March 2018 Horoscope Predictions for the USA

March 1st~4th~ Full Moon on March 1st, also known as the Worm Moon. That is when earthworms begin to come up thru the earth. It is the last Full Moon before the Spring Equinox which is March 20th.

 March 1st Full Moon will be in the USA 9th house. 11 degrees in Virgo. Since we did not have a Full Moon in February, this Full Moon on March 1st has also in ancient times been known as the Storm Moon. (Whole other story, so worm moon it is) with this full moon having no negative aspect, I do see shipping and foreign trade being benefited. (I should have said more about the Storm Moon weather crazy in CA, & Washinton DC) (New Tariffs will help the USA)

Venus~Jupiter, Trine is also on March 1, I am seeing the USA having much optimism, faith, and confidence.

March~3rd/4th~ Sun will conjunct Neptune in the USA 3rd house in the sign of Pisces. Neptune is strong in Pisces! Also, on the 4th, Mercury conjunct Venus in the USA 3rd house. Regarding the aspects, there will be some kind of failure with/and, confusion, disorder, on a bill that our Congress is trying to pass. I’m also seeing something related to some type of a downfall or a collapse takes place, this again is the third house. News Media that has been perpetrating false news will come to light in the most disturbing way. Look for it.

March 5th~11th~ Daylight savings time begins March 11th! I’m not really fond of that because it serves no purpose in today’s world I feel. But it’s going to happen rather I like it or not! Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour!

6th~ Mercury & Venus change signs from Pieces to Aries. Slowly joining Uranus in Aries in the USA 4th house.

Jupiter stations on March 8th & will go retrograde on March 10th.

11th~ Mars Trines Uranus. This will be the time (I always give a couple days before/after, unless stated otherwise for my predictions to be fruitful) of renewed energy, I see what has been negative amongst congress, I see those serious difficulties being overcome at this time. New energy being brought to the table.

March 12th~18th~

13th~ Saturn & Venus Square. This is asking for accountability. I do feel we are in for a roller coaster ride! Good will prevail. As on the same day, we have a Jupiter & Sun trine! This aspect is excellent for peace and prosperity at home and abroad! I am seeing many positive developments as commerce increases, trade improve! Good vibes! Work with them today because they will not last.

March 17th~ Happy St Patrick’s Day!

March 17th~ New Moon in the sign of Pisces in the USA’s 3rd house.  This is the time I’m seeing things get a bit hairy.

17th~ Mercury is opposite the USA natal Saturn, both the 4th & 10th house will be activated.  Mars is in the USA 1st house & 29 degrees, 29 degrees is a critical degree. I’m going to say that we will have some type of disturbance with railroads, also state and municipal workers will suffer a loss related to hours being cut, and/or, laid off. This is also unfortunate for education, publishing, clerks, and writers. I’m also seeing an increase in fraud, mental illness, thefts, and secret crimes. Also hindered, is legislation.

Also, at the same time, Mars will be square the New Moon at 29 degrees adding fuel to this. Mars will go into Capricorn on the 18th, at 0 degrees Capricorn, still a critical degree.

Everyone has to remember the federal government is no longer printing money out of thin air. So, our States are no longer getting money that was printed in the Obama years to keep the USA from a disastrous downfall, & since the USA will not be printing money out of thin air, I do see States tightening their belts. But on a positive side, once the USA passes the Infrastructure Bill that President Trump wants to be passed & in the way President Trump wants it passed, the USA will prosper big time!( If the Infrastructure Bill does not get passed, there will be very frightening times ahead for people of the USA.)  And no more phony money will need to be printed that cost the taxpayers big time. Always do your homework, do not rely on the fake news media, to tell you the truth about what is happening in the USA. If you are one who would rather listen then read and educate yourself, you will be sadly disappointed if you think Pres. Trump will not prevail.  Pres. Trump will get this economy back on track, do not be left behind, research and read for yourself. The planets are coming together that will ensure Pres. Trump’s victory. But, there will be chaos before there is peace. Just like the saying goes, you must break a few eggs to make an omelet. That’s what’s being done now! So, do prepare for chaos! But soon followed by peace!! And remember, President Trump does not have to be in office, he is not getting paid to be Pres. As he does not want the money. He was destined to be the President to give the USA back to the people who are the rightful owners.

March 22nd~ Mercury goes retrograde.

29th~31~ Venus Conjunct Uranus in the 4th house, Uranus square Pluto in the USA 2nd house. Sun square Saturn, Mars is conjunct Saturn, here comes the full moon.

March 31st~ Libra Full Moon in the USA 10th house. The 1st, 4th, 7th, & 10th, houses are the most powerful houses.  The 10th house is the most important of them all.

Venus conjunct Uranus, in the 4th house of home, very unfortunate for money matters & the IRS.

Uranus square Pluto, very unfortunate for money matters related to housing & the stock market.

Sun square Saturn, unfortunate for State and/or, municipal officials, as well as mining, buildings, & land.

Mars conjunct Saturn, in the USA 1st house. There is a huge possibility of some very eminent person passing or being assassinated. As well as a “VERY” high degree that the people are fed up, done with the government, & with all this combined, I’m going to say the people of the USA are done, feed up, are not going to take it anymore. I see chaos like we’ve not seen before starting within this time frame.

From March 30th thru April 5th, 2018, I see lots of struggles going on in the USA related to housing, the stock market, mining, news media, & the people of the USA.

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