Libra Horoscope Predictions 2019 ~ Deception in the Air Libra

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September 2nd ~ 8th ~

2nd ~ Happy Labor Day!

Spiritual Design Astrology
by Bree

        Tip: Save your plastic forks when you get takeaway meals or look for old silverware at yard sales. Plant them in with your vegetables. It may look odd, but it will deter rabbits and other animals who would hop along to help themselves, undoing all your hard work and putting your crop in jeopardy.

Credit for this Tip goes to Llewellyn’s 2019 Moon Sign Book.

Jupiter Square Venus ~

Jupiter is in your 3rd house & Venus in your 12th house Libra!

Venus is in the sign of Virgo, which makes Venus in its fall, Venus does not do well in the picky sign of Virgo. Jupiter in Sagittarius is at home in this sign. The 3rd house is the house of communication, transportation, siblings, relatives. The 12th house is a karmic house & is the house of hidden enemies, subconscious mind, confinement.

Here we have your two pleasure planets at odds, (Square one another) but no worries Libra, this transit has been known to on occasion attract someone in which you could have a significant relationship with! But not so fast, Jupiter loves freedom, Venus adores closeness, so a compromise is warranted Libra. This is an excellent transit for vacations, or a road trip, this transit will awaken your love of beauty, warning: watch the bank account! This is coming from the 3rd & 12th house, something “secretive” will be revealed only on steroids! Be careful!

4th ~ Venus opposite Neptune

Venus is in your 12th house & Neptune is in your 6th.

The 6th house is the house of service to others & their service to you, as well as health, small pets.

Neptune is not of this earth, & does have a dark side, which produces fogginess, deception, at times, Neptune also has a lighter side a more dreamer side, creativity, fantasy, dreamworld.

Venus is the love goddess & also benefits us with money, but not as much as Jupiter!

Under this transit, there is a very real danger regarding deception in a relationship. Something hidden. Be careful Libra, do not fool yourself with any issues on the table regarding your relationships. With Neptune in the picture, it is advised to act upon things Neptune adores, painting, art class, writing, volunteer at your local hospital, or institution. Neptune loves this!

6th ~ Venus trine Pluto

Venus is in your 12th house of dreams, things hidden, confinement. Pluto is in your 4th house of home.

Look for some intense relationships on this day. Libra, it is possible for a new relationship to start on this day and if it does it will likely be super intense. It is said that wherever one’s Natal Venus is, house position-wise, that is where you will meet your significant other. (Example: Natal Venus in your 10th house of career, one is likely to meet someone special in that career atmosphere.) Any relationship that may start under this influence Libra it’s as if you are drawn to one another by some magical power, that’s because there’s something in the other person that is representing something that’s inside of you which needs to be expressed through a love relationship. Do note that this is really a side of your own psyche that you are feeling.

Tip: Occupational Training ~ When you begin training, see that your Lunar cycle is favorable that day and that the planet ruling your occupation is marked conjunct or trine.

Credit for this Tip goes to Llewellyn’s 2019 Moon Sign Book.

7th ~ Mercury ~ Neptune opposite

Mercury 12th house Neptune 6th house.

This transit does indicate a day of mental unclarity, it could seem as if so much is coming all at once into your mind that it’s going to be so impossible to make any sense out of it. There are some individuals that may experience this transit as having a great spiritual awareness but it gets tricky because it’s hard now to know if you are proceeding truth and when you’re simply confused because so much is coming at you. If you’re able to stay away from any work that requires disciplined thinking because there is vagueness that will cause mistakes. Look for communications to be especially difficult today even if the person you’re conversing with is being very clear, there could be misunderstandings. This particular transit is what we call a classic transit for being swindled, taken for a ride, or possibly being lied to. This is coming from the 12th house of hidden enemies & 6th house of service Libra,

8th ~ Mars trine Saturn

Mars in your 12th house & Saturn is in your 4th house.

This transit (Mars trine Saturn) gives you patience & the willingness to accomplish! Any task that you set out to do. This transit gives you the power to control your objectives and go at an even pace.

September 9th ~ 15th

10th ~  Sun opposite Neptune

The Sun is in your 12th house & Neptune is in your 6th house.

Look for a day of considerable confusion and uncertainty! Ego energies are not high today, and you are in no mood for competition, you’re not on your game today Libra! It’s a good day to lay low.

14th ~ Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon will be in your 6th house Libra! A full moon is a time to bring things you’ve been working on to completion.

Remember Libra you will have at the same time Mars & Neptune opposition, couple this with the Sun/Neptune opposite, & with this Pisces Full Moon, you will feel a loss of self-confidence, & feelings of weakness.

14th ~ Mercury & Venus enter Libra

Venus is at home in the sign of Libra, you get the green light to smooth sailing, sign those contracts, communication goes smooth, business & relationships are favored!

September 16th ~ 22nd

18th ~ Saturn goes direct

Saturn’s been retrograde since April, this was the time to focus on any loose ends & any plans you wanted to get on paper to bring forth now with Saturn going direct you will have Saturn’s blessings to implement them, leaving the past behind!

19th ~ Mars ~ Pluto Trine

Do not waste this opportunity, With Mars in your 12th house & Pluto in the 4th house. This is a good time to formulate objectives regarding any long-range efforts. With this energy, you are now blessed with does allow you to keep up sustained effort for a very long time. There are times this transit can bring an opportunity to understanding what motivates you and how you can operate from this new understanding. I feel that this can play a framework for you Libra regarding the transformation of the self, bringing in a new you. Just remember to keep in mind the greater needs of society, which will, in turn, give you mega opportunity for lots of gains and successes.

21st ~ Jupiter square Neptune

This will happen for the last time this year, Jupiter square Neptune causes lots of flooding, which we have seen across the globe!

Jupiter is in your 3rd house & Neptune in your 6th house Leo

When these two square you will feel very generous at this time Libra, but make sure the people you choose to be charitable to are worthy, some people do not want to be saved! Be careful of taking foolish risk at this time this transit gives off a false optimism. You will find this transit is testing your grasp of reality also it is testing your ability to translate ideas into practice. Jupiter loves expanding our goodies but also with that same statement, Jupiter isn’t picky about expanding our faults/issues/problems, either, it totally depends on what Jupiter is aspecting in your natal chart/cusp.

22nd ~ Mercury square Saturn

Libra, Saturn is in your 4th house of home, & Mercury in your 1st house, of you. Luckily this only last a few days, it can bring on depression and negative outlooks. So, it is advisable to meditate and practice beneficial mantras during this time.

23rd ~ 30th Happy Fall!

The Sun will enter Libra Monday the 23rd, the first day of fall! It’s a good time to ensure your life is in balance.

26th ~ Mercury square Pluto

Mercury is in your 1st house & Pluto is in your 4th house Libra. Have an open mind & try not to become obsessed with any one idea or thing! Try not to enforce your ideas on others. Turn this on yourself & you will achieve something of real value.

28th ~ New Moon in Libra

This New Moon will be in your 1st house, the 1st house is all about you! I’m seeing a new makeover Libra!

30th ~ Venus square Pluto

Venus is in your 1st house & Pluto is in your 4th.

Venus is in the sign of Libra; Venus is at home in Libra & in your house of how the world sees you. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn. Because I also practice Mundane Astrology, look for the stock market to decline. Keep an eye on your bank account and your relationships Libra there could be power struggles in these areas. This will be coming from you to something related to your home/life.

Remember Neptune is retrograde from June 21st to November 27th, 2019. 
The planet Neptune rules our fantasy, our creative side. Dreamworld. Neptune also has a darker side that comes out to play, which produces deceptions, denial, & delusions. Look for issues in yourself & surroundings, one’s refusal for taking care of business, financial & relationships, closing your eyes, ignoring portentous issues that need one’s attention. 
Neptune is not of this earth. It is known to loom in the background, in the shadows, like a termite destroying wood only to discover the damage after the fact.
Neptune is one of the strongest planets related to cancer, sometimes hidden, until too late.  
Tip: If you have a natal Neptune or transiting Neptune in your 6th house of health, always, always. seek more than one opinion on health-related issues, always! Also, if Neptune (Pisces) in on your 6th house cusp. 

Many blessings, Bree
















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