Leo Horoscopes Predictions for the Year 2018! What You Need to Know Leo!

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Do you want to know how 2018 will work out for the sign of Leo? What will happen and how will it all play out? Which areas of your life will experience amazing luck from the heavens and which areas will be a little more challenging? Will this be a lucky year for Leo and will you find love? How will your health be affected? Will you find your dream job? If you want to find out the answers to these questions then read on and see all my predictions for love, work, money, health and luck in 2018!

To give you an accurate prediction of the year ahead we look at the astrological weather coming up for the sign of Leo and look at the positions of all the planets, including the important placements of Saturn and Jupiter in 2018. When you read your horoscope predictions for the year ahead, also make sure to read the information for your Rising Sign or Ascendant as well as your Sun Sign! More times than not your rising/ascendant sign will fit you so much better than your sun sign! Also note: It will take your whole Astrology Chart (Birthtime~ Am Or Pm must be included, City~State~Country~you were born, Month~Day~Year you were born to know exactly what is going on for you in the year ahead, this is a general reading for all Leo July 23rd~Aug~22nd, for the year 2018. With that in mind, the following will be hit or a miss! You must have your own Astrology chart completed for total accuracy as stated above! And NOT a computer print out!

Here’s to a great 2018 Leo!

Leo Love in 2018:

Love could be difficult for you in 2018 and there may be a number of breakups for people born under the sign of the Lion at the beginning of the year. Many relationships may not even make it to the summer and there could be a breaking point that comes as the result of one too many small arguments about nothing. Jupiter in the mix is going to cause some issues in romantic partnerships and you could find that infidelity is an issue either for you or for your partner. If this happens in a relationship then it is usually a sign that one of you is not feeling loved or understood. This period when Jupiter is in a difficult spot in the heavens last for a few months only but in that short space of time it also causes a whole host of issues in all relationships including social ones.

Even if you are single you will still feel the weight of this placement and you could actually have a number of suitors, but none of them will work out in the long term. The problem is that you could be swept off your feet by someone superficial, only to come crashing back down to earth once you realize their true nature. You could dream about finding the love of your life now but unfortunately, the stars will not support this happening right now so you could end up disappointed. Instead focus on your platonic relationships, and actually, you may just find that someone you considered a friend could become something more in the future. The winter months will be a difficult time for relationships and Mars could make it tough for you to couple up. If you are in a relationship then this fiery energy could also cause you to use your words harshly and you need to let go of your pride and apologize if you were in the wrong.

Leo Career in 2018:

Work will go well for you in 2018 and you will get a lot done. You could however not feel satisfied with your progress as some of these will seem to be the result of sheer luck brought to you by Jupiter. You could also find it hard to see a work project through to the end as there is a sense that you will face some challenges in this area. You could be given to dreaming and imagining that you are capable of pulling off extravagant projects in the office that are just not realistic. If you work for yourself then this could also be a testing time and you may feel as if you are not bringing in enough money or you may even lose a few key clients.

If you work in an office, then you may find it tough going with your colleagues or a boss figure may seem to be overly critical of your work. If this is the case then the best thing to do is keep your head down and work through tasks slowly and thoroughly. If you want to find a new job then you there will be a few offers on the table although you may feel that they are not prestigious enough. This could make you turn down offers that could be lucrative for you in the future as a result. If you are in an office situation then you will struggle to secure a pay rise this year and there may be issues with people who want to try and trick you into making investments through them. Be very careful of this especially if you don’t have a lot of spare cash. This is also not a favorable time for legal matters as they are unlikely to work out in your favor. Please remember, this is a general Astrology forecast…general being the buzz word!

Leo Luck in 2018:

You will find that a large part of the year is not very favorable when it comes to luck as Jupiter is in a negative aspect for much of 2018. This picks up a little bit in the winter time, however. You are a sign who is used to getting what you want however and you do not need to rely on good luck as much as the other signs, as you tend to make your own.

With regards to your fitness, you will also find that Jupiter is in a negative aspect and this could cause you to eat or drink too much which will affect your liver. This could see you gain weight in 2018 and this extra weight could also affect your health. To try to combat this you need to work out, this will improve your mental clarity.

There could be issues with a family member now who causes you to mull over problems for weeks but you need to try and focus on yourself during this time and find your center so that you can work on emotional and career-related matters. A good way to work through the stress and the tension would be to do some sport that also helps to calm your mind. This could refer to something like yoga or Pilates, and you will find long walks outside could be very beneficial for your mental health.

There could be some bad news in the cards when it comes to the health of a relative but this is likely to be with someone who you are not very close to. If you have a younger male relative who is a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) then they will have great success at work or at school. They could even be in the spotlight and their name and face will be recognized all across the country. You will likely excel as a parent this year but make sure that you don’t smother your children in the process.

And if you Ascendant/Rising Sign is…


Your Ascendant is not troubled any more by the opposition of Jupiter and this means your health will improve. Work is also favored now and you could enter into a favorable romance.


Unfortunately, Jupiter & your Ascendant are playing a part and this means that health could be an issue. You need to control your desire to eat and drink too much. You could also have problems in your love life.


The skies are a little clearer now. Your loved ones could feel closer to you than ever before and you will also feel more dedicated to family members. You need to watch out at work however as there could be distractions that cause issues for you.


This could be an affectionate year for you and if you are single then you could meet someone in the summer months around your birthday. There are also some great work opportunities coming your way and of course these also bring with them increased financial prosperity.


If you have Leo as the Ascendant, Leo as your Sun sign when it comes to your forecast. Winter and spring will be difficult times for you and there could be messes to clear up when it comes to love and work.


This is a wonderful time for you as the heavens will help you to take on a number of difficult projects. These may not come to fruition immediately but you will be able to work through them slowly but surely.


Change can be difficult now and life can also seem a little chaotic. There could be confusion if you are trying to find a new job and you could also be easily duped. Make sure you keep your eyes open and don’t take others at face value.


This is a great time for you Scorpio as you have a number of projects in the works that will go well. If you have plans and ideas then these could get the support of a number of influential people. Your love life also sparkles and your career is on fire, bringing financial prosperity.


You are committed to work opportunities this year but you will also have to put in the work if you want to see improvements and gains. There could be some hiccups when it comes to work issues over the summer months and your love life could be challenging in the spring.


Your career continues to change and this is based on things that already started in 2017. If you are single then you could find a new partner this year although you will be mainly focused on your work life.


This is not a great year for your emotional life. There could be issues when it comes to family, in particular, female siblings or parents who could rely on you for help. Work could also be challenging and financial prosperity could be hard to come by.


This is a good time for you when the planets will shine down on you in a positive light. You will see success at work primarily. In 2017 you could have been gifted a number of opportunities which now bring more money your way.

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