Making Money using the Gifts You were Born With!

Not all people are blessed to become rich no matter how hardworking and talented they are.  Money is easy to find for some people even if they just sit and do nothing. What is the influence of astrology in money-making? Earning money is not at all easy if individuals have not mastered the art of moneymaking, and the lack of knowledge regarding their astrological guide, their natal chart & the aspects being made!  Check out the following guide & then you may want to get to know how this may play out in your own natal chart…it all starts with your natal chart!! Your natal promise 🙂

Four Elements as a Guide in Making Money

Fire signs that are represented by Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are passionate, work-driven and high in energy to pursue their goal and eventually earn a higher income. Fire people can get rich quickly by investing in the stock market, and multi-level marketing. Aside from these ventures, they can earn much by joining the military and police force.

Earth signs include Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. These individuals are gifted with reasoning, entrepreneurial skills and they are practical in terms of material things. As grounded and reasonable, they can make use of these traits to venture into the medical, teaching, and financial careers.

Air signs are best represented by Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius who are wise, intelligent, and inventive. They have the wit and gab to make them good communicators. They will prosper in careers relating to intellectual, inventions, education, writing, and charity.

Water sign people (Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer) who are artistic by nature tend to be emotional and intuitive. They can make use of their intuition for money-making. Their intuitive ability makes them artists, shamans, faith healers, therapists, visionaries and religious leaders.

Although you aspire to be the person you want to be in life, even if the careers I wrote above does not belong to your astrological sign, don’t get discouraged, it takes so much more then your sun-sign that leads you to a satisfying career in life!

Planets and their Influence on Money Making

Would you believe that planets have a big influence on making money? Saturn and particularly Jupiter work harmoniously if they are dominant in your natal chart. The planets and career-related houses (1st house, 2nd house, 6th house, 8th house, and 10th house), play a major role so that whatever career path you take, making money is  easy

People with Jupiter in their natal chart have a greater chance of finding money through a windfall, lottery or winning in a reality show.  This is because Jupiter is a bountiful and good planet or a malefic planet.  This works well if it rules in Sagittarius sign, where Jupiter is in aspects of your planet or houses. Discipline, hard work, and diligence are ruled by Saturn, which coincidentally is not known as a beneficial planet. When ruled by Saturn, individuals may have to endure career and personal hardships, unlike Jupiter. They have to strive hard as Saturn is the kind of planet that values hard work, discipline and laborious undertakings.  This hardship in work should not be treated as a stumbling block towards attaining success. Saturn rules that success can be achieved by working hard and this makes sense as people with this influence become successful in their respective careers. The planets in Capricorn work best as Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

More Money Making Planets

Mercury and Venus are planets that can also help in making money. Venus influences beauty and fame. People under this planetary sign can use their beauty to earn money. Most beauty queens, models and actors have Venus ruling their natal chart. This is why they were discovered by talent scouts in unexpected places.  The most ideal sign to gain wealth is Libra and Taurus, which is governed by Venus in their natal house or aspecting the planets/houses.

People with Mercury in their chart are both good in oral and written communications. As an intelligent and fast planet, individuals tend to be full of knowledge, even if Mercury is Jupiter’s lower octave. Mercury is a fast learner and uses this ability to find money quickly. The most ideal is when your sign is Gemini (governed by Mercury) and Virgo or when the most prominent in the chart is Mercury.

Money Sources from Non-Traditional Planets

Pluto is responsible for transformation and destruction. This means that people with this planet in their chart can get an inheritance from a dead relative (transformation of life). As an influencer of a life-changing event in people, it makes them rich not because of hard work, but by inheritance of a rich relative that is passed on to you. Scorpion people with Pluto in their chart can have this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Finding money is so easy for people with Uranus in their chart by circumstances and innovative ideas so quickly. Their creative minds lead them to discover and invent things that will gain money so fast. These people find money through inventions, the computer and technology, and situations. The people who get more benefits are those who are Aquarius, or when there is the prominence of Uranus in the chart.

How the Houses Make Money

The first house in the natal chart is all about you, this represents your looks and ego. How you relate to other how others see you, this can work in your favor in obtaining money.

The sixth house in your chart represents your health habits and work attitude. If you have work ethics, money will follow.

The second house is the house of possessions and things in life that you value most. The eighth house represents transformation resulting from death and shared wealth.  The position of these houses and the planets in your chart when combined together has effects on your ability or luck to gain money.

Aspects and Its Role in Money Making

Pleasurable aspects that interplay with your houses and planets can also contribute to money making.  As an innate gift since your birth, these aspects boost your talent, luck, ability, and gifts that will help you make money so easy. People who ignore these hidden gifts, or use them with bad intention may end up with nothing. If you are gifted with favorable aspects, use them in the most honorable way.

There are also people who use their unfavorable aspects, like squares and oppositions, to bolster their ambition by using them as a challenge. They start from scratch by working hard until they reach their goal. They utilize the challenging aspects as motivation instead of a hindrance. Saturn with  Capricorn sign can experience this.

Blessings, Bree

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