Libra September 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Solar Eclipse With a Wicked Twist!

Libra September 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Solar Eclipse With a Wicked Twist!

Libra, we have two eclipses this month, plus an extra new moon at the end of September! Also Jupiter on September 9 will go into your sign Libra and towards the end of September it will no longer be making an aspect to Saturn! Let’s get started and talk about September, we still have some issues to get through, but with the promise of things pushing through for you coming towards the end of September beginning of October 2016!

September 1st, you have your solar eclipse, new moon in your 12th house in the sign of Virgo. The 12th house is commonly referred to as the house of the unconscious. The 12th house also makes us feel confined, this is the house that rules hospitals, institutions, asylums, jail, and any space that inhibits our freedom. The 12th house also represents a form of danger, secret enemies,  anything done with secrecy or concealment. I feel with many of you Libra’s, this solar eclipse and depending on what the Solar Eclipse is aspect to in your natal chart, I at this time see many of you making plans to bring something you have been working on for quite some time now, into your life. But please remember Mercury retrograde August 30, 2016, it’s not a good time to launch anything new, this solar eclipse and Mercury being retrograde it’s kind of like a damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  (This is why I’m calling this a Wicked Twist) If you do feel a very strong urge to bring something in new to create something new if you could do it for short-term until Mercury goes to direct on September 22nd, I feel the better off you will be. But we all know life goes on, if you are planning on launching or, starting something new at least get a second pair of eyes, and a second pair of ears!

September 2nd, 2016, you will have an aspect with your sun, and Neptune, and Saturn, that could very well cause delays, mix up, and even scandals. I want you to know that the driving force of this will be Neptune, because Neptune is in the sign of Pisces, that is where Neptune is the strongest. With this alignment that I am talking about it does have three parts and they’re all chaotic! To start Saturn is square your sun which will bring slowdowns and obstacles. Neptune being in opposition to your sun, is going to cause a brain like fog. Now the Saturn square Neptune the second time this year, is another indication that you will have a hard time distinguishing what is real and what is not. Libra, this is a loud warning that this is a time with some hidden dangers. You need to keep calm and stay under the radar!

September 9th, when Jupiter goes into your sign of Libra, Jupiter will spend one year there and it is your birthday time, things are going to start moving forward after September 22nd! While Jupiter is in Libra, it will bring you good fortunes and blessings especially to those of you born under a Libra sun, a Libra moon, or your rising sign is Libra.

On September 16, you will have a lunar eclipse in your sixth house in the sign of Pisces. The sixth house is your work service to others and health house. Virgo rules this house, Mercury rules Virgo. This sixth house is time to take stock of ourselves, to discriminate between our priorities, to recognize our limits and the truth of our own nature and humanity. This sixth house is all about sticking to our plan and blossoming into precisely what we are meant to be. Pets are also in our six house. With a lunar eclipse being about endings I feel for many Libra this is a time you will be wrapping up something related to work that is no longer working for you. I also see many of you beginning a new exercise routine, possibly diet, ending something that had to do with the way you used to keep  healthy.

On September 17th, 2016 you will have the sun, moon, and Mars they are all inflexible signs. Meaning things will go your way at this time. On September 17th, also you’re going to have a power drive that is focused on exploring new possibilities. You will have a pleasant surprise during this time also as I see a few of you libra’s are taking a risk now, really going for it to me this is meaning something to do with your third house which is a Gemini house and Mercury rules this house, I feel it has something to do with  communication, something you are pushing forward now. On September 26th, 2016, Jupiter moved into your first house of you Libra! (Birthday time) It’s also in your sign with the sun in Libra also they are conjunct at this time Libra, this is considered one of the most fantastic transits, it is super good! That does depend if your chart, which means your natal chart, if it is severely afflicted by other transits at this time, this may go the other way. This is a general forecast for all Libra’s, and Libra rising, and if you’re moon is in Libra. I say invest in yourself and order your own astrology horoscope reading in detail, so you know how all the transits that I’m talking about will be afflicting your natal planets in your chart. With that said, this is a good time for you Libra, this is  awesome, your feeling very optimistic. Libra, this is the beginning of a new 12 year cycle of growth in your life! It’s a perfect time to initiate any new projects also, expanding your activities so that you are able to experience life from a broader perspective! A lot of times I have known this transit as a time that most people travel.

On September 30, 2016, Libra the new moon also joins Jupiter and the sun in the sign of Libra in your first house, this is a perfect time to write down your 10 birthday wishes, also your 10 new moon wishes! New beginnings I see many of you Libra with the new moon here and the sun lighting it all up and Jupiter expanding whatever it is you are working on now, I see many of you changing up your hairstyle now, possibly hair-color, dressing differently, you’re working on you now Libra! New beginnings are coming in, the Saturn and Neptune are on the way out! Things will start moving again without fear, this is a great time for you Libra!

Prosperity and Peace Affirmation: I wanted to leave you with a prosperity and peace affirmation, super powerful, you are to do this on Sept, 18, 2016. It is the day of international peace. Please ensure that you have a small piece of tumbled amethyst, lavender scented oil, and neroli oil.
Begin by anointing the amethyst, with the neroli and lavender oil, and then anoint yourself with both oils. The amethyst in your receiving hand. Take a deep and complete breath to center yourself, and then merge with the goddesses and gods of prosperity and peace. Next, say this affirmation out loud: I am at peace with myself and my world, and I am empowered by defined prosperity and abundance, today and every day. Blessed be the Goddess and God!
Repeat this affirmation at least eight times throughout the day on this international day of peace. Continue saying the affirmation for the next 28 days (a moon cycle) for best results.

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