Jupiter in Scorpio 2017-2018

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is the largest of all the planets and is also said to bring with it great luck and even miracles. It is also slow moving and changes signs once every year. When Jupiter changes signs it brings with it new opportunities but these are very much linked to the sign that it makes its transit to. We need to look forward at the astrology so that we know where opportunities will arise for us so that we can make the most of them. Remember the key words…astrology only works if you also work with it. Nothing happens if you stay at home and don’t put in any effort. That’s why it is so important to look and plan ahead.

The Meaning of Jupiter in Astrology:

Jupiter is often a planet that we fail to properly understand. Many of the other planets, if not all of them, are very clearly defined and in a sense come across as easier to read. Their effects are more clear-cut than Jupiter which is usually said to be related to luck, abundance, and miracles. The reality, however, is that Jupiter means so much more than that and you can underestimate this planet at your peril.

In mythology, Jupiter is related to Zeus who was the supreme god of the heavens. He was also thought of as the god of storms, bringing with him his awesome power and thunder and lighting. Jupiter is all about force and change but as with anything, this is also a double-edged sword.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System and is also made up of gas. When we talk about abundance it is literally like gasses expanding in all directions. In this way Jupiter ‘blows up’ any sign that it enters and makes the traits of this sign and the areas it rules even bigger and greater. It can however also highlight and expand any negative elements of a sign.

Jupiter in Scorpio:

Jupiter will move into the sign of the Scorpio, the Scorpion, on October 11, 2017 where it will stay for a little over a year. Scorpio is the most secretive of all the signs and as a Water sign, it has hidden, sometimes murky depths. With Jupiter in the mix our attentions will turn to uncovering secrets and perhaps even resolving some of the greatest mysteries of our time. Scorpio is also linked to sex and death which makes it sound dramatic and scary, although this is more about the cycle of rebirth and endings followed by new beginning rather than actual death and destruction.

When Jupiter moves into a sign it is like looking at the sign through a magnifying glass as it makes the small things seem much bigger. In this case we need to apply that to the characteristics and traits of the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter is also said to be the planet of infinite wisdom, and this will mix with Scorpio to put under the microscope any parts of our lives that may have been hiding in the darkness. This will probably bring a lot of issues out into the open and some of these may not be very welcome at the time, but Jupiter will force us to confront these and shine a light in the shadows. In short, we won’t be able to ignore our demons any longer.

The energy of Jupiter and Scorpio combined will be a very powerful one and it will be extremely transformative for many of us. It will usher in a time of great change and will leave us better off in the end. At this time, before Jupiter moves into Scorpio, we are not seeing things as clearly as we could be but this is set to change and we will see people around the world becoming more conscious as Jupiter moves through the sign of the Scorpion.

Other issues we will see highlighted will focus on death, such as wars, and regeneration or the death of one phase that leads us to another. To put it into perspective, the Balkans War and the Genocide in Rwanda both happened when Jupiter was in Scorpio.

The cycle is not always negative however, as it also brings with it new cycles of growth, so out of war peace talks may happen and heightened awareness so that these kinds of atrocities are not committed again. How countries produce and stockpile weapons may be in the picture, as well as how security services work to prevent hostile acts. As Jupiter is linked to wisdom, intelligence agencies are also highlighted at this time, and there may be some breakthroughs in how they operate.

We may also see some high profile crime cases around this time when the perpetrators are caught and brought to justice. This could be those accused of terrible war crimes and are made to stand trial. A link here would be murder cases that have completely taken over the public consciousness such as the OJ Simpson trial or the famous murder of the Black Dahlia which gripped Hollywood.

As well as high profile murder cases there could also be some celebrity deaths, as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain of Nirvana all died when Jupiter was in Scorpio. Violent attacks that are also part of the public consciousness could also occur such as the attack and scandal that rocked the figure skating world and made household names out of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Jupiter in Scorpio has a way of shining a light on violence and death and makes the public want to look at it even more. It is also a regenerative process where people are united in mourning or are collectively horrified by a violent act and work together to make sure it can’t be repeated.

Jupiter Sun Sign:

When Jupiter moves into a sign it obviously has a greater impact on those who were born under this sign than others. If you were born with your Sun in Scorpio or with Scorpio rising then you will find breakthroughs to problems you may have been wrestling with for many years. This will be a time of fresh starts and letting go of the past and you will get plenty of opportunities to make this happen. If you are looking to start something new or if you have been feeling lethargic then now you will be firing on all cylinders and you will want to go after anything and everything.

Jupiter Return:

Another important point here is that you have your Jupiter in Scorpio in your natal chart then this time will be your Jupiter Return (when Jupiter comes back into the same place that it was in when you were born). To get a clearer picture on which area of your life will see the most changes you will need to look at your natal chart to see which house Jupiter falls in. Whichever house it is however, you will see changes and opportunities in that area, again as if they were being put under the microscope. Most of the time these will be highly beneficial to you and you will make great leaps forward in this area.

Some returns like a Saturn Return can be very tricky aspects to navigate, but Jupiter sees a much smoother ride. That said, it can be helpful to look back at what was going on in your life at the time of your last Jupiter Return. This is because astrology works on patterns repeating from the past, and sees time as a loop rather than being linear. In that sense, you may see issues from your last Jupiter Return popping up again, or anything that you faced at that time might be significant again now. Much of this depends again on which house Jupiter falls in on your natal chart, so focus on that area and see what comes up.

Jupiter and Other Signs:

Jupiter also impacts other signs such as Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces and will bring those born under these signs the opportunity to grow, make more money, and expand. There will be more recognition than you have had in the past and also a heightening of your awareness. If you have been feeling a little lost and as if you couldn’t make the right decisions then this will lift and your intuition will be on point. It’s still important however to actively reach out for opportunities and make things happen. You need to put in the work if you are going to get the really big rewards that this cycle brings.

Jupiter will spend 13 months traveling through Scorpio and this may bring some challenges for signs like Taurus, Aquarius, and Leo. Much of this is because they are also fixed signs like Scorpio. Abundance is highlighted with Jupiter but it needs to be controlled. These signs could see issues such as overeating or overindulging generally, particularly signs like Taurus who already have susceptibility in this area. Scorpio is an obsessive sign and these kinds of behaviors and controlling characteristics are highlighted now. On a wider level, we may see people abusing their power and using unscrupulous tactics to keep power over others. Some examples of this could be blackmail linked to sexual encounters such as leaked sex tapes.

If you are one of the fixed signs then the beginning of the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle is likely to be the most difficult for you. You may have been building up to a climax, such as drinking too much or partying too often. This will come to a head when Jupiter moves into Scorpio and you will need to look at these issues honestly. As ever, this will mean doing the work and making a change. Jupiter in Scorpio will highlight what needs to change but you need to be responsible for acting on it. Either way, things will not be the same but it will be for the best. It will also force you to do some work on a subconscious level and battle some demons that may have been there for a while and need to be dealt with. Still, fixed signs have the patience to work through this and your efforts will bring great rewards in the end.

For all signs, there will be both positive and negative aspects of this time and much of it will come from us. How we use this energy is important and if we have good intentions then much good can come from a Jupiter in Scorpio cycle. Some examples of this would be a deeper understanding of ourselves and our needs, as well as an increase in our spiritual side. On the flipside, if we are power hungry and use this unwisely then we may hurt others around us and even exploit and harm people. Astrology is not destiny, and it revolves around how we use what is happening around us. Use the power of Jupiter in Scorpio well and you will reap the rewards

Jupiter will leave Scorpio in November of 2018 when it will move into Sagittarius, and when it does we will probably look back on the previous 13 months and realize how much has changed for us. These will, however, be changes that lead us to grow and will help us to start a new phase moving forward. Please also see Predicting Chaos in the USA-: https://www.spiritualdesignastrology.com/astrology-predicting-chaos-in-the-usachanges-coming-inwe-will-brake-from-the-chaos-to-restore-our-future/

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  1. A. Brown, Lauren says:

    I have Jupiter in Scorpio in my natal and this is the best information I’ve found to help me understand and prepare for my Jupiter return. Thank you!

    • Bree says:

      Thank you! I’m happy this resonated with you! I love to blog & it helps that I’m also very passionate about my subject 🙂
      Blessings, Bree

  2. sj mahawasala says:

    I was born under the zodiac sign Scorpio, and have gone through a very strenuous time with much distraction since april 2017.

    As a person quite interested in getting some knowledge on the transiting planetary movements , I read through the entire text you had published which was so clear, and easy to undertstand.

    As a matter of fact,with the unfortunate circumstances I had been confronting I read through the article that was published by you that has given me a clue to figure out the reasons to some extent that may be the link of a planetary effect.

    The article was found to be very interesting and helpful.


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