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We not only have a full moon on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, but it is also a partial lunar eclipse! The lunar eclipse will be at 24° Capricorn, this particular lunar eclipse will be a very powerful and perhaps even bringing emotional confrontation as well as other issues because it will be in close conjunction to Pluto ruler of the underworld!

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We may have a potential crisis on different levels, I do see some very intense emotional behavior, power struggles, which can also lead to some compulsive behavior, and intense, emotional behaviors if not mindful!

A lunar eclipse is similar to a regular full moon but however a lunar eclipse is much more powerful in connection with the Full Moon a Lunar Eclipse focuses mainly on emotions, family, home, and also your most intimate relationships. When we have the Moon oppose the Sun we see that instincts and emotions reach their climax at a lunar eclipse. Thus, letting people bring a  balance too both their emotional & disruptive demeanors within their most close relationships. Due to the fact you maybe in turmoil with your emotional self and needs, one will hopefully be able to clearly recognize any relationships that may need adjusting that is causing disharmony.

When dealing with this lunar eclipse it is related to bringing to a close in a sense, of any and all of your emotions, which is related to clearing out emotional baggage from the past six months. So, July 16 lunar eclipse will be completing themes related to your July 2 solar eclipse, which in turn will exhibit your next Solar Eclipse phase that will last until the next solar eclipse which is on December 26, 2019. If you keep a journal you will begin to notice how a theme is being played out from one Solar Eclipses & Lunar Eclipses to the next, you’ll see the theme being played out in your life!

Our July 2019 lunar eclipse will form in close proximity about 2°13’ from the planet Pluto and you can bet this will be an extremely emotional lunar eclipse! As you know Pluto is known to be the creator and the destroyer! Pluto is from the underworld, Pluto enjoys breaking down structures, society, as well as personal relationships and all,  will be up for grabs! Very intense, emotional, time period, we have other planets in play as well at the same time, get ready!

We have Saturn in the mix, Saturn will be opposite Venus during this time! Be on the lookout for crisis in your relationships, even if you are so in love or perhaps you’ve been in your relationship for quite a while it may just cool off at this time. I will say it is essential that when this issue pops up to re-examine all your relationships and determine your obligations and the obligations of your partner. Do know this period is not the time to start any new relationships, but a time to bring those not working to an end.  Make sure at this time that you do not become involved in any relationship/s (business or otherwise) that has an effect to make very heavy demands on you because this is common with this type of transit. Also, you may notice that this opposition could bring some loneliness and sadness because you may be feeling delays and also limitations that could very well be affecting your finances as well as your love life. Also, note that any emotional or physical distance will only proclaim even more added stress on your relationships. To keep an even keel it is best to work on practical issues! Try to realize where your responsibility in any relationship difficulties lie and take ownership. Also, if it’s at all possible do try to organize your debts…. It’d be ideal if you could pay them off!

Saturn sextile Neptune at this time also, this will be most beneficial for you to be able to see a balance between your spiritual needs and material so it will give you an opportunity to build on both of them equally. This will definitely be a time of serious thought! Make no doubt Saturn sextile Neptune will enhance material gains from your spiritual pursuits. Meaning you do have an opportunity if you work hard and are sensible, added with a down to earth realistic approach you will be able to make your dreams come true!

Also, to help with this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Venus trine Neptune! This will be exceptionally awesome for meditation, and relaxation!! You’ll feel that it will bring a sense of compassion within you and your wish to serve others!

Reflecting more on the July 16th, 2019 Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto, do note that this will bring some very intense deep feelings that just may overwhelm you! Perhaps even something may trigger a memory perhaps an emotion that’s been buried deep, deep, in your subconscious bringing it to the surface! Be on your guard because you just might become so obsessed with these feelings and issues that you’re not able to focus on anything else at all! Pluto is obsessive! Also, giving you a heads up… that any type of interaction/s you may have with women (This goes for both female & male) do look for these to be intense and revealing!

As far as your intuition it just may be on point but at the same time blocking your rational thinking and judgment skills. This will ring true regarding relationships of any kind, do be on the lookout because you may have to deal with some type of manipulative behavior, some controlling factors, jealousy may enter the picture as well as guilt trips, even be on the lookout for intimidation, possible threats & violence, be kind to yourself know that these things are possible and work with the energies!

Not only will we be having the Moon conjunct Pluto, but we have to look at the Sun opposite Pluto! Be on the lookout for some sort of upset, some sort of crisis, this may be related to self-esteem, perhaps some type of event taking place or within a relationship. This may be related to some type of behavior related to the abuse of and/or, addiction, perhaps even spying, or it may be due to some self-destructive behavior possibly drugs. Be on the lookout for any type of event that may be related to a breakdown, perhaps of an appliance, or possibly your vehicle, be on the lookout for any kind of thief, or possible violence.

I’d like to give you a valuable piece of advice, do avoid being resistant to change that needs to come in, as well as being egotistic, and overly assertive. By understanding this you can deviate from any destructive elements to you and others. Work with the energies, and you will find the energies will work with you!

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