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Can Astrology Predict When You Will Find Love?

 When we look at whether astrology can predict when you will find love, it’s clear that there are a number of transits that make it very favorable. This could be linked to meeting someone who goes on to be a significant life partner or it could mean that you meet someone for a short term romance. The only way to make a really accurate prediction is to look at your Natal Chart as this will show you the clearest picture of your chances of finding love.

There are however some general transits which all show the potential for you to find love…

One thing that we often look for is a series of planets which could mean that this is a favorable time for you to find love. These are the Planet of Love, Venus, the ruler of the 7th House of Partnerships (for example if you have Gemini as the ruler of your 7th House then we would look at Mercury which is the ruler of Gemini), the ruler of the 5th House of Romance, and the Moon. Really, you need to look at all these planets together to get an accurate picture of your romantic future, but even just looking at a few planets, like Venus, can help you see if you will be on the path to love anytime soon.

Here are some of the transits that are favorable to love…

Jupiter – Venus Transit:

In astrology, we notice that many relationships start when Jupiter is conjunct, sextile or trine Venus. This is because Venus is the Planet of Love and Jupiter is the Planet of Legalities, so it’s about making a relationship official at this time. If you are already in a relationship, then this is the time when you could make a legal commitment in your relationship such as getting married.

If there is Jupiter square or opposite Venus however it can mean that there may be a break up if things have not been going well in your relationship. On the flipside, however, if your relationship is solid then you won’t suddenly experience a crushing breakup! With Jupiter in the mix, a good partnership will always stand the test of time, but if you are in a relationship which has got a little toxic, then you can expect the heavens to cut this out of your life – so take solace in the fact that this has done you a favor in the long run!

Saturn – Venus Transit:

When Saturn is sextile, trine or conjunct Venus then this is a wonderful moment to couple up! With Saturn in the mix, which is a heavy and serious planet, you can know that this means that the other person is in it for the long haul and you can expect a serious commitment from this union. On the other hand, if you are currently in a relationship, then this could be a rocky period for you and there may be some kind of test for you and your partner now. The key is to remember that whatever happens is for the best. If this is a toxic relationship, then it will likely crumble, but if it is a solid union, then know that it will only flourish with this kind of transit. One thing to remember, if you do experience a break-up, is that Saturn is helping you to cut loose from a bond that is no longer working from you and which is actually holding you back in life.

If you meet someone when Saturn is square or opposite Venus, however, then you may find that the relationship is difficult and that you feel dissatisfied in the long term. There will be a very heavy quality to this relationship and it may feel as if you are fighting an uphill battle with your partner.

Uranus – Venus Transit:

When Uranus is conjunct, trine or sextile Venus then this often brings a burst of excitement and an equally exciting and surprising relationship with it. If you want something that will last the test of time, then this transit with Uranus, which is the Planet of Surprises, may not be your best bet! Still, think of this as a great time of experimentation when you can date someone you usually wouldn’t date and see how a new kind of relationship works for you (or doesn’t). This could also bring with it a radical change of lifestyle where you decide to experiment with a new way of doing things.

When Uranus is square, opposite or conjunct Venus, however, this often brings about the end of a relationship as Uranus is a planet that loves freedom. As such, you could have the urge to be on your own, especially if you have felt stifled by your partner and unable to live your life as you please. With that in mind, you may also fall into a relationship now that sets you free from your old way of doing things, although it will probably not be a long term love story – but it will have a way of shaking up your world for the better!

Pluto – Venus Transit:

When Pluto is conjunct, trine or sextile Venus then it can be a very sexy time for you and this could also mean that you have a wild love connection at this time. With Pluto in the mix, however, this is likely to be very passionate which also means that it might focus more on sex rather than romantic love. Whatever happens, however, this is likely to be a very deep an almost soulful connection that is probably going to be prone to some drama and jealousy.

When we have Pluto square or opposite Venus then this can mean that you will be in a relationship with someone which could be filled with issues of control and obsession and that this will likely be a rather rocky union. There could also be issues with boundaries in this relationship and with who has the upper hand. If you have issues of self-love or self-worth that you are working through then these could also come up in the relationship as you either project them onto your partner or they mirror them back onto you.

Neptune – Venus Transit:

When Neptune is conjunct, trine or sextile Venus then this is a time when you will be wearing rose-tinted spectacles. This means you could start a romantic relationship, although you may not be seeing the full picture. This is a time of fantasy and this means that you could feel as if you are walking on air, but at some point, it may well be that you come crashing down to earth when reality bites.

If Neptune is opposite or square Venus however then this means that a difficult relationship could break up now and if you meet someone at this time it may be that the union is doomed to fail. Another issue could be that you enter a new relationship in order to escape from a toxic one – so you may cheat on your partner and have an affair. You may also know on some level that a new relationship isn’t good for you, but you may also be so blinded by the first flush of romance that you ignore all the warning signs. When it ends, however, you will see that it was actually teaching you something important about yourself and your own needs or desires.

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