Libra June 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast!

Time To Travel & Seek New Scenery Libra!

Libra you are ready to shake things up a bit! But before you get to far please do remember you have Mars still retrograde in your 2nd house of finances. I know what you thinking, its been a total snail crawl since Mars went to bed on you back in May! It will not be to much longer & it will go direct again June 29th, then is when you can plan on full steam ahead! Now, just put your goals on paper without launching them! You will be so grateful later on that you did!

On June 4th, 2016,  you my dear Libra will have the Sun, Venus, & the New Moon in your 9th house! The 9th house represents the area of our lives that deal with philosophy, & religion. The 9th house belongs to Sagittarius, & Jupiter rules that sign & the 9th house! You may find that you are going to be traveling, or maybe some of you will be writing a new book, or promoting it. Some of you may be studying in areas of philosophy, or religion at this time. You have to do something new now, you will not feel like doing the same ol’ thing at this time. Rather it be for pleasure or study, or a new hobby, travel, seeking new opportunities is what is called for now! (with a reminder not to launch anything new until Mars goes direct in June 29th). Also, you may find this transit simply may activate a interest in metaphysical, religious, & spiritual at this time. What-ever you do, you will be more moved to be around beautiful scenery, as Venus is all about love, & beauty, oh…& money! But hold on my dear Libras as July will be your money month!

With the New Moon in your 9th house it is new beginnings! You will want to travel as well as you are wanting to be free, expand your horizons now! You again just be getting ready to launch a new project! Something new is coming in for you Libra! If I was able to have your natal chart I’d be able to tell you exactly what that maybe at this time! Please see my services.rates & order your personal horoscope predictions! This is a general forecast for all Libras!

On June 13th, Mercury will join the others in your 9th house! This transit fits in well with travel at this time! See Libra you are going to want new things coming in now, new adventures, new scenery! This transit is great for all kinds of communication & conversations! Some of you may find you are quite open to alternative lifestyles at this time to! Get out there Libra! Also on the 13th of June Uranus will be sextilling your Venus! Uranus in your 7th house of relationships, & Venus in your 9th. With Uranus in your 7th house, you may find that a certain relationship maybe coming to an end. Some of you anyway. Because of the fact some of you stay’d in a broken relationship for some time now, either because of the children, or could be due to money, joint resources, what-ever the reason & do note this can also be related to business partners to, and maybe this has already happened to some of you, or its coming. Some of you may decide to start an affair because it’s new & exciting. If that is the case it will not last so make sure & ask yourself if there is anything you can do to spice up what you already have! If not, it maybe time to move on! Venus is your ruling planet Libra, & when we have Uranus & Venus Sextiling, a new exciting relationship may prevail for you now! If already in a relationship, you will be finding ways to spice it up! Sweet romance is called for now! Make it a date night!

June 26th, you have the Sun & Venus moving into your 10th house of careers! With the Sun & Venus in your 10th house of career the Sun lighting up the way, Venus, love & money, & they are both conjunct you will be wanting to turn your attention to your career & what you want to make out of it now, as you maybe changing up some things! Do you see yourselves going in the direction you are wanting? You will find yourselves examining your role on a grander scale now Libra, a much larger role in your community, your role in a larger society. I must say I see one possible effect for some of you being in the lime-light! Rather that be on a small or much larger scale. Also, do note at this time you do not have to be all that strong, competent to succeed! One strong word of warning for you, do not pretend to be something that you are not, trust me, the truth will come out eventually, so if you have misrepresented yourself, it will damage you. Venus will bring to you by being in the 10th house of careers, it will bring you favorable circumstances in both your professional & business life!! You will find people who are in authority will be most favorable to you now. Also, you may find a new love relationship coming in now with someone older, someone that is a guide figure. It will be someone who will be able to help you get ahead in life now.  You may find yourself falling in love with a boss or an employer. If already in a relationship, it will strengthen under this transit & taken to new heights!

 On the 20th of June, your full moon will be in your 3rd house of communications. But Saturn will also be there! Saturn is the planet of discipline, it wants to cement things. It wants to get rid of the things in your life that are no-longer severing you. And with the Full Moon here, it signifies a time of endings. So my dear Libra, what is needing to go now? Only you know that answer to that question! If something is meant to end, let it, only then will new doors open for you!

Jupiter is also opposing Neptune. Neptune in your 6th, Jupiter in your 12th house. Interesting indeed!  While Neptune is in your 6th house it will affect both your health, & your work area. What I mean by health is maybe headaches will begin, some stress, colds. Aries is ruling that house on the cusp…Aries rules the head. I know my brother has been experiencing headaches lately. All is fine with his health as he has had it all checked out. I’m just wanting to convey the fact that Astrology can detect more then if a new relationship is coming into your lives! With Jupiter opposing Neptune it will be hard to know what ideas you have are real & what are speculation, to risky. Neptune being dreamy in that 6th house & unrealistic at times, Jupiter rules money & expansion,  you may fine you are taking unnecessary risks with your money. Also, if one is incline to use drugs, or alcohol to escape learning what must be learnt now, you will fail, & possibly it could cause you to go into a bankruptcy as you feel like living on the edge, again, taking risk that seem to be to good to be true!  Some of you anyway.

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