Jupiter in Pisces a Sea of possibilities May 13th, 2021

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Jupiter will slip from the sign of Aquarius into the sign of Pisces on May 13th, 2021. Then back into the sign of Aquarius on July 28th, 2021 until December 28th, 2021 & will stay in the sign of Pisces until May 11th, 2022, moving into the sign of Aries at that time. Jupiter goes retrograde on June 20th, 2021 & turns direct on October 17th, 2021. Holding back some of his power!

What’s it mean when Jupiter enters the sign of Pisces, well we know Neptune rules Pisces, but Jupiter co-rules Pieces! So, Jupiter feels comfy in Pisces & is powerful when in his own sign! Did you know Jupiter is known as the “Great teacher”?

Pisces is a water sign, & mutable, it’s positive traits are healing, Imaginative, Empathetic.

Pisces also has a darker side which is Unreliable, Escapist, Dreamy. Seeing the world & surroundings thru rose-colored glasses.

The 12th house is Pisces which Neptune rules & Jupiter co-rules. It’s the house of Karma, hidden enemies, confinement, our subconscious mind.

Jupiter the benefic planet that co-rules Pisces, & rules the 9th house as well as the 12th house, brings us optimistic, benevolent, generous, and cheerful. this is Jupiter with his abundant energy! Jupiter rules Sagittarius and is the co-ruler of Pisces!

In order to discuss what it means when Jupiter goes into the sign of Pisces, we must look at the ruler of Pisces, which is Neptune & its co-ruler, which is Jupiter. Jupiter will expand Pisces & it’s beneficial to understand in which ways Jupiter’s expansion will grow! Pisces is a wet sign, Jupiter expands, I look for a lot of rain, during rainy seasons, & a lot of cold & snow during winter seasons, as well as a tremendous amount of hurricanes & the like.

Neptune which is Pisces ruler was discovered in 1846. Neptune is known as the Planet of Illusions. To talk about Pisces, we must include its ruler, Neptune. Also, knowing that Jupiter expands, whatever it touches, issues will be amplified, for the good or if making a negative aspect in one’s chart for the not so good!

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So see to talk about Jupiter moving into the sign of Pisces, we must also include Pisces ruler Neptune because that trait is not going to disappear with Jupiter in Pisces, no…it will strengthen it!

Neptune is known for causing us to make mistakes. When this planet is in the mix, we can misread the signs in life and we may find it hard to see the truth in a difficult situation which will be endlessly confusing for us. When Neptune is riding high in the heavens, it can cause us to struggle to know what is really going on around us – put simply, we start to lose our grip on reality a little! Even if we try to get our facts straight with Neptune around, it can be something of an uphill battle, and small problems often get distorted so they seem like major dramas. On the flip side, if we are feeling positive, then Neptune has a way of making us overreach (& Jupiter will expand this) and we may have unrealistic expectations and hope. It can also be hard for us to really see the wood for the trees with Neptune around and it’s tricky for us to really get a handle on the issues in front of us. It’s like a fog descends and we can no longer see anything clearly! Keeping in mind it depends on what type of aspect Jupiter in Pisces makes in our chart. Jupiter will amplify it for good or not so good!

A good way to think about Neptune is like a mirage in the desert. We may think there is an oasis in front of us and run towards it, but actually, it’s all a trick – it’s just an illusion. It can be really tough for us to really see things the way they are and Neptune has a habit of tricking us into thinking things are either more positive or more negative than they are in reality. & with Jupiter as Pisces co-ruler, this is amplified 10 times fold.  This is why Neptune is also often linked to people such as confidence tricksters and people who like to deceive others. This planet is linked to any kinds of con artists who like to deceive people and is also associated with blackmail, insider trading, bribes, dishonest payments, fakery, and graft. As you would expect, this planet also rules lies and liars, cover-ups, mixed signals, confusion, vague promises, and denial.

There has also long been a link between Neptune and the worlds of fantasy, illusion, and hallucinations – often linked to money. It can be that Neptune pushes you to want to make money without truly working for it or it may be that you part with your money easily as you are lured by the promises of wealth through a get-rich-quick scheme. This planet is also about escapism and you may wish to escape from the difficult elements of your life when Neptune is around and live an easy life of luxury instead, but one where you don’t have to work or be responsible for your future. Jupiter again will strengthen this. Jupiter is a beneficial planet, Jupiter grows our goodies as well as grows our problems, it just depends on the aspect being made in one’s chart.

Part of the problem with Neptune ruler of Pisces is that this planet is a great idealist. It wants you to live a wonderful life and seems as if it is promising you a fantastic utopia if only you follow your bliss. In that sense, Neptune wants the best for all of us and just wants everyone to be happy and equal. There is no ego with Neptune which is also a great egalitarian planet and this is also why the planet is linked to the idea of socialism. In a positive way, Neptune hates capitalism and is like the Robin Hood of the planets where it believes that money should go to those who need it and help them to live a great life – this is very admirable but it is also woefully unrealistic. This also applies to other grand plans like new social or political movements which promise a complete change to the status quo but which actually fails to ever get off the ground. It may seem like it is at the time, but once reality sets in, one realizes it was all only a pipe dream. (you may also enjoy June 10th, 2021 Solar Eclipse Aries through Pisces horoscopes)

In astrology, we also associate Neptune with oil and gas which are used to power many things here on Earth. Neptune is also a planet that is linked to inflation and this causes prices to rise (& will happen while Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces) which means that people don’t have enough money and may indulge in schemes to get money quickly. This planet is also known for being linked to drugs and all kinds of chemicals which alter our state of mind or cause us to become addicted. Again, Jupiter in Pisces will amplify this!

Other things that Neptune is linked to include the aviation industry and things that literally take flight, and take us away from reality. This planet is linked to the film industry and the glamour (but illusion) of industries like the movie business in Hollywood. Actors and acting are all under Neptune’s rulership and we associate this planet with things like animation and special effects like green screens used in filmmaking that trick us into seeing things that are not really there.

As well as ruling conmen (and women!) and anyone who may deceive you, even if it is just to entertain, like movie stars, Neptune also rules other professions and is often associated with photographers, magicians, fortune tellers, musicians, paparazzi, and writers. Of course, Neptune is also the God of the Sea – so fishermen and those who work at sea are also under Neptune.

Neptune is linked to drugs, but also other chemicals in general including poisons, pesticides, and food poisoning, as well as gas and petrol products. Anything which has the ability to alter your mind is linked to Neptune and this planet is also often associated to other things like spies and espionage, refugees, and asylum seekers – particularly those who cross oceans on a boat as Neptune is so closely linked to water. On a more positive note, this planet is linked to sharing, spirituality, and also anything that involves mysticism.

One of the great challenges that we face when we have Neptune  (Must talk about Neptune as it is the ruler of Pisces ~Jupiter co-ruler)) in the mix is that this is the planet that wants us to dream big but which can struggle to deliver. This planet is about wishful thinking and has us searching for a pot of gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow, even when there is nothing actually there for us to find. Neptune casts a spell on us and brings with it a fog, like mist rolling in across an ocean which makes it impossible for us to see. This can cause illusions, delusional behavior, and muddled thoughts and also makes us ripe for deception.

On the flipside, slavery was abolished when Neptune was in the mix and so this planet yearns for a world where we are all equal and surrounded by brotherly love. But, as many of us know, this is a dream that is hard to realize and the idea of everyone being equal is a long way from being fulfilled in the world we live in today. Again, Neptune wants positive change, but with that comes delusion, & confusion & the high possibility of never sticking.

At times depending on one’s horoscope chart, Neptune is known for being out of touch with reality which can cause great chaos if we are not careful. Sometimes everything gets so jumbled with this planet that we are no longer able to think straight and this can make us vulnerable to the people who do not have our best interests at heart. With Neptune around, we always need to be careful!

Jupiter the benefic planet that co-rules Pisces, & belongs to the 9th house as well as the 12th house, will make what I’ve stated above amplified on a grander scale. If making a positive aspect to natal planets or cusp in one’s horoscope chart Jupiter blesses with his power!

Optimistic, benevolent, generous, and cheerful this is Jupiter with his abundant energy! Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and is the co-ruler of Pisces!

Jupiter’s characteristics are that of moral and virtuous. honesty and goodness! Jupiter asks us to forgive your enemies, to show respect, tolerance, Jupiter also encourages to share the wealth. Jupiter the “Great Benefic”, wherever we see Jupiter transiting in our chart, he seems to bring benefits as we expect.  However, Jupiter can also expand our problems, our money issues as well as our weight  (If you have Jupiter in your 1st or 6th house, it’d be a great time to start an exercise program)

Jupiter rules the legal system, the law, also people in power along with government officials, this is also something it does share with the Sun. Jupiter also rules religion, education, publishing, philosophy. (you may also enjoy June 10th, 2021 Solar Eclipse Aries through Pisces horoscopes)

With Jupiter transiting your chart, he does represent energies that are connected with your personality. In obtaining one’s objectives, with Jupiter transits, we need to make sure we don’t over-expand as that is a danger with the Jupiter transit. As the saying goes too much of a good thing can turn out to be a bad thing!

Jupiter, our great benefic planet of abundance and plenty in the sign of Pisces (Neptune) will expand whatever it touches, good aspects, it will bring benefits to us, not to hot aspects, be careful of deception, & big losses,  as written above. Again, it all depends on the aspects being made in one’s natal chart, & it all begins with one’s natal promise!

Jupiter in the sign of Pisces will strive for all to be equal, expanding our generous side (or not so generous) Jupiter in Pisces will bless folks with blissful energy. Possibly becoming more intuitive, caring, loving, wanting all to be equal!  Jupiter expands, our dreams, Pisces encourages us to dream in a sea of possibilities, bringing us to a world beyond our wildest dreams, Jupiter expands this. Do be careful though, with Pisces it’s very easy to get lost in a sea of unrealistic possibilities. While being optimistic is joyful, & spreads like wildfire, do make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground, grab onto something static or you may fall victim to a sea of unrealistic realities, & at times may be overly sensitive.

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Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

To help ground yourself while Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces, use a Shungite stone it’s a powerful stone used for grounding oneself. The stone comes in the shape of a pyramid, which is also known to be powerful for stability, focus, & with the added support of a secure foundation.





Warm wishes, Bree

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