Leo Tarot Card Reading for September 2016! Some wins & losses Leo!

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Leo Tarot Card Reading for September 2016!

Page of Wands! Sept 1st-15th! Tarot Readings!

Leo! For the first two weeks in September for your tarot reading, I feel a lot of you are focusing and discussing, something about new beginnings… something about ideas, something spiritual! I feel many of you are wanting to break free either in business, or with a significant relationship at this time. I see many of you wanting something meaningful in your life right now, I see many of you going through uncomfortable changes, possibly even your moods are being affected at this time. You are trying to promote something right now, something that involves papers, I’m going to say I see it being successful! Many of you have been looking for and have found a new approach to your work that will turn in to a very successful project. Many of you will get messages that is going to be bringing in good news surrounding financial gain at this time! You know Leo… I do see your finances improving in some areas, but I see you still worried about money! Leo, your desires that you are wanting to see materialize at this time, and your social life at this time, will increase, for some of you. Please remember, this is a general tarot reading predictions for all Leo, Leo rising, and if your moon is in Leo. If you would like your own tarot reading, please go below this page I am offering a special at this time. Or please go to my services and rates and see what I have to offer! I also feel that some of you are feeling that things are not as rosy as they should be, I see you disappointed because some of you are having to put something off right now and because some of you are not with the one you want to be with, instead you’re with someone you’re just putting up with for now. Let me tell you Leo that will come to an end!


I do see some of you getting a business referral or a job opportunity at this time. I see many of you…. your success is going to come through clients that you had before, business will start moving now. Changes in the air Leo you will discover a new approach on how you deal with business, money, relationships.

Four of Cups! Sept 15th-22nd!

Leo, at this time I see your focused on anything material things & your physical well-being, you’re obsessed with something, I feel this may have to do with a job , some type of new source of income. Romance, I do see some of you wanting her/him, to come back… you’re not able to stop thinking about them you’re wondering if there’s a chance that you’ll get back together. I’m seeing something to do with paper, programs, contracts, you’re going to need the help of someone professional at this time… something to do with papers is coming into view and needs to be dealt with now. For some of you, I see your business is going to increase! I do see some of you being offered a job at this time. Definitely a lot of you Leo’s will be getting a  call for work right now. Leo you’re going to be quite successful in resources right now, money coming in, it’s like a lucky surprises coming in for you, I sense you are not aware of it yet!  Many of you are going to get something in your business, finances, spiritual, some type of reward is coming for you. I feel at this time many of you will be accomplishing your material goals, but many of you I feel there’s something missing, I feel you you are pineing away for a love interest that once used to blossom, and now has died.


Five of Cups! Sept 22nd-30th! Tarot Readings! Leo,Leo rising, & moon in Leo!

End of September Leo, I see many of you focusing on some kind of resentment, some kind of a delay, perhaps set backs, some of you I feel are depressed right now. I just feel your not yourselves, you’re trying to find someone to share your life with at this time, you’re hoping someone will return, you’re looking back and realizing that the person you were meant to be with has gone, disappeared. I feel you are hiding  from life,  possibly you are just emotionally overwhelmed at this time.

At this time Leo you need to expect some delays & setbacks. I feel your burnt out, I feel you want to give up, I feel that you feel you’ve done enough your throwing your hands up in the air! I feel if you’re married or involved with a significant other, partner, it’s unhappy, there is no love anymore… you don’t want to stick around to deal with it anymore. If you’re single right now you will meet someone so get out, make yourself get out there & participate, this is when you will meet someone! I do see many of you feeling very tired right now, perhaps you’re just tired of life itself, this is not a good. I feel something’s happening! I want to say if you meditate right now that will be very beneficial for you Leo. I want to say you will have success, you need to meditate, possibly even applied metaphysical principles at this time it will be beneficial. I do see some of you are suddenly coming into more money, you have some good luck in replacing something possibly preparing something, something will be replaced at this time. It’s hard to say if someone is going to return to you, it depends on how you handle what is happening in your life at this time, & you do need your own personal tarot reading to pin all of this down!

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