Libra Tarot Card Reading Predictions, July 2016! Looking Fab Libra!!

Libra Tarot Card Reading Predictions, July 2016!

Page of Wands, Six of Cups Queen of Pentacles,

For the first two weeks in July, 2016 Libra, I pulled the “Page of Wands”

The Page of Wands in Astrology stands for the signs of Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius! She’s a fire sign, keeper of the flame! I see for some of you at the beginning of the month Libra, your focus is on spiritual, & work related ideas. You have a desire for expansion now! I see many of you taking on a new approach in your work & it will lead to more money! I do see finances improving for some of you! But I get that you are still concern about your finances to, wishing, hoping, preying, something will pan out in your favor. I see this for many of you, that you own a business of your own, again, you working on making more money, expanding it, improving.

I also see some of your social life increasing this month. Some of you who are single will meet someone special this month. Those that are in a relationship will gear more toward making it feel more alive, more free, fun!

I see some of you getting some kind of message bringing good news to you, I see this has to do with money coming your way! I want to say for some of you I do see you are super anxious about something or someone? I feel as if it’s not going the way you thought it would? I am thinking it has to do with some kind of partnership you are in now. Not sure it that is business related or not. I do see some of you getting a job now, not what you at first went for, but it is compatible to the one you wanted! If in business for yourself or on a commission type based job, I see you having repeat clients, I see this because you are creating new ideas to retain them, & to get them in your playing field! Again, I’m getting romance….alot of you will be meeting someone new!

Six of Cups coming middle part of July, 2016! Libra Predictions Tarot Card Reading!

Six of Cups refers to the “Sun in Scorpio” “Lord of Pleasures”!

I see alot of you rehashing your child hood memories now, remembering how it use to be with (for some of you) your siblings, your friends, all are pulling at you now, this I do see for many of you out there, you may-even be re conciliating after some kind of insult, argument, or perhaps a separation.

I see you focusing on, friends, work, possibly some of you are unemployed, or will soon be. This is where you are hard at work now, also, lovers seem to come in now for some of also. I do see something related to some unexpected financial opportunity, also, a job offer is coming in now for you! I see you sought after professionally, also personally. Some of you are going to be rewarded for your…I’m seeing writing skills. Also, you’re going to get some great news about someone close to you, & money is coming soon! I see many of you making more money than you thought possible now to!! I feel many of you are feeling very nostalgic now, about the past, something has triggered an emotional response, you seem to be looking back at all that once was. Also, some kind of gathering with family, friends, some of you will be seeing an old love from the past! Again, congrats, to many of you, you are having success in publishing a book! Let me tell you Libra, things are working out so well for you at this time!

“Queen of Pentacles” Libra coming in toward the end of July, 2016!

In Astrology, Queen of Pentacles refers to Capricorn! (Some say Aquarius)

You are focused on your hopes, dreams, wishes! I see you searching for a place where you belong now! Many of you will meet people who are very unusual from your norm! This is just what you need now Libra! Make plans, travel, go have fun! It’s perfectly ok! I also see many of you getting a letter, something that contains money! New information is coming in for some of you pertaining to work…..this will cause you to look at it in a much happier way!

I see your July in such a positive way Libra, money, meeting new people who are different then you normally hang with, business improving, jobs coming your way! You are looking good Libra!

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2 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    I truly hope that meeting someone special this month and all that you predicted for Libra finances for the month of July will occur. After much hardship and being homeless, I am doing everything in my power for this not to happen to us again. It has been a very difficult road and a change for the better will surely be welcome with open arms. Our suffering has to end soon.

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