Leo Tarot Card Predictions Reading July 2016

Leo’s you are the  Leaders in the World! My grandson is a Leo! He’s a cute little guy! For the Month of July, 2016, I pulled For the first two weeks of the month,

“The Ace of Cups” First two weeks in July, 2016!

The Ace of Cups in Astrology resembles water, all water signs are Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer! Ace of Cups corresponds to Summer, the months of June, July, & Autumn, August! This card is the healing power of love, grace of compassion, & forgiveness. Also, I want to mention one more, the shape of the cup does resemble a womb-like shape, if you look close, it also stands for creativity, & fertility! I see many of you are focused mainly on love, pleasure, creative ideas now. Some of you are in a dead search for clarity on some issue, something surrounding your heart strings…you are hoping something pans out. Maybe it’s the new home I see many of you buying now. Or something in regards to your home. I do see the some of you getting that call from a man/woman, you have been hoping to hear from! I see travel for some of now, it will be a fabulous trip!

Some of you are going to have great strife related to your work area! Its like its being renewed now. I can say I do see with this card a positive flow going for you, praise to! I also see alot of you getting married soon, or are going to a wedding! On the fiances level,  I do see some concerns, but on a brighter note, I also see you purchasing something you could not afford before to! I so see you very happy with your relationships now, something working out after all!

The second Tarot card I pulled was “The Empress” I see this coming in the middle part of July, 2016, to the end of July, 2016

The Empress in Astrology represents Venus! for the middle of  July, The Empress in Astrology rules the planet Virgo. Love & beauty they both love! The Empress constantly brings new life into a stale, routine type of situation. She also resembles pregnancy, birth! You see her sitting in a beautiful garden! Surrounded by beauty! She has a flavor for stability, comfort, Do you see her crown? She’s wearing a crown with 12 stars in it, one for each month of the year, & sign of the zodiac! It’s exciting to get her in a reading! I see many of you surrounded with children, having fun, playing, or, I do see some of are either planning a pregnancy, or you are with child! You are making your home surroundings beautiful in anticipation of a new born! The Empress also rules the 7th house in Astrology, the 7th house is Libra, Venus rules Libra!. And Taurus! I see many of you so happy, excited, your in love! And your partner is all you dreamed of now to! Some of you are getting ready to move…either you have brought a home, or are planning on moving & renting. You are gearing up for a new life! I do want to say, do not gloss over documents that need signed, I see many of you doing this because your excited, please be sure to get an second opinion before signing any documents now! I know & see your very happy now, excited…that’s great! BUT, please do not gloss over documents you are needing to sign!

I do see some of you troubled, troubled over way to much pint up energy, your wanting to create something, you are having a hard time deciding what! I say get in touch with your feelings now, they are trying to communicate with you!

Something also has you crazy related to finances…I want you to know not to worry it’s all going turn out great! The money is coming, it just is taking a bit longer then you thought due to Mars is/was retro~! Mars will pick up speed here shortly! Also, if your single you will make a connection with someone, & it will be positive! I do see you with positive attitudes, this is good, & a lot of you are listening to your inner self now to! I know things have been slow, once again, Mars was/is, retro, some of you I feel are on over load now to, you need to do some meditating, visualize the end result you want to see!

I can say while there is an element of delays, postponement, your future is looking very bright Leo!

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