Leo September 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Solar Eclipses with a Wicked Twist!

Leo September 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Solar Eclipses with a Wicked Twist!

Leo let me say the month of September 2016, you will have two eclipses, and you are going to have a new Moon on September 30th! Also Jupiter, on September 9th, will be going into the sign of Libra! You will have your last Neptune and Saturn square in September, I know that made everybody feel as if they were taking one step forward & two steps back. Saturn was blocking Jupiter by being in the sign of Virgo….they do not mix well! Mercury went retrograde August 30th, 2016, Mercury will go direct September 22nd! Let’s get started and see what this all means Leo!

September 1st, 2016, Leo you will have a solar eclipse in the sign of Virgo in your second house of finances! Also the sun is lighting it all up! Solar eclipses is all about new beginnings, but we also have to consider the fact Mercury is retrograde! (Wicked Twist)! It will be frustrating to say the least! If you feel absolutely pushed to launch, or start anything new Leo at this time it is best to get a second pair of eyes and a second pair of ears before launching! Mercury retrograde is a time to go back over things, to revamp our goals, to revisit issues. With with that said, please remember this is a general horoscope forecast for all Leo’s, Leo’s rising, and if you have a moon in Leo, it is highly recommended Leo you invest in yourself and obtain your own personal horoscope forecast that shows how these transits that I am talking about are affecting your natal planets. I feel with this new moon in your second house a solar eclipse very powerful is making you Leo come up with some new plans, to bring in some extra income, possibly new income, the second house is how you make your money. With the sun lighting it all up, I see many of you successful at bringing in new money now.

September 2nd, you will have a very chaotic configuration with your sun, Neptune, and Saturn, this will cause chaos, mix ups, delays, and possibly even scandals. Leo, please note this will be mainly happening in our world, in our economy, it will get better, it’s just that at this time we have to get through this little bump in the road. You see Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces, he;s the strongest in the sign of Pisces. With this alignment it does have three parts to it and they’re all chaotic! First you have the Saturn square to your own sun, that is going to be the catalyst of slowdowns and obstacles. And here we have Neptune which is in opposition to your sun, Neptune in the eighth house, your sun in the second. This will cause you to be in a brain type fog as Neptune is a dreamy planet, & Saturn is a stern planet. Also, for the last time,… but it is the second time this year, Saturn is squaring Neptune, with all this craziness going on it does constitute a loud warning that this is the time with hidden dangers. Leo it’s best that you just stay under the radar and calm, for this too shall pass!

On September 7th, you have your sun, and Pluto in a beautiful trine which will give you a fantastic opportunity to successfully manage the details of any project or even relationships at this time. Now September 9th, Jupiter will go into the sign of Libra! In your third house, Mercury is also in that third house, and Venus also is in your third house showing you love and possibly bringing in some extra money from anything that has to do with communication, communication can be businesses over the Internet, as well as cell phones, land lines, this is just going to be a very good opportunity for you to successfully manage any details in your life now that need attention Leo! Also,with Jupiter in the sign of Libra it does bring good fortune and blessings to you, but especially if you have a Libra sun, a Libra moon, or your rising sign is Libra!

On September 12th, your sun and Mercury are conjunct in your second house of finances Leo, this aspect is asking you to look back at past issues, but remember Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, which does mean it’s time to clean house especially Leo around your job issues also some of you I do see stepping up on your health regimens. On on September 16th, 2016, you will have a lunar eclipse in your ninth house in the sign of Pisces! The lunar eclipse has something to do with endings…. something is coming to an end now for you Leo. The ninth house is a Sagittarius house, Jupiter rules this house! The ninth house is all about higher education, traveling, spiritual, religion, I see many of you Leo possibly traveling at this time short distances, perhaps ending a class you been taking or possibly a book that you have been writing has come to completion at this time. The ninth house is also a publishing house. Again, it depends on what the transits I’m talking about are making a  aspect your natal chart! This is a general reading!

On September 17th, you have Mars and Uranus in a trine what a powerful drive, you will be focusing on exploring all kinds of new possibilities Leo! I feel many of you are going to be contemplating on starting some new businesses Mars is in that fifth house possibly turning a hobby into a business, remember with Saturn, and Jupiter going up against each other for the past year, I realize things have been slow, one step forward two steps back, but, September into October is going to look and feel so much better Leo!September 22nd, 2016, Mercury goes direct! Mercury is making a trine with Pluto! This signifies a concern with very deep issues in your life at this time Leo. Because at this time you are really attracted to mysteries of all kinds. I feel many of you will be searching deeply into yourself trying to reach some answers to a problem in finding a solution, or many of you are looking for something you have lost. On September 23rd, Venus, will be going into the sign of Scorpio! Now things can get complicated because Scorpio brings out Venus’s shadow side, and that involves power & danger. I’m just asking you Leo to be careful if any of you at this time are trying to work through a crisis in your love life or your finances over the next month, Venus in Scorpio, can at times be mysterious & bring confusion. .September 30th, 2016, Leo, you have a new Moon in your third house of communications in the sign of Libra! Mercury is direct now, Saturn and Jupiter are no longer fighting, things are going to come together you have also Jupiter in the sign of Libra in the third house of communications! If you have an online business, if you’re thinking about starting one, anything that has to do with any type of communication you have the green light! Leo go for it!

Prosperity and Peace Affirmation: I wanted to leave you with a prosperity and peace affirmation, super powerful, you are to do this on Sept, 18, 2016. It is the day of international peace. Please ensure that you have a small piece of tumbled amethyst, lavender scented oil, and neroli oil.
Begin by anointing the amethyst, with the neroli and lavender oil, and then anoint yourself with both oils. The amethyst in your receiving hand. Take a deep and complete breath to center yourself, and then merge with the goddesses and gods of prosperity and peace. Next, say this affirmation out loud: I am at peace with myself and my world, and I am empowered by defined prosperity and abundance, today and every day. Blessed be the Goddess and God!
Repeat this affirmation at least eight times throughout the day on this international day of peace. Continue saying the affirmation for the next 28 days (a moon cycle) for best results.

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