Leo Full Moon~ February 8th, 2020 ~ Completion, Letting Go ~ Aries Through Pisces

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

TIP: With this full Moon you’ll want to be careful with anything related to acting too soon, offending others, over ~ extending.

Leo is a fixed sign & the full Moon is a time of letting go, not beginning anything new.

The Sign Leo is dry, it is a fire sign, hot & barren. I do look for the weather to be the same, dry! Think July 23rd ~ August 22nd, hot! But not so quick, we also had a Capricorn Solar Eclipse, (Capricorn think December 22nd ~ January 19th ) cold, I look for the weather to be dry, but also cool. Remember, that a full Moon works a week before the full Moon actually gets here on your calendar! 

Find your rising sign! Rising signs fit so much better than one’s Sun Sign!

Aries ~ the Full Moon will be in your 5th house ~

 Aries, you’re being asked to let go of a goal now related to speculation, it’s time for completion, release & let go. Something new is coming in!

Taurus ~ the full Moon will be in your 4th house. Taurus, you being asked to release something related to your past, home-related let it go & move on. I see a few of you are ready to close on your home, new beginnings coming in related to a new home.

Gemini ~ The full Moon will be in your 3rd house ~ Gemini a full Moon in your house! You are asked to release something negative related to a sibling, its time, let go & release all the hurts into the light.

Cancer ~ The full Moon will be in your  2nd  h ~ Something related to how you make your money Cancer is asking to leave now, allowing a new way to make money to come in!

Leo ~ The full Moon will be in your 1st h ~ Leo, I see you are asked to not put so much worry into how others perceive you, you spend a lot of money on your image, you are being asked to let it go, new is wanting to come in & it’s only by releasing the old worn out can new come in.

Virgo ~ The full Moon will be in your 12th h~ Something you’ve been working on behind the scenes has come to completion, also it’s time to put to bed your worry over a matter that will never happen anyway, so stop worrying!

Libra ~ The full Moon will be in your 11th h ~ Your hopes, dreams, wishes, Libra, you are wanting to switch up social groups, leave one, begin new with another, you are given the green light to do so.

Scorpio ~  The full Moon will be in your 10th  h ~ I’m seeing a matter ending now related to your career, you’ve been working so hard on a goal Scorpio & now it’s time to release it, let it go, you’ve done all you can & once it’s released you’ll find a new one comes in to take its place.

Sagittarius ~ The full Moon will be in your 9th ~ you are putting the final touches on a trip you will be taking; plans have been made & completed.

Capricorn~ The full Moon will be in your 8th ~  this is related to other’s money, funding that you have been relying on will change now, so new can come in.

Aquarius~ The full Moon will be in your 7th ~  h,  I’m seeing an issue related to your significant other has been decided at this time, rather that is the breaking up or something related to business partners, whichever it is your being asked to let go, move on so something new can come in.

Pisces ~ The full Moon will be in your 6th ~  I see you are switching up your routines now related to diet & exercising, the routine you had in place that was working is no longer viable, it’s time to let go & bring in one that speaks to your inner soul.  

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Much Love & hugs, Bree

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