Libra Tarot Card Reading September 2016! Business Projects & Residential Move!

Libra Tarot Card Reading September 2016!

King of Cups Sept 1st-15th!

Libra! I feel for the month of  September 1st two weeks your focus is going to be on lots of activities! I see these activities are centering around your house, your home, possibly a business, something that you can do out of your home !I just did this reading on the same card for Scorpio, I believe, not sure but anyway I drew it again! I see some of you dreaming about love and romance right now! I see some of you wanting to spend some time with, possibly make love to, or even share your life right now with someone special! I’m getting this very strongly. A lot of you are in the romantic mood! I see somebody seeking you out at this time somebody is wanting to know about you… possibly the services that you have to offer! I see something good coming out of this I see a change in your Outlook on life, something good! I’m going to say this may even be some new lover! I also see many of you having trouble with your cars right now, automobiles, they need maintenance they need repairs, perhaps just a simple oil change! But however, I see something around automobiles. Remember, this is a general forecast reading, a tarot card reading for Libra, Libra rising, moon in Libra, this is not going to fit everyone! If you would like your own tarot card reading please see below and the special that I am offering at this time, please see my services and rates also! Again this is a general tarot card reading for Libra. I see many of you… something to do with papers something too complicated, it’s just not working the way you want it to so you’re just not wanting to finish it at this time. But, on another note, if you have any contract negotiations now they’re going to go smoothly and possibly contain a surprise! Libra a lot of you are wanting to be financially independent, a lot of you are wanting to own your own businesses, work out your home, and I want you to know a new direction is going to make that happen for you! I see many of you having discussions about business projects at this time possibly even a residential move. Something’s coming to me that you’re feeling mistreated, you are looking for a way out of a relationship, rather that be personal, or business. Also take heed… a lot of you are going to be feeling ill and are going to fear the worst, what you are doing is… you’re indulging yourself by eating too much and drinking too much I feel a lot of you are going to be making a visit to your doctor. Some of you will be getting a phone call from either an old friend or lover… somebody who still cares for you. For I feel that your desire for love and romance is going to be increasing strongly Libra!! Some of you, I feel may be contemplating on having some type of affair at this time. Also, many of  you are finding a new direction, a new line of work, something that’s really good that will highlight your talents! I want to say you’re going to find something you really wanted and it’s good to be found in your own backyard! I want to say what you have envisioned for yourself will come to you I want you to open your mind to the possibilities of new beginnings! A lot of you are going to start seeing your businesses are going to take off! Things are to coming into place for you Libra, it’s just good to take some time!!

Eight of Cups! Sept 1st-Sept 15th

During this time the eight of cups tells me that some of you you’re not understanding a situation you’re in now. Your asking why things are the way they are? I see many of you yelling “Hey” does anybody care? I need some help over here! I feel this has to do around romance, significant other, partner, it’s a relationship that already exist, I feel that your either feeling negativity from the other person, or you’re the one causing negativity, if that’s the case it is causing this relationship to go sour. I do feel some of you are planning to be take a trip right now, perhaps having to postpone it… due to  an illness in the family, or, I see you traveling for health reasons right now.

On a good note, I do see businesses expanding… I do see your skills are being sought-after you are in demand Libra! I see a lot of you out with your friends right now enjoying having fun, I want to warn you… you are going to be feeling the lack of money be careful with your finances at this time. I see a lot of you are starting a new project right now perhaps even a training program. You’re just learning something new something’s coming in its new! For those of you waiting for some type of a financial settlement… something about the arrival of some money, luck will be with you! A lot of you are going to be so thankful for new career direction at this time and rather you see it or not many of you are to be given the opportunity to rise above your instinctive response pattern if you make a conscious attempt to do so! You need to do this so it will lose its grip on you! Things are getting positive for you, I do see many of you moving into a new direction at this time!

Six of Swords Sept 15th-30th

Libra we have the six of swords, I feel some of you are focusing on obstacles, problems, career goals, relationships. I feel you’re having problems with relationships, perhaps personal property. Some of you I see in the area of romance will turn out to be a disappointment. Something unexpected is coming in at this time… I still see an illness, perhaps a business disagreement over an emotional issue… whatever this is, it will cause a loss of employment or earnings for some of you. You may do some rethinking, regarding goals, again, goals are meant to be revised! I’m also sensing  something about a competitor in the work area, something is happening here…. competition yes, competition is good for everyone, but something is happening in this work area I feel some backstabbing is going on… Libra, watch your back at this time! I know you are sick and tired of problems now, but you will press through this! I want you to know if you can concentrate on the future… if you could meditate and see the end result only picture it, visualize it, meditate on it, the end only,  miracles will result! Libra, you want to see miracles in your life… visualize it… don’t worry about the beginning, don’t worry about the middle, it’s the end that you need to visualize and meditate on… the universe, God, will take care of the beginning and the middle for you. This is a miracle worker please do this, meditate, see the end. I feel is a lot of you do meditate, remember you come first… if you cannot take care of you, you cannot take care of anyone else! I feel this can also be over some finances this turmoil I’m seeing, I want you to know that you will make money sooner than you think! I again, am being drawn to coworkers, others, somebody is making your environment rather unpleasant at this time. If any of you are being abused either verbally, or physically, rather that be in the workplace, in your family, in your home, make plans to get out of that situation, the sooner the better off you are going to be. This problem is not going to go away on its own, you have to take a stance you have to take action!

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