Leo October 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Romance with Some Intense Issues Coming Leo!

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Leo October 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast! Romance with Some Intense Issues Coming Leo!

Leo, it is October already! Fall is here and in the air how invigorating! Get ready to take advantage of all the opportunities coming your way! Pluto went direct on September 26! Now that Pluto’s is up & moving…  slowly moving out of his cave… it’s going to be so much easier to confront his demands! Also, if I haven’t said this before we had September 27, 2016 Mars did leave Sagittarius & went into the sign of Capricorn! Now Mars does well in Capricorn he resonates in harmony energy of Capricorn. Simply put over the next six weeks for everyone who doesn’t mind putting their nose to the grindstone, there will be rewards! Venus on October 5th, is in your 4th house & will be sextile Pluto in your 6th house, I feel a lot of you will be gravitating towards a greater need to belong to a significant other, or possibly to a group at this time! Also love relationships are more intense at this time, and not to forget physical sexuality is experienced as something extraordinary! This can bring on the beginning of an unusual intense relationship Leo! I do want you to mark your calendar for October 3rd, through October 9th, we’ve got some high energy moving in, & I want to warn you about a couple of warning flags that things can somewhat get out of control! Let’s start with the first one that will be on October 5th, 2016, Mars, in your 6th house, will be making a square to Jupiter which is in your 3rd house! (for early birthdays Jupiter will be in your 3rd house) (Early Leo B-day July 23rd-couple days into Aug) … (Middle B-day, Aug, 3rd-12th)–… (late B-day 13th thur the end of sign…beginning of next yr…but…you will feel this now, 3 months before, but gets stronger more toward what I stated for B-day placements). This has the potential to be a very successful and an energetic aspect, but you have to proceed with caution! Mars is aggressive planet, Mars is a war sign, Jupiter is expansion, and money! This may make you take risk without taking into consideration the matter at task, you need to be sure and come to a balanced decision before acting during this transit! If you think, before you act you will get many things accomplished! This transit does make you act for the future, this is a great time for furthering new projects! But do not overextend yourself and go beyond your resources! On October 7th, Pluto will be square your sun! But no fears, also on October 7th, Mercury will balance out any over inflated egos as it makes its way into the sign of Libra! Please remember, this is a general horoscope forecast for Leo, Leo rising, and if you’re moon is in Leo, you will want to know how the planets are affecting your natal chart, your natal planets, everyone was born with their own individual set of fingerprints, the planets that I’m referring to will be making an aspect to your natal planets, it may differ on how these transits will affect you Leo! You are worth it to invest in your own personal horoscope reading!

October 15, 2016, Uranus (9th-house) will be opposition to the sun in Libra (3rd-house). This simply means…Uranus will be on the war-path! Leo, with this transit it could mean a sudden challenge in your outer world may force you to take on more responsibility for your life! Typical effects of this transit may include things like sudden events concerning employers, your superiors, men, basically unexpected circumstances that may perhaps force you to change your course of action! This aspect Uranus opposition to your Sun, happens once a year! Uranus is well-known as a symbol of freedom, it represents technological discoveries, and innovative ideas, it rules Aquarius. It does have a shadow side, that causes periods of unexpected changes! If there are important points in your chart that may be affected bank on it…  these changes will affect you personally, but for the most part all of us will be feeling its effect in politics, in our economy, and something worth noting… The sun – Uranus opposition will be interesting this year because it occurs during the last few weeks of the US presidential election, so simply put, you never know what unexpected theme may come into this presidential election year! How exciting, or…maybe not!! We’ll see!

October 15th/16, 2016, we have an Aries full moon, (9th-house) Aries is a Fire sign… combined with your Sun-Uranus opposition also fire…. full moons are usually an ending of something…or…someone! I do see your emotional tides will be running higher than usual, I do see hidden issues may come to light now! Also, this full moon will be bigger, it’s a brighter Super-moon, and it will be less than 1° from Uranus! now with this configuration between the sun and Uranus opposition, including the Super- moon, do expect disturbances and some general disruptions to occur! I’m going to say from October 10 – the 16th, it’ll be a really super good idea to make your plans accordingly, watch your surroundings, and I would avoid scheduling any important events for the dates mentioned! Primarily, this will affect the outer world, but then again, who wants to take that chance with all the craziness happening lately…huh?

October 18th, 2016, Venus will shift into happy Sagittarius (Venus-5th-house)! Traveling at this time is beneficial, also remember when Venus is in Sagittarius this combination prefers relationships that don’t require a commitment! So, Leo, if you’re in the mood for love with no strings attached…go for it! October 19th, Mars is conjunct Pluto (6th-house), you will find this aspect to be very powerful! Noting Mars will be the stronger of the two, while Pluto being the big boss! Mar’s aggressive energy fits perfectly with Capricorn’s ambitions, to achieve long-term goals, this dynamic duo will require lots of hard work, and may make you become involved in some type of uncontrolled use of force! Be careful Leo… I want to add that there is a real and present existence of possible bickering and even violence! More so in the outer economy, depends on how the aspects I’m referring to are making points to your natal planets! Meditation is strongly advised now!

October 30, you will have an intense Scorpio new moon! (4th house) New beginnings! Don’t forget to write your 10 new MOON wishes and keep them on a vision board so you are able to view each day! With this new Scorpio moon & its dark intensity, is awesome leading into Halloween!  My favorite time of the year! I love the crisp cool air and decorating for Halloween! I’d love to hear your personal stories regarding your Halloween experiences! Anything out of the extraordinary ever transpire for you during the Hollow’s eve? Please do share below, everyone loves reading about anything paranormal! Below this blog you will find a place that states to leave a comment…please tell us your Halloween experiences, we’d all love to hear it 🙂 I will be blogging on it thru out October! Scary!!

This is a general horoscope forecast…I want to really push this concept! I am getting messages that are conveying that this general predictions horoscope forecast is a hit & miss… as it is a general forecast! Please take comfort in knowing that once you order your own personal horoscope predictions forecast, will detail your natal planets you were born with & will leave this world with, all the transits I am referring to in our sky at the time I give…how are they making an aspect to your planets in your natal chart? It does matter!

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