Jupiter in Libra 2016-2017

Jupiter in Libra 2016-2017

In September 2016 Libra moved from Virgo, a sign obsessed with details, to Libra, the sign that deals with relationships. It will now stay there until October 20th, 2017 and will continue to have a profound effect on all of us.

What does Jupiter mean?

In astrology, the planet Jupiter is known as the ‘Great Benefactor’. It is famous for being the largest planet in the solar system which makes it a force to be reckoned with. It has 60 moons, which is more than any of the other planets, and one of these (Ganymede) is the biggest moon that we have seen in the cosmos until now. As if that wasn’t enough it is also blessed with the strongest gravitational pull of all the planets and moves at the fastest rotation. As you can see, everything is bigger and better with Jupiter!

Jupiter is said to give us confidence and bolster our faith in ourselves which is why it is called the Great Benefactor. It pushes us to break down boundaries that may be holding us back and push ourselves to go on to better things. It is also the planet of good luck and even miracles. (Jupiter can also expand our problems, just depends on what Jupiter aspects in your Natal as well as your Progressed birth chart) In this sense it is similar to Venus, also a planet meant to bring luck (although Venus does it on a smaller scale) which is significant as Venus is the ruler of Libra. All of this points to 2017 having huge potential for things to expand, and points to positive outlooks and success.

What does Libra mean?

Libra is the sign of the Scales and is does everything you would expect it to. It is focused on balance, harmony, and of course justice and the rule of law. It also rules relationships, particularly those that involve romantic connections although this is often more about collaborations and a meeting of minds rather than spiritual connections which are the domain of the water signs.

This sign also pushes us to find balance in our lives and in relationships, so that the needs of both partners are being met equally. In this sense, Libra is not a selfless sign as it encourages us to take care of ourselves as well as those close to us and the danger is that we focus only on superficial issues we may be facing rather than doing the work to take care of our deeper needs.

The Scales are all about balance but this is not something that comes naturally without work. Libra can make us unsteady as we try to balance the scales and we may keep oscillating between two extremes as we try to find our footing.

As Libra is also ruled by Venus it is a sign obsessed with aesthetics and beauty. It is concerned with sensual pleasures but it is also an Air sign so there is a strong intellectual side to Libra mixed with the side that wants to chase pleasure. The best way of putting it is that Libra focuses on intellectual answers to questions of love, relationships, and pleasure rather than experiencing them firsthand in order to make decisions.

How Jupiter and Libra come together:

Jupiter expands everything and highlights issues related to the sign that it is in at any one time. If we apply this to Jupiter in Virgo we can see that there was an uptick in organizational apps and that people started to use social media as a way to curate articles and information rather than just read them. This is understandable as Virgo is the sign that rules organization.

Jupiter in Libra is a shift away from this and a move towards how we see beauty around us. One example would be the new push to include plus-size models on catwalks and more dialogue about how we perceive our bodies.

It is also important to see this in its historical context. The last time that Jupiter moved through Libra was in 2004 and this coincided with the launch of one of the most famous relationship tools the world has ever seen – Facebook. Libra in Jupiter is about connecting people and also about how we deal with others through channels like diplomacy.

The world we live in at the moment is challenging and battle lines are being drawn up every day by different factions who are all in disagreement with each other. We are seeing this on a global scale and also on a national one, and even in our own smaller communities. One of the most positive things that we may see from Jupiter in Libra could be a new way for us to put our differences behind us and move forward in a more harmonious way, both globally and personally.

This doesn’t mean that it will all be smooth sailing however as other planets are always in the mix to affect the Jupiter-Libra aspect. One of these is Uranus which was in opposition to Jupiter from December 2016 to March 2017 and will be again in October 2017 in the period before Jupiter moves out of Libra. We have seen our fair share of surprises during this period as Uranus is the planet of the unexpected and we will see more of the same in October 2017.

What can I do personally during the Jupiter in Libra cycle?

Astrology works but it also requires us to do our part as well. This means that we shouldn’t just sit back and wait for things to unfold in front of us, and instead, we need to take our own decisive action as well.

When Jupiter is in Libra we need to ask ourselves how we can do better. Look at your relationships for a start. Have any of them started to become a little one sided? Maybe you are dealing with someone who is sucking all your energy dry and the relationship is becoming a little toxic? Maybe you are the one who has been asking for too much and have started to rely on others. Jupiter in Libra gives you the chance to find your center again and bring back some balance. Also look at collaborations and how these might be beneficial in your life.

Another thing to look out for is that sometimes Jupiter brings with it upheaval. Think of it like a storm blowing through, clearing everything in its path in order to make way for something better. This may mean that relationships end now whether you were ready for them or not but trust that this will work out for the best in the end.

Some things to look out for when Jupiter is in Libra:

Jupiter brings with it expansion and it can relate to money. You may find you get some big opportunities that pay handsomely but this may also bring with it the temptation to spend it as quickly as you make it. You need to make sure you are still saving when things are going well.

Libra is an intellectual sign but also one that struggles to make decisions. Under this cycle, you may spend so much time weighing up your options that you miss out on opportunities. Sometimes you need to make a decision fast.

Because Libra is involved in aesthetics and Jupiter is about expansion you may be dissatisfied with your appearance and want to make endless changes or alter something on a large scale such as have cosmetic surgery that may be difficult to undo. As such make sure you think all of this through before you take the plunge.

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