legislative or perhaps some other movement that will be advantageous to the people related to 4th house matters.

27th ~ Venus trine Jupiter ~

Sweetness! This aspect will promote peace & goodwill.

30th ~ Mars moves into the sign of Aquarius.

31st ~ Mars & Saturn conjunct in the USA 2nd h

The conjunction being the worse related to Mundane astrology. This is very unfortunate for the President & government. Market decline. I’m seeing serious difficulties related to national life. People are discontent,  Government may lose popularity as well as support. Also, look for some very eminent person who may die or possibly be assassinated. Discontent amongst navy, army, or could be police. (April 2020 predictions click)

It’d be a very good idea to lay low during this time! 

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  1. Eckkeus Tran says:

    Hi Bree, do you still foresee a US stock market crash in Dec 2020- early 2021 that’s potentially larger than Mar 2020 lows? When will we see the bottom of market next year? Or will the crash happens prior ie. late Sept/Oct 2020? Thanks:)

  2. Baskar says:

    This is real awesome.. I am wondering how accurate you are with your predictions.. Thanks for posting it !

  3. savannah Tuggle says:

    You is spot on for everything, love your site. Thanks for having a separate area for people who is not on social Media!

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