Lunar Eclipse August 7, 2017

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On August 7, 2017 there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 15° Aquarius. Astrologically speaking, this Lunar Eclipse is a bit of a mixed bag and has both easy and difficult aspects. One of these is Jupiter square Pluto which is linked to the Sun and the Moon and is giving us a powerful push. This will affect our behaviors, moods, and even our relationships. So hold onto your hat!

This Lunar Eclipse, which will happen on the Full Moon, may also make us feel more ruthless, selfish and even greedy. Fortunately we can use the positive aspects of the Eclipse and its links to Jupiter and Pluto to see how we can avoid falling into any of these traps. We can also gain happiness and even see some great success at this time if we know how to navigate the Eclipse. This is why we use astrology just as people have been doing for centuries, so that we know how to avoid the pitfalls on our life path.

What is the meaning of the Lunar Eclipse?

We will see a Lunar Eclipse on August 7, 2017 and this will put the focus on relationships as the Moon is always linked to relationships, feelings, and female figures. The Sun will be opposite the Moon which heightens feelings and our emotional state but this also allows us to examine how we really feel. When we are in touch with our emotions we can see which relationships are harmonious and which aren’t.

When we have a Lunar Eclipse it means that the light of the Moon is literally concealed and this operates like a period at the end of a sentence. This is a time for us to press the reset button on our emotions and deal with anything that may have still be left unfinished emotionally from the last six months. We tend to think of an Eclipse as a point in time, but actually the energy of the Eclipse develops over a longer period.

The Eclipse on August 7 is the end phase of the Eclipse Cycle that started in February 2017. Along with the Solar Eclipse which takes place on August 21, we will continue to feel its effects until the next Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018.


The Astrology of the August 7 Lunar Eclipse

The August 7 Lunar Eclipse is in the sign of Aquarius but it is also in the Constellation of Capricornus. This is the sign of the Goat and is strongly linked to climate, political issues, and human problems. In astrology this means that the spotlight will fall on those in power and could indicate a fall from power, an assassination or a coup. This constellation is also known to indicate the coming of storms, especially those positioned over the sea.

Jupiter square Pluto is one of the most important aspects linked to the Lunar Eclipse. We will feel this aspect four days before the Eclipse and it will still be making its presence felt when the Eclipse happens on August 7. When Jupiter is square Pluto it is all about success and achievements on a grand scale. This could be relating to your career and you may feel more driven to succeed than ever before.

At this time we can achieve great success, power, recognition and influence over others but we also need to be careful of the pitfalls. If we are ruthless and greedy then we may rise to the top quickly but we will have sacrificed our own integrity to do so. As a Lunar Eclipse shines a light on your emotional life and those close to you, it is likely that you may see issues associated with your loved ones.

A closer look at the Lunar Eclipse Astrology:

And now…for a closer look at the astrology of the Lunar Eclipse and exactly what it means…

Moon trine Jupiter:

This aspect brings with it success, happiness and financial wealth. It is a harmonious aspect which urges us to be kind in our relationships and also makes us softer and less calculating, ruthless and greedy in our quest for success. The Moon trine Jupiter also pushes us to take the moral high ground and be ethical in our decisions. When it comes to relationships, try to be open and honest now and if you meet someone new then make these characteristics the foundation of your relationship. Respect, honestly, understanding and an ethical approach could help you to be very successful either in your career partnerships or personal ones.

Sun textile Jupiter:

The Sun sextile Jupiter carries with it an optimistic feeling and plenty of good luck, abundance, and happiness. If you want to reach for the stars and achieve a long held goal then now is the time to do it as you will have the celestial luck of Jupiter on your side. Any new projects that you may want to start will get a boost now as Jupiter is also the planet of expansion and growth. You may find that you have lots of people around you who want to help and they will often be figures of authority associated with Jupiter such as judges. You may also get a chance to travel now or the expansion in your life might come in the form of higher education.

Moon opposite Mars:

Having the Moon opposite Mars will make you impatient and you will easily lose your temper about even the smallest of delays. You will be more reactionary than usual and will be annoyed by minor problems that would normally be insignificant. You naturally tend to say thing without thinking them through and also take unnecessarily risks with your actions. Fights and unreasonable arguments with family members are common and you will feel more aggressive than usual. The best way to deal with this period is to channel this feisty and aggressive energy and use it to work hard in you job or compete at something like a sport.

Sun conjunct Mars:

When the Sun is conjunct Mars it will bring a burst of energy and initiative which you will need to learn how to control and use wisely. There will be a lot of pent up energy running through your body and it needs to be channeled in the right direction. If you can, then try to work it all out physically by going to the gym or taking boxing classes. You may find that you feel more sexually charged than normal and if you have wanted to start or add to your family then this is a good time to do it.

How the Lunar Eclipse will manifest:

This Lunar Eclipse on August 7 is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle and we need to fit the pieces together which in this case are the aspects. Out of problems come answers, so the difficult aspects must come first as these are the problems. In this case that is the Sun opposite the Moon and Jupiter square Pluto. This is all about relationship polarities and tension as well as greed and selfish behavior. So, the naturally order will move from the Moon, to the Sun, to Pluto, to Jupiter, and then back to the Moon. This is a cycle and it will continue until you find a resolution to your problems.

At the end of the cycle we want to end with the Moon trine Jupiter which represents success and an optimistic outlook. This is the aspect that offers us the solution we are searching for and holds the key to happiness.

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