Jupiter going into Sagittarius November 2018 What’s it mean?

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The Red Planet, Jupiter, is going to be in transit with the sign of Sagittarius from November 8th, 2018 to December 2nd, 2019, and this will be all about a new beginning for many of us, as well as new beginnings on the world stage.

This is also going to be a time of moral reckoning and awakening and it will also be a time to reexamine our ethics. This will be a time when we want to move forward and make things better in our lives, but there will also be a feeling that we will want to explore, push boundaries, learn from others and become more accepting of ourselves and those around us. This could literally mean that we see more people traveling and looking for something new. This quest for something better and different could also cause us to feel as if we lack direction and are constantly restless in our lives, but we will also feel positive about the future. If you are naturally pessimistic then you may find that this lifts and you feel much more hopeful than you have for some time.

The meaning of Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is the Sign of the Archer and is known for being a sign which is closely associated with freedom. There is a restlessness to Sagittarius as this is the sign that represents a Centaur which is a mix of a man and a horse. This is symbolic of the Sign of Sagittarius which is said to combine human wisdom and the power of an animal. In astrology, we usually associate Sagittarius with travel, the mind, exploration, and freedom, & religion rather in the biblical sense or spiritual.

This need for exploration also gives this sign a searching and restless quality, meaning that there is a feeling of dissatisfaction and constant need to keep moving. Sagittarius is always craving a new adventure and it is also linked to foreigners and foreign places as well as new cultures. Sagittarius is known for encouraging us to find wisdom in the unknown and through new ways of life that we may not have experienced or considered before. This is also why Sagittarius is linked to higher learning and constant education. Sagittarius is also known to be associated with moral issues, ethics, and principles.


In astrology, Jupiter is known as the Planet of Opportunity and Miracles, as well as money, and it is said to expand everything it touches. As Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, its power is magnified when it transits in Sagittarius. This will be a time of expansion for everyone and we need to push beyond the limits now. This is also a great time for you to broaden your mind and open yourself up to things that you may not have considered in the past, and you will learn from experience on a cycle such as this. Many people also find they become more optimistic and this pushes them to do even greater things with their lives that they may not have believed were possible, but people will act on principle now and not for selfish gain and monetary reward.

Jupiter in Sagittarius:

When Jupiter is in the sign of Sagittarius we may find that we are keen to learn more about the world around us and this could take us to new countries or we may have the chance to travel overseas in search of new adventures. This can also lead us to throw off our responsibilities in our quest for freedom and we may feel like we need to break away from things that have been holding us back all this time. This could lead us to leave our homes, countries, jobs or other things that seem familiar, but which may be stopping us from growing and moving forward. To some people around you, this may come as a shock and they may not understand why you are abandoning your commitments in favor of such changes. It really depends on what natal planet Jupiter in making an aspect to in your own natal chart on how or what you will do. For example, Pluto was transiting my 4th house of home which was quite the adventure for me when Jupiter entered  Sagittarius in my 4th house, now it will be Saturn & Jupiter as Pluto has moved to my 5th! See, things will change up for me it is never the exact same!!

We also need to remember that we have Uranus in Taurus at this time which is also a period of dramatic change. This, coupled with Jupiter in Sagittarius, will mean that we have a stronger desire than usual to change the status quo and we will feel compelled to take action now. This is also a good moment for us to harness the properties of Sagittarius and behave in an honest manner, while also being optimistic, open and adventurous. We will be in good spirits now and will also want to focus on enjoying ourselves and getting to know the world and other cultures in more depth. Jupiter in Sagittarius is also linked to ethics and a more principled way of living, so it may be that you meet someone now who acts as a wise mentor figure to you. If you have been wrestling with moral issues, then now you will get to drill down to the details and explore your beliefs in more depth. Jupiter in Sagittarius also has a way of making us see the positive side of life and we may realize that we have more resources, help or support than previously thought we had.

This transit will also teach us not to sweat the small stuff and we will also learn to reach out to others who need a helping hand around us. This will be a time of sharing and a time to open our minds to others. This also allows us to learn more about things like different spiritual practices, religions, and cultural issues. We will also find that if we are selfless and help others, then we will receive help back in turn.

One of the really great things about Jupiter in Sagittarius is that this is a time of abundance and so this means that we will see opportunities flow to us, which we will be more than happy to take advantage of. These could mean trips overseas or they could mean that we end up meeting or living with new people from another part of the world. It may also be that we get opportunities to study or return to education, and learn more about religion, philosophy, politics or other belief systems.

Whatever we do now, it will push us to think outside the box and push us beyond what we thought were our typical limits. As Jupiter is the Planet of Expansion, we will grow in our lives but we will also learn to open our minds and see the bigger picture.

The Jupiter and Sagittarius Transit Cycle:

Jupiter is a fairly slow-moving planet and this means that it stays in each zodiac sign for about one year. As a result, the last time that we had Jupiter in Sagittarius was 12 years ago back in 2006 to 2007. If you want to know how this new Jupiter and Sagittarius transit may affect you, then you need to think back to the time between November 25th, 2006 to December 18th, 2007 and remember what was going on in your life. Once you start to notice some of the patterns, such as changing jobs, moving to a new city, or making changes in a relationship, then you will get a glimpse of how this Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle may affect you – although you also need to remember that astrology never repeats itself exactly so it’s important to know what Jupiter is now aspecting in your natal chart to see how this time will turn out.

What if you have your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign in Sagittarius?

You also need to check if you have your Sun, Moon or Rising Sign Ascendant in the sign of Sagittarius as this will mean you get an extra boost from this transit. This will be a time when you are crowned the celestial favorite as it were and you will make a huge amount of progress throughout the year. If you have the Sun in Sagittarius then you could be thrust into the spotlight and success will come your way now. You will also feel on fire creatively and you will have a huge number of ideas bouncing around in your head which will be perfect if you work in a creative field.

If you have Sagittarius as your Rising Sign / Ascendant then you will feel as if you are getting back on your feet after a strange time when you may have lost yourself a little bit. This will almost feel as if you are waking up from a dream and now you will have more purpose and a sense of focus in your life.

If you have the Moon in the sign of Sagittarius then you will see your family life improve and perhaps even grow, and you may even move house or upgrade to a larger property. You may also travel now to a new place or move permanently to a new country to live.

Your Jupiter Return:

25 Oct 47 – 15 Nov 4817 Dec 69 – 30 Apr 7027 Dec 82 – 19 Jan 84
11 Feb 59 – 24 April 5915 Jan 71 – 5 Jun 7110 Dec 94 – 3 Jan 96
6 Oct 59 – 1 Mar 6012 Sep 71 – 6 Feb 7225 Nov 06 – 18 Dec 07
11 Jun 60 – 26 Oct 6024 July 72 – 25 Sep 72

If you were born at any of these times then you will also be experiencing your Jupiter Return which means that Jupiter will come back to the same place in your Natal Chart as it was when you were born.


At this time you may feel that you yearn for pastures new and you may want to express yourself and change your horizons more than usual. This is a time when you will want to chase freedom – and if it feels right then that is exactly what you should do!

Blessings, Bree

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