Leo Tarot Reading December 2016! New Opportunities!

Leo Tarot Reading December 2016

Six of Cups Dec~1st~12th

Leo, I feel like your main focus for the month of December will be on change, regarding, friends and relatives lovers, also, your main focus will be on your work, your career. You have a desire Leo, for a unique wish you are wanting to see manifest, I’m getting you are wanting to phase out something in favor for something else. In the romance department Leo, I feel you are experiencing some new possibilities. Some of you I do feel as you are looking back on your past , you are wishing you could have it back. I feel you are tired, depressed, something is out of whack with you Leo. But I see you pushing through. I’m getting a sense Leo, that you are lonely. Something’s missing.

I do see many of you Leo are going to be receiving support from your boss, possibly a job offer, I’m seeing some unexpected financial or career opportunity for you Leo. Expect some wonderful news Leo, recognition. And this is much-needed because at this time Leo, you just do not have the strength to keep up with no relief or reward insight. I see many of you Leo with happy surrounding… career gratification. I also see money will be arriving soon Leo. Leo, I do feel many of you will do well financially and possibly make more money than what you anticipated. You will be gathering with family and friends, I also see a love interest from your past.

Leo, I’m getting recognition in your career field… I’m seeing some of you are writers, I’m seeing that you will achieve success in publishing, something related to the literary field. Leo, you need to relax things are going to work out much better than you anticipated! Spirit is saying “RELAX” Your getting where you want to go! Some details need to be filled in!

Three of Pentacles~Dec~12th~24th

Leo, for those of you that have been separated from the one that you love, I do see your memories beginning to fade freeing you to accept new opportunities in the romance department. I see many of you enjoying your surroundings at this time, good friends, new friends, and new business associates. I’m also getting something that involves papers, spirit is telling me Leo soon you’re going to be adding some new ideas to a project that possibly involves papers, I also see you asking for help at this time. Leo, few of you I do see are discussing living arrangements, I also see in business related sectors, you are making plans to begin a something new. I see many of you be starting a new business, that will possibly bring you in new income. For Leo I’m seeing this new business may start in your home. I do see you succeeding in getting your ideas down on paper and selling those ideas to the public. I see many of you will be grateful, I’m seeing for a meeting with someone else because it inspires your bottom line Leo, I do see you having to push yourself, your ideas, or your product, but that will bring in new opportunities so do not be afraid to give yourself that extra push at this time. You will be rewarded!

King of Wands~Dec~24th~31st

Leo, the king of Wands in astrology relates to the sun sign Aries. Mars rules Aries. Your on fire now Leo! I see you with purpose now, ambition, I see many of you being successful in a new business you have created. Possibly in a company you work for. I see you very busy Leo, getting many calls at this time. For some of you Leo’s, I do see you talking about moving into a new home! Also, coming in is an opportunity for you to travel you need to accept this invitation Leo because it could turn in to something more promising. I do see for many of you Leo, your finances are improving, I’m seeing orders or calls for work, that will be increasing. Many of you Leo at this time, I’m getting you are watching your health,  or your diet, I’m seeing you suffering from tension headaches, possibly lower back pain. I’m seeing you Leo, making a trip to your doctor, possibly changing up your exercise routine. Watching what you eat!

Leo, I’m getting you are hurt, you’re disappointed, someone, perhaps even a business associate, has lied to you. I see you taking this very much to heart Leo. Leo, I do feel your success is going to come through new ventures, and your ability to get your ideas across to others. I see a business that is just beginning to show a profit. What it comes down to at this time Leo, will be how you decide your future will go, at this time you need to continue to direct your energy towards your work, your ideas, you are a leader Leo, that is where your strength lies now.

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