March 2017 Highlights! Key Point: Obey all Rules Stay Flexible~& Order up a plate of Patience!

March 2017 Highlights!

Key Point: Obey all Rules Stay Flexible~& Order up a plate of Patience!

 March 2017~ Spring is coming & I’m all about getting out & getting on with life! We have so much to be grateful for in our life’s, & I love it when I can open up my windows & let the fresh smells of spring in! Birds singing & all kinds of happy people & happy animals doing the dance, feeling more energized!

March 1st~5th~Our lovely Venus is retrograde! Venus will go retrograde on March 4th, & will not be back with us until April 15th, 2017. Venus is the planet of love & beauty, Venus also gives us money! And not to forget, Jupiter is also retro from February 6th, until, June 9th, 2017!  Jupiter is the planet of expansion & money! So, yes, patience is needed!

March 1st~We will have a green light as the Sun~Neptune, conjunct. This will make the kick off to March come in more like a lamb! Inviting!

March 2nd~We still have a Uranis~ Jupiter opposition! Jupiter is still retrograde until June 9th, 2017. I feel many of us will have a strong desire to gamble! This is known as the “Gamblers Transit” be careful as this is not a lucky transit!

March 5th~Mars will trine Saturn & anyone who works hard & goes by the rules will indeed meet up with success! The Sun & Mercury are also conjunct that will ensure any communications we have will be logical & objective!

March 9th~Mars leaves the signs of Aries, & Mars loves Aries! Mars will go into the sign of Taurus which is not to Mars liking. Mars is a go, go, go, energy, sign, & Taurus is the slowest sign in the zodiac. This may be a time of frustrations, & anger. Why? Because Taurus wants to be sure, not rushing the process, Mars on the other hand wants to push, though, never mind the details! Mars is an energy sign, a war sign, So again, be patience!

March 12th~ Daylight Savings Time! Losing that precious hour of sleep is not going to be to my liking, I have to admit! But to gain an extra hour of daylight will help!

March 12th~ Full Moon! Virgo Full Moon, while full moons indicate completion of something, endings, you will find this Full Moon maybe making you most concern with making adjustments to your health-related areas in life!

March 13th~Mercury the sign of communication leaves Pisces, & moves into the sign of Aries. You will find you as well as everyone else will be getting to the point a whole lot quicker & saying what you mean!

March 17th`St.Patrick’s Day, Our Pisces Sun will make a square to Saturn, thus making this party day a hard decisions day indeed! You will have to choose between duty & self-gratification! Hard decision I know!

March 20th~Yea! Spring is here! (Well, on the calendar anyway)! This is one of two days a year when day & night are equal! Perfect for taking a peek & ensuring your life is in balance!

This spring line-up will be quite the fiery one folks! With the Sun, Moon, & four other planets all in fire signs, this may bring blazing hot temperatures, or perhaps, rising prices, or could even bring political issues that just may blaze out of control! Hang on!

March 27th~ New Moon in Aries! For the next two weeks if you want to start anything new, go for it! Except of course if “Moon is Void of Course”! Critical to know! And do not forget your “New Moon Wishes” & how to make them!  

March 29th~ Mercury in Aries & Saturn trine! Today will be the day you will not be interested at all in abstract ideas! You will want to know what practical purpose does everything serve, & if you find it not useful, you will turn your attention to something else. Word of caution here: Just be real sure you do not miss out on an important idea in doing so!

March 30th~Jupiter & Pluto will square! With this, I feel many will feel your ambition drive has no end! Wow! The energies this will produce! Many of you will feel as if you are on the thresh hold of achieving great things, & you are willing to strive for power & success! But do be careful as this may also bring you legal conflicts! Be extra sure whatever you are involved with is above board & avoid anyone who seems shady!

Thank you & I hope you make the most of March 2017! Spring will be here before we know it! Now let’s live our best life!

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