Leo Solar Eclipse August 11 2018

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An eclipse happens when the Moon and the Earth are in close orbit and also in alignment with the Sun. If the light of the Sun is blocked out from the Earth by the Moon, then this is known as a Solar Eclipse, and if the light of the Moon is blocked out then this is called a Lunar Eclipse. There is a New Moon in the sky every month, but we only have eclipses every six months or so.

What’s the meaning of a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is exact between the Earth and the Sun and blocks out the light from the Sun so that it can’t be seen here on Earth. Traditionally a Solar Eclipse is a very significant time and these New Moon periods are also symbolically about either fresh starts or endings.

Usually, a Solar Eclipse will trigger a very powerful event or revelation in your life that will then play out over the next six months, and this could be a time of intense transformation for many people. On a positive note, however, these transformations, while sometimes brutal, are also giving you the chance to make much-needed changes in your life. When a Solar Eclipse sweeps through town, it really clears a lot of the debris in its path. We have had a series of eclipses lately and the Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018, will fall in the sign of Leo. This means that if you have a Leo Sun Sign or a Leo Rising Sign, then you are likely to feel this eclipse quite strongly. If you also have strong Aquarius factors such as an Aquarius Sun Sign then you will also likely feel this eclipse strongly as Aquarius is the opposite sign of Leo.

When this Solar Eclipse hits it will mean that one area of your life may come undone, as things will start to unravel and you will have to put the pieces back together again. But look at this as a chance to also start again and make the changes that are long overdue in your life! While astrologers often say that eclipses bring endings, they also bring new beginnings as out of something old, something new blooms in its place – this is why you should never fear an eclipse! One thing to look out for is that an eclipse changes us so deeply that it may also mean that others look at us in a different way as well – and this can cause a domino effect in our relationships as everything around us changes. Also, you need to remember that everyone else is affected by an eclipse, so they all have their own changes and issues to deal with at the same time.

In order to know how an eclipse is going to affect you, you need to look at the house it will fall in on your chart and the part of your life that this house rules. If you have a Leo Sun Sign, however, then this eclipse could really shake up any part of your life. If you have a different Sun Sign, then you need to look at the house in more detail, so if the eclipse falls in your 1st House of Image, then this will be about how you see yourself and others see you. If it falls in your 2nd House of Finance, then you can expect financial shakeups on the horizon. If it falls in your 7th House of Relationships, then you may go through some relationship hurdles…and so on…

Another thing that we always see with eclipses is that previously hidden information or secrets of some kind often come to light – but it takes us some time to truly see the big picture. So you may find out a secret, but remember that you do not have all the information right now, and you will need to piece everything together over the following six months to truly work out what is going on and where you go from here. Also, remember that change is scary for anyone, but once you come out the other side, you will be so glad you made the necessary adjustments and transformed your life in ways you didn’t think possible!

To find out how this eclipse will change your life, read your Sun Sign and Rising Sign below!


While your stamina is now improved you may find that other areas of your life become more frantic such as younger people in your world like children. It may be that you notice transformations happening in their lives and that these affect you, but they may also cause you some stress, so the key is to go with the flow now and take these changes as they come.


You are on fire now Taurus and you need to stay grounded and get some of your priorities straight. It may be that you have issues with your family and home life now and this could be linked to your actual house or your apartment. If things have been rough emotionally with a family member lately then this could be the time when you can find a way to heal.


Communication could go haywire for you now and you need to be careful about how you communicate with others – so think before you send that email! You also need to be careful with metal objects like cars or knives so make sure you take care when you are driving. There could also be issues with family members now such as a brother or sister so think before you speak and don’t let the tension build up!


There could be a sense that you feel a little lost now Cancer and you may not know which way to turn in life. You may even question where and how you fit in and struggle with a lack of confidence in your ability to make decisions. If you have been struggling with your career then you also need to realize that this is a work in progress and that it will take time for you to get back on the right path. Home, family, and your place in the world are also in the spotlight now.


As the eclipse is going to all in your sign then it can affect pretty much any area of your life Leo. This eclipse could ask you to go deep within and work out who you really are and what you want in life. It may also ask you to think about your health and wellbeing – so also look at this as a time to cleanse and heal your body. This eclipse may well be exhausting for you so make sure you also take time to rest and focus on some self-care.


This eclipse focuses on your spiritual side and this is something that has probably been in a state of flux for some time now. As such, you get the chance to go over this again now and it could be that you have strayed from the right path and will now get the chance to find your way back again. Everything you thought you believed may well be subject to change now – so keep an open mind.


This eclipse is going to focus on groups and friends in your world Libra, so this is where you are going to see some changes. This could also apply to anything like group projects at work or on a personal level, like a band or another social group. People in your world are also facing big changes of their own which will affect their behavior and could cause some drama in your inner circle.


Your work life could cause you some issues now thanks to the eclipse and it could be that either you have a change in your career coming, or others do – such as a boss figure who suddenly leaves and creates a vacancy. There could also be something jarring on the horizon such as a company merger and this could mean redundancy for some people – but you always need to remember that this eclipse is also bringing much-needed changes into your life and getting rid of all the things that no longer work for you.


You could really struggle to find your feet with this eclipse and it could seem as if everything is in a state of flux around you. This is actually not a good time for you to make any major moves and you will find that delays are a constant issue for you now – so knowing that try to take it easy at this time.


You could have been wasting time on life’s little things lately Capricorn and now the universe is asking you to focus on the big things that are really important to you. This is about why you were put on this Earth and what you truly want to do in life – and it will also be about releasing some of your potential that you may have been repressing or not using up until now.


Relationships of all kinds could really go through the wringer now Aquarius and these could be romantic partnerships or other relationships such as work colleagues. It may be that you have outgrown some of these and if so the universe will point out where you went wrong and will show you the right path. If your relationship is solid then you have nothing to fear, but if it has been rocky lately then this may be the time for you to call it quits and move on to something better.


For you Pisces this eclipse will focus on your work life and your body and how you balance the two. It could be that you have been neglecting your health or that your daily routines now need to change so that you can be more productive. Your career may be going through some changes now and if that is the case then you really need to look at these as opportunities in disguise!


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