Libra Tarot Card Reading~December 2016! Nothing Can Stop You Libra!

Libra Tarot Card Reading~December 2016! Nothing Can Stop You Libra!

Ten of Wands~Dec~1st~12th

Libra, your focus, I am getting from spirit is on major changes, planning, many of you are having difficulties bringing in new ways, new projects taking step towards progress. I see many of you wanting to finish up projects so you are able to move on. Some of you are going to be unprepared in relation to your work area your career area. Libra, you are tired, your overworked, you’re in need of rest. You’ve been quite busy!
I feel many of you Libra are missing someone, you’re hoping they will call and let you know where they stand on your relationship. You’re hoping you can get back together, but you have a strong feeling that’s not going to happen. Libra, you need to figure out who you are, what you want, the relationship you wanting to come back and blossom again may not fit into who you are at this time. I feel many of you are sadden, my spirit is telling me this is for the best. Although you do not understand at this time, in time you will. Many of you are very worried about your financial situation I’m sensing it’s due to some kind of a setback, something you counted on Libra is not coming in. Related to family, I’m sensing added responsibilities will be placed on you, I’m also sensing many of you are contemplating on a move, but something is blocking this. I’m getting your very worried Libra. The energy that you are applying to your goals you’re feeling it’s just not enough. But no fear Libra, problems will be coming to an end.
Many of you are will be so happy that you successfully completed your project and that your burden is over. You will go on despite difficulties, burdens, financial problems, you will complete them, the way you want, and you will decide not to waste your time on an impossible relationships.

Seven of Pentacles~Dec~12th~24th

I’m getting anxiety Libra! Spirit is telling me many of you are experiencing fear and anxiety over money that should have been paid that has not yet been, but no worries Libra, money will be coming in through another avenue, and it will be more you anticipated. Related to your career some of you at this time are feeling dissatisfied with your progress your wanting to be much more successful. I’m also seeing Libra, some of you out there are contemplating on a marriage, some type of partnership is being brought into focus now, you are going to have to decide… is it what you want. I feel many of you are searching the depths of your soul to provide an answer, you are afraid if you make the decision you will be left lonely, and unhappy. This decision I see is bringing some of you to a very nervous exhaustion and you are unable to take on anything to physically taxing, also someone from (spirit is telling me) your circle, will have to go to the doctor, which is adding family responsibility on to you. Libra, understand, you have what it takes to succeed in all of your decisions, you are needing somebody to help you get where you want to go and put it all together for you, that help is on its way.

Three of Wands~Dec~24th~31st

Get ready Libra, your luck is about to change! Your desire for a successful outcome, romantic union, is about to be answered! Libra, you will be very surprised by a successful business or financial transaction, also the beginning of a new enterprise that’s just beginning to bring in some money! Some of you Libras, I do see will have to leave home in order to make this happen. But by doing so spirit is telling me, your businesses are going to begin to flourish!

 This is such a wonderful time for those of you who are single to meet someone new also, some of you will be planning a wedding! I see your businesses & your finances improving, your associates are going to prove to be a great help & asset for you at this time. Bank on the end of the month in bringing in some sort of a business deal, & will be bringing you a very unexpected bonus! For many of you Libra, your love life is improving greatly, I see existing relationships for some of you will be strengthened. Many of you have a big dream a at this time, get ready Libra, luck is going to be with you in turning that dream into reality! Libra, once you trust in yourself, in that your ideas can be realized and you expect the best, nothing can stop you!

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