Leo June 2016 Horoscope Predictions Forecast!

You’ve Got this Leo!

Lets start this by stating at the beginning of the month Leo June 4th, you have the New Moon, Venus, & the Sun lighting up your 11th house! The 11th house is all about  friends, collective projects, supports, & protections in life, the 11th house being Aquarius, which is co-ruled by Saturn & Uranus!  And In keeping with it’s dual rulership, we find that the concept of our group consciousness incorporated by the 11th house maybe understood in two very distinct ways. Saturn 1st & foremost, seeks greater security & a more profound sense of identity, through belonging to a group. Now rather that group is political, or, religious, ect….it enhances in a sense of who we are & gives us that feeling of security in numbers.

The Uranian side of the 11th house wants to teach us the kind of group consciousness that mystics & visionaries, spiritual teachers from all different types of cultures,  it’s speaking of individual unity with all of life. That we are part of a greater whole interconnected with the rest of creation. We are all linked together! Our 11th house is asking us how do we make our friends? While Mars makes friends with-out thinking, our Saturn is more shy, & awkward, much more cautious.!

The new moon is on June 4th, 2016 in the sign of Gemini, in the 11th house!  Don’t forget to write what you would like to see manifest in your life now! Very powerful! Keep a visionary board in front of you with all your intentions for the year! This New Moon is a time of rebirth—a time when we are given a chance to start fresh & new. With the new moon in Gemini in the 6th house, one is usually commutative, interested in leaning, & travel. possibly a new job you’ve been wanting! On June 13th, you have Mercury moving into your 11th house, & Mercury went direct on May 22nd! This is a great time to think about your goals you have set for yourselves Leo. This is the house of groups & friends, you will want to be out & making new contacts at this time!

June 20th, you have a full moon in your 5th of children, creative expression, hobbies. The full moon is indeed a hyper time for all of humanity as you know our crime rate goes up with a full moon, peoples tempers are tested now. With the full moon in your 5th house, it is conjunct Saturn. Saturn as I’ve stated above is all about discipline! I see this as a time for you Leo to be getting down to business now, weather that be in creating new plans to start a new business, (which please do remember Mars in still retro & will not go direct until June 29th, so if you are able to hold off until then that would be ideal) to possibly ending some area of your life now that is no longer serving you. Endings are a necessary part of life, we at times need to let go in-order to allow new beginnings into our lives!

On June 28th, the Sun & Venus, will move into your 12th house Leo! The 12th house represents the unconscious mind.  Secrets we keep from ourselves & others are in here. The 12th house of the zodiac recognizes that we may feel bound in life, stuck where we are and confined. And for this reason, this 12th house rules jails, hospitals, institutions, asylums and any and all space that inhibits our freedom. More gloominess in the Twelfth comes in the form of danger, secret enemies & hush- hush affairs. With the Sun & Venus conjunct here in your 12th house  you will be in-touch with your own subconscious mind.  You may find you have an interest in studying anything metaphysics,  or even  Astrology! Do take some time our for yourselves Leo as this is asking you to get into you! Great for taking a walk out in nature. Notice all the beautiful surroundings now! Some quite time is being asked of you now! A new relationship may also start now, but be careful as Mars in still retro. The Sun is lighting up your whole 12th house now with Venus showing love! Your dreams may take on more meaning now, things you have been working on may come to materialize! Enjoy this time now Leo, because if you will, you will find your way a whole lot easier!

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